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The World Council for Health’s (WCH’s) Better Way Today session on 8 May 2024 was a bumper session on Detoxification for Health and Well-being. It was hosted by Dr Tess Lawrie and WCH Health and Science Lead, Christophe Plothe DO, with support from WCH Health Coach Linda Ray. 

In Part 1 of this two-part article, Christof set the scene with a presentation on the types, sources, and health effects of manmade toxic substances, and outlined steps we can take to detox our bodies and improve our health.

In Part 2 we share key insights from representatives of eight WCH Country Councils who shared detox wisdom from their unique perspectives. Their presentations were followed by contributions from:

You can watch the entire session, which includes a panel discussion, here.

Exciting news! WCH is working on a new detox booklet, which will compile protocols and advice from around the world! Keep in touch to find out when it is published.


Dr Cornelia Gottwald, WCH Germany

Dr Gottwald is a naturopath and holistic health coach. She focused on how she determines what toxins are responsible for her client’s problems.

Top tips:

  • Before recommending a detox, Cornelia asks clients to complete a detailed questionnaire to help her better understand them, their environments, and their lifestyles, and therefore possible sources of toxins.

  • Blood analysis helps her to detect damage to organs, such as the liver or kidneys, which are sensitive to particular toxins.  The person’s symptoms can indicate which toxin is responsible, such as lead causing fatigue, or mercury causing nervous tics or tremors. 

  • Many people feel that their symptoms are not taken seriously; it is essential to take the time to listen to the client very carefully. 

Dr Sarah Myhill, WCH British Isles

Dr Myhill is a renowned British physician who focuses on chronic fatigue syndrome and preventive medicine. Her presentation focused on fat-soluble toxins that are deposited in fatty tissues in the body.

Top tips:

  • Patients with chronic fatigue often have high levels of fat-soluble toxins in their bodies. Because many are unable to work, Dr Myhill uses a very inexpensive detox method that relies on heat.

  • Warming the subcutaneous fat allows the toxins to literally evaporate through the skin. They dissolve in the lipid layer on the surface of the skin and can then be washed off. Heat can be generated by exercise, sauna, or sunbathing, after which it is essential to wash off the toxins in a shower. Alternatively, you can soak in an Epsom salt bath. This form of detoxing is a gradual process and should be done routinely about once a week.

  • Using this method patients have completely detoxed from a number of chemicals including among others, organophosphates, nitrosamines, and trichlorophenol, which actually adhere to DNA. This approach also removes volatile organic compounds and pesticides, such as DDT, carbaryl, dieldrin, lindane, and benzene. 

Dr Mary Gilberta St Rose, WCH St Lucia 

Dr Gilberta St Rose is an integrative health practitioner, dermatologist, and herbalist with her own range of herbal remedies, Eden Herbs, which includes a Covid Detox mixture. In addition to sharing general detox advice, she introduced three of her favourite herbs: Spirulina, Anamu, and Veven. 

Favourite herbs:

  • Spirulina, a blue-green alga, is the most nutrient-dense food, containing essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It can help to remove heavy metals and yeasts, and promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It is a potent antioxidant that boosts energy, reduces inflammation, and strengthens the immune system. It also protects the brain and boosts memory.

  • Anamu (Petiveria alliacea) contains numerous biologically active chemicals, making it a popular medicinal plant. It is used to modulate the immune system, address inflammation including arthritis and rheumatism, prevent blood clots, and help the body fight infections and remove phlegm.

  • Veven (Stachytarpheta urticifolia) contains luteolin, which helps to reduce inflammation and promote nerve and muscle function; ursolic acid, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant; and apigenin, which helps with sleep.

 Dr Marivik Villa, WCH Florida

Dr Villa, an internist and pulmonologist, is founder and medical director of Villa Health in Florida. She shared a diagram summarising how toxins affect bodily processes, resulting in chronic inflammation, disease, and accelerated ageing. Her detox protocols for specific organs as well as the Covid injection will be included in the forthcoming WCH detox booklet. 

Dr Villa shared this diagram that demonstrates why it is vital to regularly detoxify the body. Listen to her explanation here. [Insert Video -1:38:27—1:32:56]

Top tips:

  • The body’s intrinsic ability to detox is managed by the liver, colon, kidneys, skin, and lungs. The first priority is to optimise what is already working.

  • Regular detoxification of the body will reduce chronic inflammation, disease, and premature ageing through supporting the body’s processes that keep us alive.

  • Everyday actions that help our bodies to detox naturally include good nutrition; conscious breathing; movement; drinking clean water; restorative sleep; sweating; reducing stress; minimising exposure to toxins; and importantly practising positivity, love, and kindness!


Beverly Rimmer, WCH Malta

Beverly is a quantum wellness strategist and detox expert, focusing on mindset and working with biofeedback and bio-resonance. She focuses on alignment between the gut, brain, and bowel. 

Top tips:

  • The first step is a ‘mind detox’ to help the client control their thoughts. Meditation helps to reduce fear and stress, which in turn reduces inflammation and acidity in the body. 

  • The next step is to clean up the environment and treat gut issues using appropriate food choices, parasite cleanses, fasting, and promoting ketogenesis.

  • Two methods used to pull toxins from the body include a castor oil pack for the liver, and coffee enema to cleanse the colon.

Professor Ian Brighthope, WCH Australia

Prof. Ian Brighthope, a medical practitioner with an academic background in agricultural science and nutritional and environmental medicine, focused on the importance of vitamin C. He joked that the side effects of taking oral vitamin C are wind, loose bowels, and chronic good health!

Top tips:

  • Humans need to take vitamin C as our bodies are unable to manufacture it. Optimal levels help with energy levels, exercise, sleep, and appetite, and allow other therapeutic treatments to work better. This safe, powerful antioxidant can be taken intravenously, or orally as a powder, tablet, or capsule.

  • Prof. Brighthope recommended a regular oral dose of around a gram of vitamin C, taken with plenty of clean, purified water. Start with less and increase the dose until you reach bowel tolerance. Once you experience wind and loose bowels, reduce the dose or frequency. 

  • Trace elements like copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium act as enzyme co-factors. Consuming zinc (as many have done to protect against Covid) can block the uptake of iron (causing anaemia and tiredness), as well as selenium and copper. The enzyme nattokinase, which is used to detox the spike protein, requires copper for its activity, so it is important to optimise levels of these elements.

Izumi Kamijo, WCH Japan 

Izumi Kamijo has a background in biophysics and is CEO and project manager of a cancer research development project. In addition to giving advice on dealing with spike protein and mitochondrial dysfunction, he shared treatments for post-vaccine syndrome based on traditional Japanese food and medicines.

Top tips:

  • Many foods and teas in Japanese culture are good for detoxifying the body. Miso, for example, is reputed to prevent cancer, strokes, and gastric ulcers, and to promote brain metabolism.

  • Kanpo is a Japanese version of traditional Chinese medicine. A formulation called Gomijokyo powder is used to treat adverse effects of Covid-19 injections. Using it with ivermectin enhances its effect. 

  • If there is still no improvement, Mr Kamijo recommended high-dose vitamin C and intravenous glutathione therapy and recommended inhaling hydrogen gas to treat brain symptoms. 

Dr Sundardas Annamalay, WCH Singapore 

Dr Sundardas is a medical practitioner specialising in holistic disciplines such as homeopathy, clinical nutrition, and functional naturopathy. He shared aspects of the vaccine detox protocol developed by his naturopathic clinic in Singapore, including two unique therapies. 

Top tips:

  • As in the case of many other practitioners, his vaccine detox protocol includes L-glutathione or NAC, zeolite, serrapeptase, and nattokinase. Nutritional support includes B vitamins, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, CoQ10, alpha-tocopherol, melatonin, carotene, lipoic acid, and taurine, plus CDP-choline for neural recovery. Homeopathic products are used to open up the lymphatic, urinary and liver systems to support elimination.

  • The clinic also uses Alpha, a unique device that combines six therapeutic energy waves to activate and stimulate the cells and bio-energetic circulation using principles of the human meridian system. 

  • Intranasal light therapy stimulates blood capillaries in the nasal cavity, introducing therapeutic light energy into the human body through the blood, which enhances mitochondrial functioning. This helps to combat free radicals, calm the cytokine storm, and reduce brain fog. 

Dr Widya Murni, WCH Indonesia

Dr Murni is an integrative doctor and functional medicine practitioner from Jakarta, Indonesia. She shared two detox formulae, a general daily detox, and a spike protein detox. 

Top tips:

  • The general detox formula includes vitamins C and D, zinc, magnesium glycinate, a multivitamin/multimineral, probiotic, and melatonin.

  • The spike detox formula includes bromelain, nattokinase, and curcumin, with additional supplements in the case of autoimmunity, or pleurodynia, an infection causing sharp chest or side pain.

Watch the full video for much more!

These fascinating presentations, as well as the debates and discussions that followed, can be viewed here. While the presenters shared much common ground in terms of general- and spike protein detox protocols, there were also differences of opinion particularly where dietary advice was concerned, and much to learn from the regional traditions represented by WCH members from around the world. 

WCH reminds readers and viewers that the Better Way Today online sessions are opportunities to explore a range of perspectives on our journey to discover a Better Way to Health – but they do not represent medical advice. If you recognise the need to undertake a general or post-vaccine detox, please consult a qualified and experienced practitioner who can guide you on your journey to better health.

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