U.S. tells Iran it “had no involvement” in Israel strike

Axios | April 1, 2024

The U.S. told Iran that it “had no involvement” or advanced knowledge of an Israeli strike on a diplomatic compound in Syria that killed a senior Iranian general, according to a U.S. official.

The big picture: The rare message shows the Biden administration is deeply concerned that the Israeli strike could lead to a regional escalation and the resumption of attacks by pro-Iranian militias against U.S. forces.

  • Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi is the most senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officer to be killed since the U.S. assassinated Qassen Soleimani in 2020.

A National Security Council spokesperson told Axios that the U.S. “had no involvement in the [Israeli] strike and we did not know about it ahead of time.”


“I Didn’t Do That”: Biden Reportedly Has No Idea He Issued ‘Trans Day Of Visibility’ Proclamation

April 2, 2024 Winter Watch Around the Web 0

Zero Hedge | April 1, 2024

“I didn’t do that,” Biden said when asked about proclaiming Easter Sunday ‘trans day of visibility.” Asked about Speaker Johnson’s claim otherwise, the president replied, “he’s thoroughly uninformed.”

— Philip Melanchthon Wegmann (@PhilipWegmann) April 1, 2024


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Essential survival fuel: Freeze-dried organic kale packed with nutrients – NaturalNews.com

If you’re new to prepping and survival, preserving food at home and starting your food storage can be a little overwhelming. After all, an endeavor like this usually requires a lot of your time, money and effort.

However, having food on hand is crucial to your survival plan. (h/t to SurvivalSullivan.com)

If you have a home garden, you can save money by preserving excess crops so you have access to fruits and vegetables year-round. Home canning and food drying/dehydration are two great methods of food preservation. But if you don’t have the time or extra space to process food at home, you can also make things easier for yourself by purchasing freeze-dried products like berries or kale.

Always check specific instructions for what you’re dehydrating because different foods have different dehydrating temperatures and times. Some foods should be cooked or blanched before dehydrating.

Best foods to dehydrate

Here are some of the most nutritious items to dehydrate:


Store-bought dried fruit can be expensive but making DIY dried fruit at home is easy.

If you have a home garden, you can also save money by planting your favorite fruits. Alternatively, you can buy cheaper fruit that is on sale.

Here are some of the best fruits to dehydrate:


Many culinary herbs are easy to grow and dehydrate. And because herbs are generally expensive but relatively easy to grow, you can save more by growing and dehydrating your own herbs.

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Here are some of the best herbs to dehydrate:

  • Basil
  • Chamomile
  • Cilantro
  • Lemon balm
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Yarrow


Peppers are versatile and they can be pickled, pressure canned, or dehydrated. If you make dehydrated peppers, it takes less work and the peppers don’t get soft like pressure canned peppers do.

Additionally, chili peppers can be ground into powder after drying. (Related: Essential spices and herbs for your food stockpile.)


Sun-dried tomatoes are delicious, but in many areas around the globe, they can’t be dried with just sunlight.

Note that tomato skins left over from canning can also be dehydrated, powdered and added to meals for extra flavor and as a natural thickener.


If you have a home garden or stockpile from your local farmers market, dehydrating vegetables is an affordable and easy way to add tons of nutritious foods to your pantry.

Many vegetables are delicious when dry or rehydrated.

Here are some of the best vegetables to dehydrate:

  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Onions
  • Pumpkin
  • Summer squash
  • Zucchini

Stock up on Organic Freeze-Dried Kale, a nutritious vegetable full of vitamins and minerals

To maintain optimal health, you need to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables that are full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, especially in a SHTF scenario.

One of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables is kale. But like many other leafy vegetables, kale doesn’t stay fresh for very long.

To extend the shelf life of fresh kale, it can be carefully freeze-dried to retain maximum nutrition.

The Health Ranger Store wants you to enjoy the full nutritional benefits of fresh organic kale, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to bring you clean and certified organic freeze-dried chopped kale stored in sturdy, long-term storable #10 cans.

Loaded with a variety of important nutrients, our premium Freeze-Dried Organic Chopped Kale is carefully grown by our trusted suppliers under strict organic standards. It then undergoes a freeze-drying process that preserves the original taste, texture and nutrients of our premium kale.

Available in convenient #10 cans, Health Ranger Select Freeze-Dried Organic Chopped Kale contains no gluten or GMOs. It is also meticulously lab-tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

It is also non-China and has been certified Kosher and organic.

Go to EmergencyFood.news to read more stories about nutritious food that you should stock up on before SHTF. You can also visit Health Ranger Store and Brighteon Store for more clean food supplies for your survival stockpile.

Watch the video below for more on why you should stock up on Freeze-Dried Organic Kale before SHTF.

This video is from the Health Ranger Store channel on Brighteon.com.

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Food Security: The best crops to grow in an edible garden.

Marjory Wildcraft: People need to urgently learn to GROW THEIR OWN FOOD as America is collapsing into a wartime homefront.

Sources include:


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Texas judge strikes down attempt by Biden admin to track greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles on national highways – NaturalNews.com

Texas judge strikes down attempt by Biden admin to track greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles on national highways

A federal judge in Texas has invalidated a rule that requires states to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles while they are using the national highway system.

The rule, issued by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of the Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2023, is part of President Joe Biden’s greenhouse gas emission rules to combat climate change.

During its finalization in December, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated that the performance measure would provide states with a “clear and consistent framework to track carbon pollution and the flexibility to set their own climate targets.” Officials also claim that transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. (Related: Before Congress claws it all back, Biden regime races to spend $27B “greenhouse gas reduction” slush fund.)

In response, states must report biennially on their progress toward meeting these targets while the FHWA evaluates them. It mandates state transportation departments and metropolitan planning organizations to measure transportation-related emissions on the U.S. highway system and establish emission reduction targets.

However, Texas contested the rule. The court argued that the federal agency lacked the authority from Congress to implement such measures and alleged violations of the Administrative Procedure Act.

The ruling, delivered by Judge James Hendrix of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas on March 28, stated that the Biden administration exceeded its legal authority by imposing the greenhouse gas emissions performance measure. He cited precedents that found that regulations cannot supersede clear limitations set by Congress.

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“When a regulation attempts to override statutory text, the regulation loses every time; regulations can’t punch holes in the rules Congress has laid down,” the judge wrote. “That is what occurred here: the DOT’s 2023 Rule attempts to override Section 150(c)(3)’s clear limitation of authorized performance measures to those that track the physical condition and efficiency of the interstate and national highway systems.”

The judge stressed the need for legislative action if such measures were to be imposed.

“If the people, through Congress, believe that the states should spend the time and money necessary to measure and report GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions and set declining emission targets, they may do so by amending Section 150 or passing a new law. But an agency cannot make this decision for the people.”

Republicans celebrate court ruling as a blow against Biden’s executive authority

Republicans, led by Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) and Highways and Transit Subcommittee Chairman Rick Crawford (R-AR), have hailed the decision as a victory for congressional authority.

The opposition has long criticized the Biden administration for executive overreach, particularly in areas where Congress has not granted explicit authorization.

This was a clear case of blatant overreach by the Biden Administration from the beginning, and we commend the Court for its ruling that a ‘federal administrative agency cannot act without congressional authorization,'” stated Graves and Crawford in a joint statement on March 28.

“Congress rejected the inclusion of a GHG performance measure requirement when the infrastructure law was developed, making the administration’s rule-making an unlawful attempt to circumvent Congress and force this one-size-fits-all burden upon every state and community across the country. We appreciate the ruling and remain committed to ensuring the administration does not exceed its authority,” they added.

Watch this video discussing how the EPA’s new “pollution standards” for cars are a cover-up to eliminate gas-powered cars by 2032.

This video is from the Son of the Republic channel on Brighteon.com.

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New, aggressive EPA emissions restrictions for gas-powered cars could force them to be phased out by 2032.

‘You are the carbon they want reduced’: UK study says human breath contributes to greenhouse gases.

UK report recommends a 50% REDUCTION in emissions by 2030 – green tyranny incoming.

NYC to unleash FOOD POLICE to limit residents’ consumption in the name of “climate justice.”

Over 3,000 car dealers sign letter opposing Biden’s electric vehicle mandate: EVs “are stacking up on our lots.”

Sources include:




Chinese illegal immigrant arrested for unauthorized entry onto Marine Corps base in California – NaturalNews.com

Chinese illegal immigrant arrested for unauthorized entry onto Marine Corps base in California

A Chinese illegal immigrant has been arrested in California for illegally entering a United States Marine Corps base and ignoring orders to leave.

Border Patrol’s El Centro Sector, nestled in the Imperial Valley of Southern California, boasts a rich history of nearly a century, with 410 square miles and a span of 70 miles of the southern border. This sector plays a vital role in border security. It hosts four Border Patrol stations in the cities of El Centro, Calexico, Indio and Riverside. (Related: MOBS of Chinese illegal immigrants SWARM California border)

According to Gregory Bovino, the chief patrol agent for the El Centro Sector, agents received a distress call from a Marine Corps base in Twentynine Palms regarding a Chinese national who had breached the facility without proper authorization and persisted in disregarding instructions to vacate the premises.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Command said the Chinese national attempted to gain access to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms.

“Despite being directed to exit the premises at the Condor gate by security personnel, the individual proceeded to enter the installation without authorization. Military law enforcement promptly intervened and detained the individual,” the spokesperson said.

Customs and Border Protection, who subsequently took the individual into custody shortly after the detention of the suspect, confirmed his nationality and determined that he was unlawfully present within the United States.

We are building the infrastructure of human freedom and empowering people to be informed, healthy and aware. Learn about our free, downloadable AI tools on nutrition, health and preparedness at this article link. Every purchase at HealthRangerStore.com helps fund our efforts to build and share more tools for empowering humanity with knowledge and abundance.

Bovino took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to confirm the incident.

“Subject was confirmed to be in the country illegally. His purpose and intent behind his actions are still being investigated,” Bovino tweeted along with the photo of the Chinese national.

Surge of Chinese migrants at the southern border sparks national security issues

In recent years, California has witnessed a notable uptick in the arrival of Chinese migrants on the southern border since Oct. 1, which exceeded 22,000 encounters.

This represents a staggering increase compared to the 2,176 encounters recorded in fiscal year 2022 and the mere 450 encounters in fiscal year 2021. As a result, China now stands among the over 150 countries represented among migrants arriving at the southern border.

However, federal officials and Republican lawmakers fear the potential national security risks associated with individuals hailing from this geopolitical rival.

“There have been numerous documented instances of Chinese nationals, at the direction of the CCP, engaging in espionage, stealing military and economic secrets,” Republicans warned in 2023.

They warned the public that Chinese and other nationals crossing the border from China could potentially engage in espionage activities or cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure, government agencies or private sector entities.

As a response, Sens. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), along with 30 other members of Congress, have submitted requests for visa changes to the Department of Homeland Security. They urged the administration to revise the rules regarding the entry of Chinese nationals into U.S. territories such as Guam via the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands without the appropriate B-1 (business) or B-2 (tourism) visas.

Learn more about the migrant crisis at OpenBorders.news.

Watch this Fox News broadcast detailing how Chinese migrants are flooding through California’s stretch of the southern border.

This video is from the NewsClips channel on Brighteon.com.

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INVASION USA: Swarm of military-aged immigrants arriving in Texas, citizen journalist warns.

Actual invasion of U.S. underway: Hundreds of thousands of military-aged males pouring into country with help from the Biden regime.

WEF takes over former U.S. military bases in Panama as migrants flood through Darien Gap on their way to America.

Sources include:




Gov. Glenn Youngkin vetoes 30 firearms and gun control-related bills that would “punish” law abiding citizens in Virginia – NaturalNews.com

Gov. Glenn Youngkin vetoes 30 firearms and gun control-related bills that would “punish” law abiding citizens in Virginia

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has vetoed 30 firearms and gun control-related bills that would have penalized law-abiding gun owners in the state and affect their rights under the Second Amendment.

According to the official website of the Government of Virginia, these bills covered issues including restrictions on possession in certain locations, requirements for concealed handgun permits, waiting periods for firearm purchases and penalties for transferring and possessing certain firearms. (Related: Michigan Senate passes 11 RED FLAG “gun safety” bills to restrict Second Amendment rights of state residents.)

Youngkin argued that these bills would “punish” law-abiding citizens and impinge on their Second Amendment rights. Thus, he vetoed the bills to protect those rights and oppose unconstitutional measures for law-abiding citizens.

Instead of restricting the rights of gun owners, Youngkin said the Democrat-controlled General Assembly should invest in behavioral health measures to address violent crimes. He acknowledged the potential unintended consequences of some measures but reassured the public of the effectiveness of existing laws and systems in addressing firearm-related issues in Virginia.

“I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of Virginia, and that absolutely includes protecting the right of law-abiding Virginians to keep and bear arms,” Youngkin said.

Youngkin signs four public safety bills

The governor has faced sharp criticism from Democrats, including Sen Creigh Deeds (D-Charlottesville), who sponsored one of the gun control bills Youngkin vetoed.

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“Shameful and unthinking action!” Deeds tweeted on X.

However, the governor did not oppose all gun-related legislation. Youngkin proposed amendments to six other gun-related bills, including provisions related to firearm transfers to mental health patients, setting standards for plastic firearms and mandating parental notification on safe firearm storage.

He also signed 31 bills into law, including four bipartisan measures that protect community safety. These include House Bill 36 and Senate Bill 44, which prevent parents from allowing children who pose credible threats of violence to their communities from accessing firearms; as well as HB 22 and SB 210, which prohibit the manufacture, transfer or possession of auto sears and other devices used to convert semi-automatic firearms into automatic weapons.

“I am pleased to sign four public safety bills which are commonsense reforms with significant bipartisan support from the General Assembly, and offer recommendations to several bills which, if adopted, will make it harder for criminals to use guns in the commission of a violent act,” he said.

Aside from the four bipartisan measures, Youngkin also signed 27 other bills covering topics such as slot-retention requests for developmental disability waiver slots, campus safety in higher educational institutions, farmland preservation, amendments to city charters, public education measures, liability immunity for dental professionals and changes to alcoholic beverage control regulations.

Meanwhile, other bills address issues including jury service, highway improvements, criminal injury compensation, coastal resilience policy, campaign finance, early childhood care and education, drug treatment courts, airport commission charters, child pornography penalties, crash reports and electronic meetings under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

Learn more about gun laws in the United States at Guns.news.

Watch this clip from “2A For Today” on The New American as host Zoe Warren discusses the Michigan Democratic Party’s latest attempt to restrict the Second Amendment rights of Michiganders.

This video is from the channel The New American on Brighteon.com.

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Arizona man held on $1 million bond for firing warning shots after armed men pointed “AK-47 right at him.”

Illinois sheriffs rebel, vow to not enforce restrictive new gun control law that includes “assault weapons” ban, registration.

Gun rights group sues New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham for declaring a “gun violence public emergency.”

RIGGED: Gun Violence Archive designates non-violent incidents as “gun violence.

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