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While you wait for your next paycheck or food stamps approval, consider this: an Israeli occupation soldier is enjoying hummus, a traditional Palestinian dish, while firing a shell from a Merkava tank for no reason other than to create content for social media before the start of…

— Grandpa Robert Martin 🇵🇸 (@Robert_Martin72) June 1, 2024

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Nicki Haley and Genocide

Nikki Haley is a former Boeing board member and still owns up to $250,000 in its stock.

The Rafah tent massacre was carried out with a GBU-39 made by Boeing.

Nikki Haley personally profited from the Rafah massacre.

She wrote “FINISH THEM!” on a bomb because she wants more…

— Dan Cohen (@dancohen3000) May 31, 2024

Why is this jobless ex-politician getting private meetings with the Prime Minister of Israel? She hasn’t held any kind of office in over 5 years.

— Mel (@Villgecrazylady) May 31, 2024

Nikki Haley pulling out the stops to become VP

— Khalissee (@Kahlissee) May 31, 2024

Urgent Economic Alert

 By Anna Von Reitz

A trifecta of financial indicators prompts me (and many others) to sound the alarm today.  For those who need or want or would benefit from a far more detailed analysis see J Bravo’s channel on YouTube, and the episode “The Most Eye Opening 17 Minutes….”
Please understand that the Fiat Economy established in 1913 and re-engineered after the Second World War is essentially a Ponzi Scheme that depends on banks making new loans — lots of new loans.  New loans are where money is created in a fiat system. 
Many of you think or assume that money is printed on printing presses, but no; “money of account” is what drives and supplies the economy in a fiat system, which is all predicated and run on the basis of credit and debt instruments — and “ledger loans” made to consumers. 
These “loans” of credit result in new “money” being entered on the bank ledger simply by entering the digits on the account books. This is why this is called “money of account” and self-evidently — it isn’t money.  It’s credit. 
It’s essentially credit that you loan yourself and the only one responsible is you.  That’s why yours is the only signature ever appearing on any of these “titles” or ‘bank loans” and so on. 
The banks have all been insolvent since the 1930’s.  They are prohibited by law from loaning their own money or any depositor’s money. 
So, you see, it is a shell game by definition. These facts are never disclosed to you and you are left to assume a traditional bank model exists — when it doesn’t. 
All goes well so long as there are people lined up to make new loans to themselves and also paying those loans off — again — to themselves, plus others. 
You see, one person isn’t enough to secure such a loan, mainly because your loan that netted you $100,000.00 resulted in the bank ledgering $1,000,000.00 in new credit, thanks to the additionally insane practice of “fractional reserve banking” which has allowed banks to loan out 7-10 times the amount of your loan to other people. 
Thus, your loan stands as “guarantee” to 7-10 other loans guaranteed by other people who are also borrowing credit from themselves.  This guarantee function of your loan is never disclosed to you and you are never rewarded nor profited for being the Guarantor. 
This secret obligation to pay back all the credit extended to the 7-10 other people on the basis of your loan is what makes it so expensive to buy a home and what you are actually paying back as “interest” over the course of 30 years.  
You can see how this creates a “credit bubble”.  As a result of letting you borrow from your own future earnings, and your undisclosed “guarantee” of all the additional funds available to loan as credit, the bank is able to multiply this scheme with complete immunity.  
The bank loans you $100,000.00 of your own credit, extends an additional $1,000,000.00 to other people — all guaranteed by you, and then sits back with a secured interest in whatever you build or buy that is free gratis.
Here’s an example: you are having a midlife crisis and decide to buy a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  The bike costs $30,000.00 and you agree to pay $345.00 per month for fifteen years. All is well so far. 
The bank loans out an additional $300,000.00 based on your secured loan — and the value of the bike, which is added in as a kicker. 
The bank doesn’t risk or guarantee or provide anything but a bookkeeping function. By taking out a loan, you are generating the entire financial expansion and guaranteeing it with the value of your labor, the asset you are buying, and your signature as Guarantor of not only your loan, but all the additional credit predicated on your loan. 
But wait!  What about all these other people who are receiving loans of their credit and benefiting from your Guarantee of their borrowing?  Isn’t the same thing happening to them?  
Why, yes, it is.  That’s how the “fractional reserve” portion of additional credit lending gets spread out and covered by at least 10 people and that is how they were able to justify “bundling” mortgages together as fungible units in money market schemes. 
The big maritime (foreign) commercial banks just took the concept of a private credit union and expanded it for commercial purposes, redefined each and every one of you as a commercial entity, and failed to disclose what they were doing when, for example, they offered “home loans”.  
What they meant by this is that you would loan them your home as an asset to borrow against. 
Now, obviously these banks have operated in a criminal manner for many years and a great many people have been lured into creating these “loans”. 
Obviously, too, when one loan “fails” and you take your Harley-Davidson back to the bank and turn in the keys, it removes that asset and removes your guarantee of all those other loans that you were unknowingly supporting. 
That “undermines the market” and when a lot of people start defaulting on a lot of loans thanks to hyperinflation (devaluation) of the currency, it has a strange effect.  
Money is both “tight” in supply and worth less. 
When the money is devalued, the value of your labor is also devalued, your savings are devalued, and at the same time, the replacement cost of your home — for example, skyrockets, and for the moment anyway, the cost of buying a home sails out of sight as the market value of your home increases. 
Which causes what?  Fewer new loans to support this crazy house of cards. 
With fewer new loans stoking the credit market, the “credit bubble” created by the loans generating “fractional reserve” credit — collapses. 
The banks then demand what?  Refinancing of loans. The Guarantors, you, poor sop, must use the increased value of your home to refinance your previous loan and expand your guarantee of all the underlying loan activity engaged in by the bank.
This in the microcosm may seem like a good deal. Your house appears to be worth more on the market, you are paying it off with hyperinflated “dollars”, and you may be tempted to refinance for lower monthly payments — but the absurdity of the situation begins to appear also. 
Your little two bedroom one-story bungalow is now worth exactly the same amount to you, but it is suddenly listing as a $500,000.00 home in the marketplace and on the tax rolls.  When you go to sell it however, you can’t find a buyer at that price. 
And would-be buyers are having a harder and harder time finding a bank loan. 
Which results in fewer new loans.  Which results in bank collapses.  Which pops the credit bubble.  Which fuels more inflation. Which tanks the long term bond market.  Which also tanks the sale of “Treasury Notes”.  
And all this sends the whole shebang into free fall. 
Unable to keep up with the taxes and the payments supporting all this graft, millions of homes go back to the bank, but the bank has no resources to maintain the properties so they simply sit and decay on the sidelines of a “booming” housing market that doesn’t actually exist because it isn’t driven by demand for new housing.  
Same thing happens in the stock market, which has been kept alive by corporations “reinvesting” in their own stock and injections of government pension fund investment as the managers desperately try to shore up the value of their prior investments. Like the phony housing market, the phony stock market isn’t being driven by any actual increase in the value of the underlying assets or any expansion of the asset base.  
All the “bull market” activity that people observe is contrived and just like the big crash of 1929, smaller investors are being lured into the market and even being foolish enough to leverage their investments just in time for the Big Boys to pull the plug.  
When you see men like Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon selling their personal stock holdings in their own companies, it’s time to EXIT the stock market. 
I can’t put it to you all any more clearly than this. 
The Ponzi Scheme generated by new loans and “fractional reserve banking” that has been put in place as “your” banking system since 1913 is collapsing and there is nothing in the world that can stop it from collapsing, because it is built on lies and exacerbated by crooked bookkeeping. 
Remember the moment in The Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch of the West starts melting? 
We’re there. 
A great many people are thus left chasing around watching the value of “their” money disappear due to hyperinflation, and stuck with “loans” they can’t pay off, in a housing market they are being taxed out of, holding grossly overvalued homes and stocks that they can’t sell….. 
Imagine that we are playing Musical Chairs but instead of the music simply stopping, it stops, plays a few bars, everyone shuffles again, stops, plays a few bars, everyone shuffles…. but we all know that it is going to stop, and then what? 
It’s the “then-what” that this message really concerns. 
Since 1913 when the Federal Reserve scam began, and again, even faster, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt set this Ponzi Scheme in hyperdrive in 1934, the Legal Tender known as the Federal Reserve Note has been devaluing against the United States Silver Dollar — your actual currency. 
This devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note is more or less tracked by the increased value of gold and silver and asset-backed currencies in general. 
An ounce of gold that sold for $28 in 1928 is now selling for something around $2500, and each Federal Reserve Note that started out at a 1:1 parity with the United States Silver Dollar in 1934 is now worth less than one half of one cent.  
The difference has been siphoned out of your labor and your assets, effectively embezzled by mostly European criminals— with notable American helpers. 
And what are we going to do about it? 
There is the fact that all of this is predicated on fraud, crime, and breach of trust, but in the meantime, we are left to sort out the wreck, as usual. 
What kings and prelates do, we suffer — and that will be the fate of humankind until we wake up and learn to self-govern.  
Sorry, I had to say that, because someone desperately needs to; all that we have suffered and all that we are about to suffer is a direct result of the failure to self-govern.  
All right?  Are you ready? 
Probably not.  Even the Burt Gummers among us are not ready for this, but — at this 11th hour, you do have a faithful and competent government representing you in the international and global spheres.  You do have a viable means of preserving your wealth and buying power.  
You also have your own gold-backed currency, the American Federation Dollar, which will allow you to trade for goods and services, and you do have your own gold-backed American Federation Credit Certificates that will allow you to carry on commercial transactions under Merchant Law.  
You will also be held harmless for the losses that have ravaged the legal tender currency you were forced to use in the intervening years, which means you will be able to maintain your buying power in the midst of chaos. 
You will be given one gold-backed American Federation Dollar for every Federal Reserve Note you place in the Global Family Safety Vault.  
Yes, you heard that right.  
We will give you gold-backed currency that is now worth over $235 each in exchange for $1 (FRN) which will make up for the losses caused by the use of the Federal Reserve Note and its devaluation over the course of 111 years.  
All those who return to the land and soil of their birth and who wish for peace and plenty for themselves and the rest of mankind will be welcomed home and enabled to access these resources which are part of their natural inheritance through our American-chartered Global Family Bank / Bilateral Blue Dot Bank System. 
So what do you need to do and what do your friends and family members need to do right about now? (1) Declare your natural birthright status as American State Nationals; (2) Open your account in the Global Family Bank; (3) Transfer any Federal Reserve Notes you don’t urgently need to the Global Family Safety Vault — to guarantee their buying power in the days to come. 
If you already have an account you will be receiving detailed instructions via email.  Tell your friends and family what is going on.  Watch J. Bravo’s video for the down-and-dirty details. Share and re-read this article so that you realize the cause of this crisis and can explain it to others. 
Those of you who have mortgages and are suffering under the conditions described above are urged to gather their information, including the total amount owed and the contact information of the current mortgage-holder.  
It is our intention to remove all those mortgages and debts from your shoulders so that you are debt-free and secure in your own homes as another step toward restoration and restitution. 
Let’s summarize: 
1. Declare your natural identity and political status as an American — not a U.S. Citizen or citizen of the United States — which are both foreign political statuses; 
2. Open up your account in the American-chartered Bilateral Banking System; 
3. Transfer Federal Reserve Notes that are not urgently needed to the Global Family Bank Safety Vault to retain your buying power after the collapse; 
4. Gather all current mortgage information. 

It is our intention that you will be Held Harmless from all the destruction, be debt free, and have access to your inheritance as an American. 

See this article and over 4800 others on Anna’s website here:

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The Original Karen Agitprop Hoax: An Examination of the Lake Merritt, Oakland, Racial Shitstorm

The creation of the Karen myth first stemmed from a staged racial agit-prop in May, 2018, at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. By sheer cowinkydink, this tit for tat was considered “newsworthy” and was reported in the Huffington Post and by local news station KRON4. The storytellers spun a yarn that a white woman, one “Karen,” called the police on a black group , for grilling in one of the park’s designated barbecue zones, using a charcoal grill instead of a “non-charcoal” grill.

The alleged “eyewitnesses” claim this increduous account:

At around 11:20 a.m., a white woman approached a black man named Deacon for having a BBQ grill at Lake Merritt today.

She told him he could not BBQ there and called the police. She would not leave Deacon alone. A young black woman was walking by overheard how the white woman was harassing him telling him he can not be there, she stopped and asked the woman to leave her alone. The white woman became aggressive with the woman. She started filming the woman’s aggressive behavior and has told us it’s up on Facebook (probably a live stream).

Shortly after that, Deacon’s friend Kenzie arrived. According to Kenzie, the woman said, “Oh another nigger.” She proceeded to tell all three of the people at the BBQ table that she owned the park, and they are not allowed there. She also said they were going to jail.

The social media crowd fell for this staged hoax hook, line and sinker. If you can stomach it, their sad commentary and observations about this racial agitprop go on and on here and in the linked Youtube video. Their gullibility knows no limit. It’s likely many of these are bots.

Apparently this video “went viral” and got 2.4 million views, which is suspect in and of itself. The first clip is for those without time or patience for the whole thing, but I added the full 25-minute long version just after it. In the full video, elements of the hoax are more fully revealed.

This woman called the police on a Black family for having a BBQ

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) May 11, 2018

First off, non-Hispanic whites are a minority in Oakland, making up just 26% of the population. Blacks make up 28% of the population. Therefore, even presuming there really are racist white women comfortable living in the midst of this demographic and who actually feel “they own the place,” they would be skirting the outer limits of Social Darwinism to exhibit the moxie to confront and disrupt eight to 10 blacks over something as ludicrous and trivial as a park BBQ.

Adding to the incredulity of this tall tale: Not only was this ballsy “Karen” badly outnumbered, but she addresses one of the black males as “another nigger” to boot. Right. Talk about social Darwinism. What are the odds?

Second, even though the woman called police, and police talked to her and no doubt identified her and took a report, for some inexplicable reason the name of the woman was not revealed. Not even the hundreds of thousands of outraged and impressionable wags and intrepid media have turned up her name. As a result, she was dubbed “Karen.”

Yes, right here, a good place to report these black people. And oh, for good measure, I will call one “another nigger.” All in a city where I am a minority. Notice the chairs are facing the stage, not the lake view.

Third, even assuming Karen is some archetypical outlier, and thought she could rouse a police response to this, would she just plant herself right on top of the black BBQers and engage in a phone call that goes on and on, throughout the whole ludicrous 25 minutes? Why not just make a sneaky and safe call across the street?

Notice in the photo at right there is but one picnicker. However, as the camera rolls, the other actors are suddenly present in the background and Karen is quite outnumbered. At minute 00:04:00 in the long version, the duping delight on the smug faces of the actors is palpable, yet Karen still hangs around looking like a lump and a prop and is still on her cell phone.

In fact, even after being challenged by another white woman, identified as Michelle Snider and a black woman, one Angela Williams, the unidentified “Karen” doesn’t budge until minute 13, when she finally and unconvincing acts hysterical, calling “better come quick, code 1” into the cell phone as Snider bears down on her. Here is that stupid, badly choreographed scene between the two hoaxsters.

Long story short….it took another white woman to run the Angry White Woman off. No police ever showed up (while I was there) because they have real crimes to worry about.

— #BlackLivesMatter (@ajwftw) April 29, 2018

During the course of the performance, we learn (at 00:04:48) that, for some inexplicable reason, Snider had earlier presented Karen with her business card. This is not evident from the filming. The battle for the card becomes part of the ridiculous absurd script in the back 20 minutes of the song-and-dance performance.

Karen is ultimately chased into a convenience store with Snider right on top of her. This part of the operation comedy of Snider and Karen tangoing is also filmed and posted by Williams.

So today I’m at Lake Merritt and minding my Black ass business. As I finish my jog (Let’s be real, fast walk) I notice this white woman being really aggressive towards the Black Guy. I’m nosey so I stop to observe.

— #BlackLivesMatter (@ajwftw) April 29, 2018

Throughout the entire acting performance of nearly 25 minutes, Karen does a non-stop monologue into the cell phone, never hangs up, even when Snider breathing down her neck. Karen misses her lines on numerous occasions. She says little to the other performers and is finally photographed with fake tears while speaking with police.

Police question mysterious unknown “white woman,” later dubbed “Karen”

Winter Watch Takeaway

In a sane world, this should be an epic fail in the annuals of the growing list of agit-prop, staged, white-demonization deceptions. These media-compliant, shameless hoaxes go both ways: black on white and white on black, suggesting all races need to get their heads out of their asses about what is transpiring.

Editor Note: Karen looks very familiar. I suspect she’s been involved in other hoax rodeos. Can anybody place her?

Mitochondrial Health Is a Key Countermeasure Against the Global Indoctrination Program

dr michael nehls

  • In his book, “The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom,” Dr. Michael Nehls explains how chronic stress and fearmongering have led to inhibited hippocampal neurogenesis and decreased mental resilience, which facilitates indoctrination

  • Your neurology is being assailed in a variety of ways that can impair your cognition. The good news is, once you understand how this is done, you can take proactive steps to protect your neurological health and in so doing “inoculate” yourself against indoctrination at the same time

  • Two thinking systems exist: nonthinking (System 1) and critical thinking (System 2). Stress and poor mitochondrial health impair activation of System 2

  • Lifestyle factors like having a purpose, making sure you’re getting all essential micronutrients, especially vitamin D and iodine, social connections, exercise and sleep support hippocampal neurogenesis, which is essential for lifelong neurological health

  • Essential dietary factors for mitochondrial health and energy production include limiting linoleic acid intake, eating the right carbs in optimal amounts and limiting fats, and keeping your serotonin and estrogen levels low. Certain dietary supplements are also helpful

Visit Mercola Market


The video above features an interview with Dr. Michael Nehls,1 2 author of “The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom,” which describes, from a neuroscientific point of view, how certain brain changes make us more susceptible to indoctrination, and how many of the factors that cause those changes in the first place have been implemented worldwide over the past four years.

Media and global leaders have created a perfect vicious cycle, beginning with fearmongering, goal post switching and bad health advice that create chronic stress and key nutritional deficiencies, which drives chronically elevated levels of stress hormones, which causes chronically inhibited hippocampal neurogenesis, which results in chronically reduced mental resilience, which feeds chronic stress.

The result of this loop is a steady deterioration of autobiographical memory, which facilitates indoctrination.

As the title of his book makes clear, the whole world has been placed under a sort of indoctrination protocol — and a very successful one at that — which has led to many being seemingly unable to think for themselves anymore or to logically assess information.

Rates of depression and Alzheimer’s are also spiking around the world, and the age of onset for both are rapidly falling. Yet the causes behind the rises in mental and neurological problems are not being eliminated. On the contrary, the causes are being promoted further. “Can this just be coincidence?” Nehls asks in his book.

As explained by Nehls, we have two types of thinking systems. System 1 is nonthinking and System 2 is thinking. To consciously change your behavior, you must first recognize that a change is necessary or at least would be beneficial, and this requires the willingness to invest mental energy into thinking.

Our brains by default operate in System 1 most of the time. System 2 is only activated through conscious choice when you recognize that “Hey, I better stop and think this through.” However, if you don’t have the mental energy, activation of System 2 is unlikely, even if your very life might depend on it. As Nehls points out in his book, when you’re mentally exhausted, “it is almost impossible to find the best solution to a problem.”

If you don’t have the energy to think, then you remain stuck in System 1, which is a habitual state of not thinking and simply acting on autopilot. System 1 also makes us follow mass thought or mass movements, because there’s a perceived safety in the majority. Standing alone is risky and is basically inconceivable if you don’t have a logical basis or rationale for doing so in the first place.

So, the bad news is that your neurology is being assailed in a variety of ways that can impair your cognition. The good news is, once you understand how this is done, you can take proactive steps to protect your neurological health and in so doing “inoculate” yourself against indoctrination at the same time.

Your autobiographical memory is what allows you to form a unique individuality. The four keys to autobiographical memory are: where something happened, when it happened, what happened, and how it felt. In the video clip above, Nehls reviews how the autobiographical memory works.

Of these four memory factors, the emotional association (how you felt) is paramount. If something is exciting or frightening, the memory of where, when and what are cemented into memory, and can easily be dredged back up simply by being reminded of the same feeling.

Short-term memory is stored in the frontal lobe of your brain. Nothing is recorded here, so no long-term memories are created. Autobiographical memories are stored in your hippocampi, located in the temporal lobes of your brain. While there are two, one on each side, most simply refer to these as a singular hippocampus.

Without your hippocampus, you’d be incapable of remembering anything for more than a few seconds. But even with fully functional hippocampus, you cannot store the memory of every moment of your life. Your hippocampus is constantly making choices about what to remember and what to forget, and the primary selection is based on the amount of emotional charge involved.

Fear is a proven means of making sure someone will remember something. The hippocampus stores the emotional responses to the time and place (when and where) that the emotionally charged event took place in the dentate gyrus, an area inside the hippocampi, while the details of the event and how you felt (what and how) are stored in the cornu ammonis, another area inside the hippocampi.

The reason you feel mentally exhausted at the end of a busy day is because your hippocampus has reached max capacity and doesn’t have the energy to handle any more information.

“Well-functioning mitochondria produce energy more efficiently, which directly translates into an increased ability to use your System 2 critical thinking skills.”

This is just one reason why it’s so crucial to optimize your mitochondrial health. Well-functioning mitochondria produce energy more efficiently, which directly translates into an increased ability to use your System 2 critical thinking skills. In a later section, I’ll review the most important factor for optimizing your mitochondrial energy production.

To be receptive for more information, your hippocampus must transfer the day’s impressions into permanent storage in the neocortex, and that occurs during deep sleep. Interestingly, the only pieces of your memory that get transferred into the neocortical “hard drive” for long-term storage is the emotionally charged “what” and “how” portions of the memory.

The “where” and “when” remains in the gyrus dentatus for life. If something happens to these index neurons (so called because they act like a register of memory fragments), then the matching “what” and “how” in the neocortex cannot be found. Now, here’s the important part.

Your gyrus dentatus can produce thousands of new neurons every day, for as long as you live. This ensures that you can build your autobiographical memory stores until the day you die.

If your ability to create new index neurons is impaired or inhibited, old index neurons must be used, and in doing so, old time and place fragments are overwritten. So, over time, you effectively end up with memory loss. As noted by Nehls, chronic long-term inhibition of hippocampal neurogenesis results in Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, since new index neurons are “hungry” for information, when you have fewer of them being generated, your sense of curiosity is also diminished. In essence, your curiosity can act as a gauge for your neurological health. I would argue that since mental energy is required to act on curiosity, it can also act as a gauge of your mitochondrial energy production.

In short, if you’re a critical thinker with a great sense of childlike curiosity, your mitochondrial energy production is likely high. If you’re too exhausted to think critically or creatively, your metabolism is likely low.

It’s important to understand that curiosity is essential for your ability to make choices in life. The more choices you make, the higher the likelihood that you will increase your experience of Joy. When you don’t have enough cellular energy, your curiosity decreases along with your ability to make choices. The strong recommendation to you is to do everything you can to increase your curiosity so you can experience the maximum amount of Joy in your life.

Ashley Armstrong, cofounder of Angel Acres Egg Co. and the Nourish Cooperative, is a perfect example of this. In the video above, she discusses her journey in regaining the ability to create cellular energy and how it changed her life, as she did not have enough energy to properly think.

Your brain makes up approximately 2% of your bodyweight yet consumes 20% of the energy your body produces. This is why a surplus of cellular energy creation is necessary to have the ability to allow your brain to work optimally.

Ashley simply would not have had enough cellular energy to make the decisions she did unless she improved her health. Factors like excess linoleic acid, estrogen and endotoxins were depleting her cellular energy, which is crucial for making energy-intensive decisions.

Her transformation underscores the power of nurturing your health to gain the energy necessary for making significant life changes. Avoiding dietary pitfalls like seed oils played a key role in this journey, enabling her to tap into a newfound capacity for brave decisions — a testament to the profound impact of regaining cellular energy on her ability to navigate life’s choices.

It is my sincere desire and hope that you consider her journey to inspire and empower you to make similar choices in your own life and reclaim the Joy that you deserve. Imagine experiencing the nearly limitless Joy that Ashley has with her 1,000 chickens and four livestock guard dogs below.

To ensure lifelong production of healthy new index neurons, the following factors need to be addressed. Conversely, a lack of any of these factors will undermine your production of hippocampal neurons.

  • Having a purpose in life — According to Nehls, the risk of developing hippocampal dementia, i.e., Alzheimer’s, exponentially increases if you do not have a sense of purpose.

  • Nutrition — For optimal hippocampal growth, none of the essential micronutrients can be deficient. That said, among the most important are iodine and vitamin D. According to Nehls, a vitamin D level of 40 to 60 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L) is required for immunological and neurological health.

  • Social life — Loving, intimate relationships encourage the release of oxytocin, which is one of the most potent hippocampal growth factors currently known. Conversely, isolation and loneliness have a marked detrimental effect on hippocampal performance.

    Another reason why companionship is so important is because it provides emotional experiences and conversations required for the survival of hippocampal neurons. Whatever neurons are produced will die off if there are no new experiences to record, and production will decline when lack of experiences is chronic.

  • Exercise — Exercise has been shown to be highly effective in stimulating hippocampal growth (neurogenesis). In his book, Nehls cites research showing that seniors who take a one-hour brisk walk every day can grow their hippocampus by 2% in a single year. For comparison, Alzheimer’s patients lose about 5% of their hippocampal volume per year once the disease process is underway.3

  • Sleep — Your hippocampus can only make new neurons during sleep, when it’s not busy collecting new experiences. Melatonin is also known to stimulate hippocampal neurogenesis, and this is likely why. According to Nehls, it takes about two weeks to restart neurogenesis after chronic sleep deprivation.

  • Time — Wanting or needing to do more than is feasible creates stress, and stress hormones not only inhibit neurogenesis but also drive neurodegeneration. That said, boredom (having too much time on your hands) is not good either, as the growth impulses for new neurons are missing. The ideal state, Nehls says in his book, is eustress — “positive stress caused by challenging yet doable tasks.”

In his book, Nehls wonders whether the indoctrination efforts of the past four years might be part of an even greater agenda. Quoting from his book, “The Indoctrinated Brain”:4

“In order for society to adopt the operating system of the technocrats, contradictions to its own history must no longer be perceptible. There must be no dissonance between one’s own experiences from earlier times and the new expectations, promises and demands of the technocrats or the everyday reality of a future AI-controlled existence …

To function properly, the [social operating system] SOS must be not only a part of the autobiographical memory but also the unrivaled foundation upon which all other autobiographical memory content is based …

Only by overwriting the old index neurons will discrepancies be prevented and will the reprogrammed people not be unsettled by more attractive alternative life plans …

The former self, consisting of all autobiographical memories and the associated feelings, hopes, and values, would then be erased and deliberately replaced by a technocratically constructed foundation of identity …”

Undermining hippocampal neurogenesis is the perfect strategy if you want to reprogram a population to accept the unacceptable and usher in an otherwise unwelcome world, Nehls notes. To do so with any degree of success requires a two-pronged attack:

  1. New production of index neurons must be radically suppressed, while existing neurons must simultaneously be decimated through neurodegenerative measures.

  2. Remaining index neurons used to access autobiographical memories must be successively overwritten with the technocratic narrative.

As noted by Nehls, both attack strategies were implemented worldwide at the start of the COVID pandemic.

New index neurons are decimated by oxygen deprivation (think masks), vitamin D deficiency (recall the relentless “debunking” of vitamin D claims?), alcohol toxicity (just why were liquor stores kept open while everything else had to close?), and other toxins, including the COVID-19 spike protein, whether from the virus or the mRNA shots.

Meanwhile, existing neurons are decimated by the chronic release of stress hormones, such as what happens when you fear you might catch a virus and die every time you go to the grocery store or pass an unmasked person on the street.

The second part — overwriting autobiographical memories with a technocratic narrative — becomes easy when people are in a state of mental and emotional exhaustion. Why? Because when you force yourself to think when you’re mentally exhausted, you’re overwriting old neurons — the old memories that make up your identity.

Add anxiety and fear into the mix, and you have a perfect recipe for indoctrination as the old memories are not only being overwritten, but the anxiety-filled new narrative is also being efficiently stored in your long-term memory. As noted in Nehls’ book:5

“Fomenting anxiety, especially on the nightly news … is a highly effective means of forcing the hippocampus to activate System 2, even in a state of ego-depletion. Propagated content of the technocratic narrative is implanted in memory and, in the absence of new unused index neurons, access to earlier memories is simultaneously erased.”

Lockdowns, social distancing, masking, the closing of gyms, playgrounds, beaches and outdoor parks, the COVID shots, the ever-changing goal posts, the successive contradictory narratives, the fearmongering, and health-harming advice such as avoiding vitamin D all work toward the same outcomes.

First, they facilitate indoctrination by destroying and causing neurons involved in autobiographical memory to be overwritten. The result is people who, quite literally, cannot fully remember their own autobiographical past. It’s been overwritten with technocratic consensus statements, and when asked to engage in logical reasoning, they can’t.

They simply parrot the propaganda narratives because the very center of their individuality (their autobiographical memory) has been replaced by these narratives. What’s more, whey you question the narrative, they perceive it as a direct attack on them personally, as the narrative is who they now are. It’s become part of their personality.

The COVID measures also speed neurodegeneration and cognitive loss, resulting in dementia. And indeed, recent research shows memory and executive function in older adults dropped by 50% during the first year of the pandemic.6

The good news is, you can reverse the effects of these attacks on your neurology and regain your mental freedom. To reiterate, to protect your mental immune system and inoculate yourself against indoctrination, you need to:

  • Find a purpose and go after it

  • Make sure you’re getting all the essential micronutrients, especially iodine and vitamin D

  • Pursue an active social life

  • Get plenty of exercise

  • Optimize your sleep

  • Ditch unrealistic expectations and embrace challenging but doable tasks

To Nehls’ list, I would add the following advice:

  • Limit your linoleic acid (LA) intake LA decimates your mitochondrial function resulting in decreased ability to create cellular energy, and without energy, your brain simply won’t have the energy to switch into System 2 thinking. Optimizing your mitochondrial energy production is the crux not only to a healthy body and mind but also your intuition.

    The energy produced by your mitochondria is virtually identical to the energy that created the universe and undergirds physical reality. So, once you optimize your mitochondrial energy production, you also swing the door wide open to your higher spiritual faculties where intuition, inner guidance and pure knowing resides.

    I dare say, once you’re connected to your inner knowing, no indoctrination attempt can succeed because you can “see” clearly, even when truth is being hidden.

  • Eat healthy carbs, in optimal amounts, and limit fats — This will optimize your mitochondrial glucose metabolism resulting in higher energy production. Fat metabolism (which you enter when your fat content is too high, likely above 35% of daily calories) reduces mitochondrial efficiency by 25% to 50%. Healthy carbs include ripe fruits, raw honey, and starches like white rice.

    Glucose metabolism also increases structured water (mitochondria-produced water), also known as deuterium-depleted water, and reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in the mitochondria.

  • Keep your serotonin level low — Serotonin, often misconstrued as the “happy hormone,” acts as an antimetabolite, hindering energy production in your mitochondria, resulting in fatigue and slowed metabolism. Recent research has also linked high serotonin levels to dementia.

    One way to lower your serotonin is to increase GABA, which is available as a supplement, as GABA increases the degradation rate of serotonin. People who have high GABA levels usually have low serotonin, and vice-versa.

    People with high GABA/low serotonin are typically calm and gregarious, whereas GABA deficiency and elevated serotonin is associated with anxiety, fear, depression, short temper, phobias, impulsiveness and disorganization.

    Another important strategy is to address your gut health. When complex carbs that aren’t digested in your stomach travel down to your intestine, they end up feeding gram-negative bacteria that produce endotoxin, also known as LPS (lipopolysaccharide).

    Endotoxin catalyzes a series of metabolic reactions that converts tryptophan in your gut to serotonin. So, to inhibit serotonin production in your gut (which is where most of the serotonin in your body is produced), you want to prevent endotoxin production, which means you need to balance your gut microbiome.

  • Keep your estrogen level low — Like serotonin, estrogen is also antimetabolic and will inhibit energy production. Tips on how to lower your estrogen load can be found here.

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