Uncovering the Truth about Canada’s Covid-19 Response

The World Council for Health’s (WCH’s) Better Way Today session on 20 May 2024 featured WCH Steering Committee member Shabnam Palesa Mohamed in conversation with Ken Drysdale, Chairman of the Independent Commissioners involved with Canada’s National Citizens Inquiry into Covid-19. This people-led initiative was an opportunity to listen to Canadian citizens, learn from experts, and recommend protections against human rights violations during health emergencies. Ken, an accomplished executive engineer, author, speaker, and advocate for democracy, co-authored the NCI’s groundbreaking 5,342-page investigative report titled Inquiry into the Appropriateness and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Response in Canada.

Ken described the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) Report as a ‘fire alarm’ that is waking Canadians up to the urgent need to respond to the assault on their rights, their health, and their humanity. In this clip he gets to the heart of the matter, sharing one of the many thousands of stories from the Inquiry.

We need to touch each other on a human emotional level …
When you’re engaging the heart of the nation and the soul of the citizens, that’s the way to get through this.
– Ken Drysdale

Public hearings into Canada’s response to the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ began in March 2023. For two and a half months, four independent commissioners travelled across Canada, visiting eight cities, and engaging in three full days of testimony in each.

Engagements took the form of a public inquiry. Witnesses testified under oath and were examined and cross-examined by lawyers in front of a citizen gallery where people could witness the proceedings. The board of four commissioners listened to the testimonies and questioned the witnesses. In all, 305 witnesses testified under oath, representing a complete cross-section of Canadian society, including around 90 subject experts. 

The witnesses told their stories, including the loss of loved ones due to vaccine injuries and deaths. Some were denied medical treatment because they refused to take the vaccines, even when it became clear that they were neither safe nor effective. Others testified about losing their jobs, how disagreements splintered their families, and the criminal behaviour of the medical establishment and the media. 


Economists highlighted the increase in Canada’s national debt during the Covid period from about $680 billion dollars to $1.3 trillion dollars, and the report recorded instances of serious fraud committed in the name of Covid-19. Shabnam commented that the unprecedented transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to millionaires and billionaires could be described as a ‘heist’. 

The encyclopaedic 5,400-page NCI Report provides a record and analysis of the 24 days of hearings. The bulk of the report comprises the sworn transcriptions of witness testimony; about 643 pages contain analysis, discussion, and about 400 recommendations. 

The report can be accessed free of charge at the NCI website. You will find both the full report and a number of ‘mini-reports’ that focus on NCI highlights under the ‘Commissioners Report’ tab as well as via links on the home page. Copies are also available to purchase from Amazon in paperback (13 bound books) and Kindle versions. 

‘The 2023 Hearings’ tab takes you to a list of the eight cities visited plus the virtual hearings. Under each one you will find a list of witnesses in chronological order. Each name links to the video, transcript, and summary of that person’s sworn testimony. This represents the largest archive in the world of unrestricted sworn testimony regarding what happened to people during the ‘pandemic’. 

The NCI was a completely citizen-led effort. Canadians wrote to the Commission requesting to be witnesses. It was entirely funded by donations from everyday Canadians, with no government, corporate, or pharmaceutical industry funding received. Over a thousand volunteers across Canada arranged the meetings and brought and pre-screened the witnesses. 

The report itself was written entirely by the four commissioners, with no ghost writers or others influencing the process. They worked on the report from the end of the hearings in May 2023 and issued the report on 28 November 2023. In contrast government inquiries usually take between three and ten years to complete and cost tens of millions of dollars. This task could not have been achieved by the government as there was no political will, nor was there money to be made. 

This massive report has a 15-page interactive table of contents. The Recommendations in Section 8 are arranged by topic, for example Informed Consent. They are both practical and accessible, being written in plain English. One of the innovative recommendations is a call to dismantle the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which has been complicit in censoring free speech and promoting propaganda. The suggestion is to use CBC’s excellent equipment and facilities across Canada to train and enable alternative media producers to create and disseminate content!


The NCI Report is already being used across Canada to support litigation. Although the testimony cannot be used directly because it was undertaken outside of the judicial system, lawyers and paralegals are using it as a resource to help them contact witnesses and experts. Ken stressed that this report must not be allowed to sit on a shelf gathering dust. It must be used by Canadians and others around the world to ensure that the lessons of the Covid-19 response are taken to heart, so they never need to be repeated. 

Whatever health emergencies may befall us in the future – especially in the face of the World Health Organization’s plans – we know that there is a much Better Way. May the heartfelt testimonies shared in this astonishing NCI Report indeed serve as a ‘fire alarm’ to awaken humanity from its deep sleep.

To learn more about preventing the abuse of human rights through public health emergency declarations, read the World Council for Health’s legal brief here: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/legal/

For more on the NCI, see this WCH Substack and the recording of Better Way Live from 18 December 2023.

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