The invasion and occupation of America is well under way: An interview with “TREASON” film producer JJ Carrell –

The invasion and occupation of America is well under way: An interview with “TREASON” film producer JJ Carrell

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Mike Adams: All right, welcome to today’s interview here on I’m Mike Adams, the founder of Brighteon, and today we’re joined by a filmmaker, JJ Carrell, whose new film “Treason” has been creating a tremendous amount of buzz because, well, for a number of reasons. It tells the truth about what’s happening to our country, but also in a recent clip featured a woman he interviewed as part of his film, talking about the funding and logistics for the construction of what appeared to be detainment camps, or some people call them concentration camps, being constructed in all 50 states across America. The website is called The film is named Treason, and it’s being launched shortly, and welcome to the show today, JJ Carrell. It’s an honor to have you on.

JJ Carrell: Thank you for having me. I’m excited about talking about this topic because I think it’s the number one threat to our republic, and that’s the invasion of tens of millions of people into America. The powerful elite have chosen this as the vehicle to fundamentally transform America.

Mike Adams: Yeah, absolutely, and you are eminently qualified to say this because your previous career was with Border Patrol, wasn’t it?

JJ Carrell: Yes, I did 24 years in the United States Border Patrol. My last year was Joe Biden’s first year in his office, his term. So, I saw the manifestation, the genesis, if you will, of what was going to happen. I was able to pull the plug and get out of my career in time. I have a unique perspective because I was down in the trenches as a journeyman agent and then supervisor of very large task forces, but then I became a senior leader within San Diego sector. So, I have a very unique perspective of what’s transpiring from Mayorkas, from Biden and his cabinet down to Mayorkas and pushed down. And this is intentional, strategic and purposeful. There’s no other way around it.

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Mike Adams: Yeah. You use those terms. I think our audience agrees with you. Alejandro Mayorkas, who I would call a treasonous actor, is actually, he’s been visiting the invasion camps in Panama and providing illicit funding for the expansion of these camps, which I would characterize as staging areas for the ongoing invasion of America. Would you agree with that assessment, or do you disagree, or do you have something to add to it?

JJ Carrell: No, I think that’s your spot on and that’s what people don’t want to talk about. They want to, how is, look, Michael Yon’s an investigative journalist. He’s down in, this is April 2022. He’s down in the Darien Gap and in the middle of the jungle, all of a sudden, Black Hawk helicopters started flying in and there is the secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, in the jungles of Panama. What in the hell is the secretary of DHS doing in Panama, in the jungle?

Mike Adams: Yes.

JJ Carrell: Well, he started to create these way stations, these rest areas that make it more efficient for illegal aliens to come through the Darien Gap in Central America into America. That’s treason. He even said this. This, you and I, this is not conjecture or hearing about it. He actually was on ABC this week, about 10 days ago on a Sunday show and he just said it out loud. Yeah, I’m responsible for those. Wait a minute, Alejandro Mayorkas, you are actually processing people out of those regional processing centers as well and flying them into America in the dark of night, off the books.

Mike Adams: True.

JJ Carrell: This is, people have no idea the enormity of this treason that is happening in America right now, but at the hands of our own people we’re funded It.

Mike Adams: Brings up the critical question and I love the fact that you saw this firsthand, right? This is not just hearsay, you quoting some other person you’ve seen it firsthand.

JJ Carrell: No.

Mike Adams: But you must have reached some conclusions about the purpose of this. And it’s got to be more than just putting them here because they might vote Democrat. What do you think the real purpose is?

JJ Carrell: I think this is a global reset and I know people; they pull back right away. Oh God, conspiracy. No, it’s not conspiracy. It’s already happened in Europe. Western Europe, is dying. They just did a; they’re having a referendum on it and they’re bringing in all a nationalist politician because they have been destroyed by the illegal immigration invasion in their country. We’re seeing it now because the only way to fundamentally transform not only America, but the global reset is you have to take down the giant. You have to take down America. If you don’t take down America, who cares if Sweden falls? Really? Honestly, in the economic scale, no one cares, but America falls. You change the whole dynamic of the world and that’s what they’re doing. If you take off your lens, your glasses of America, apple pie, July 4th, we’re all patriots and you put on, I hate America, Marxist glasses, then everything Mayorkas, and the left does makes complete sense. We’re trying to understand irrational behavior. This is, I hate America. Everything America’s gained is ill gotten gains from slavery and oppression and we need to give it back. And the way that we’re gonna do it is we’re gonna destroy the citizenry and we’re gonna bring in as many non-citizens as we can because we can control them. That is the big picture. I know it’s hard for people to wrap their brain around that your own government hates you. They hate you. Look at what they’ve done. Look at what they’re doing now. 30 million people will cross into the border into America under Joe Biden, 30 million and I’m being conservative on there. We’re 45 to 50 million illegal aliens in America right now. One in six people residing in the United States of America is an illegal alien. Just let that sit and marinate for a few minutes.

Mike Adams: Huge numbers. And some of this, of course, a lot of this was going on under Barack Obama as well.

JJ Carrell: Yes.

Mike Adams: You were in border patrol at that time, but talk about the difference in magnitude because under Biden, it has really exploded. I mean, it was bad under Obama, but it’s gotten so much worse, right?

JJ Carrell: Yeah. Under, I witnessed probably Bush was Bush and Clinton. They’re just kind of political survivors, right? They just go with the flow. They abuse the immigration system for their gain. All of them did. But no one went the lengths that Obama did. Obama came in and guess who he had running his USCIS and then second in charge of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas. Alejandro Mayorkas created every bad policy that we are now living through. DACA, amnesty, I mean, excuse me, asylum, parole, CBP one app and on and on and on. This prosecutorial discretion, this was all back in Obama. And then Trump came in and he was the stopgap. This was everything we’re witnessing now was gonna happen under Hillary Clinton.

Mike Adams: Yes.

JJ Carrell: We had to wait to get through Trump now. But Biden is on steroids. Biden, has they went for, they just went for broke. They said, nope, we’re gonna institute everything. So, your audience understands. Let me explain what it looked like in my career. At the end of my career under Trump, we were winning. We were within six to nine months of having a completely secure border, hundred percent secure. No one’s coming in. No one’s going out. Right. We have at the end of his term; we were arresting 500 to 600 illegal aliens a day. That’s nothing. That’s like no movement on the border. And every one of those five to six hundred were deported. Now, on day one, day one, we went like that. We went to five to six thousand a day under Joe Biden. And it has not stopped. We have averaged anywhere from five thousand to twenty thousand arrests every single day for over three and a half years.

Mike Adams: Yeah. You know, the studio is in Texas. And of course, we are on the front lines of this battle. And, you know, there are months where over 200,000 illegals will come into the state of Texas alone. That’s not every month. But across the entire southern border, there are months that it exceeds 300,000 people. And, you know, you do the math and the numbers you’re talking about are very realistic. We’re talking about tens of millions of illegals over all this time that are in the United States. But, JJ, and let me just plug your film one more time. Again, the film is called Treason. The website is called for people who want to check it out. The film will be available soon that you can get the documentary or VIP access here. It seems very, very affordable for people to get. But if you think about the fact that the border is so porous, please talk about the number of actual America hating terrorists who are also marching across the border, sometimes with weapons, sometimes with battle plans. You know, this isn’t just innocent refugee families coming across the border, right?

JJ Carrell: No, none of them are refugee families. If you really want to get down in the weeds, look, 12 million people have crossed the border and been released at the end of Joe Biden’s term. 60 to 70 percent of all people arrested are two things, single adult military age men and people other than Mexico, other than Mexico. Seventy percent. We have hundred people arrested in United States Border Patrol arrest data. Hundred and eighty nations out of one hundred ninety-five. Think of that.

Mike Adams: Wow.

JJ Carrell: It’s the whole world. Now, when you start talking about terrorists, this is what I really like to do. I like to look at the total number that DHS says. And I know they’re lying. They’ve already been proven to lie about the data. But let’s just look at their own data. At the end of Joe Biden’s term, he will have arrested and released over two hundred and fifty thousand special interest aliens. Those are terrorists in layman’s terms. Do you know how many people that I arrested in just myself directly and indirectly with my station? About 15, 20 thousand probably saw another 20, 40 thousand people arrested by other agents, maybe even closer to 60, 70 thousand. Do you know how many special interest aliens that I saw in 24 years? Less than five.

Mike Adams: Really.

JJ Carrell: Less than five. Never, never in a million years would I be able to be allowed to release one. If I released one, I would be put on suspension and ultimately fired because I would be dirty. They would know that I was compromised. However, under Joe Biden, he is arrested. Two hundred and fifty thousand and released almost all of them into America. All of them, that’s we know about.

Mike Adams: Tell us about some of the countries that these people are from. I mean, I know it’s got to be Syria. It’s got to be, you know, Iraq and China. And what are some of the countries here?

JJ Carrell: All of the stands, I call them all the stands, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Look what just happened just two weeks ago. Tajikistan if I even pronounce it right. They had eight people traveled seven thousand five hundred miles away into El Paso. As I think it was El Paso. Crossed the border, were processed and vetted, which is a lie and released. Now we find out, wait a minute, all eight of them are on the terrorist watch list. And guess what’s unique about these guys? They didn’t just they crossed seventy-five hundred miles and then the moment they come into America, what do they do? They stay together. No, they split up. Why? Because they’re going to their cells. They went to L.A. Philadelphia and New York. Now, ICE catches them in ICE. The ICE director slips and says, well, there were several more within that group. So, your audience understands when a border patrol agent arrests a group the old days, three and a half years ago, we would catch a group of maybe 10, 20, maybe 50 on a wild day and a wild day, 50. So, I would fill out a form. I would say this this individual is one of 50 to a fifty five of 50. Well, now the groups are one hundred five hundred, three thousand. So, these border patrol agents are writing. So how many ICE officer, ICE director, how many is in that group with all the other Kazakhstan’s? And they all cross together because the cartels control the border. Right now, for example, San Diego is the epicenter for Chinese nationals and they’re coming across. There will be two hundred ten thousand Chinese nationals cross our border at the end of this term. And special high level military intel analysts have told me that they have already identified one hundred twenty thousand PLA soldiers.

Mike Adams: Oh, wow.

JJ Carrell: Out of the two hundred ten. This is America. You’re being destroyed and you don’t even know it.

Mike Adams: Yeah. I mean, we’re allowing a straight up invasion where the enemy combatants are able to get behind our front lines with no resistance and then they’re able to reorganize in our cities and they’re able to resupply. Now, you know, I’ve got many contacts over the years, former military intelligence, also border operatives in the state of Texas, underneath the state of Texas governorship and many other people. And they tell me that it’s well known inside the U.S. State Department that enemy combatants are coming into the U.S. with explosive vests, that they’re smuggling in kinetic vests and in some cases radio radiological vests for dirty bomb type of attacks, and that there are some very scary stories of things like a surface to air missiles that have gone missing after being tracked coming into the United States. Does that resonate with some of the concerns that you have or some of the things that you have seen?

JJ Carrell: It all concerns me. It all concerns me because, I know what data has presented to me and to my colleagues on the border. We know that’s true. But we also know instinctively that we don’t even have we’re not even in the realm of the total numbers, meaning we don’t know what we don’t know. There’s 80 percent of the United States border is unmanned at any given time. Let me explain that the border patrol has been in existence for hundred years, 96 and a half years. We’ve never done anything like this. Never. The whole border has been maintained and has been monitored. We know I might have been stretched maybe five miles longer than I should, but I had control, meaning I know what crossed and what didn’t. We have no idea. Checkpoints are down. Everything that you think that you, we hear of Mayorkas, the border secure, the border secure. That’s a lie. Eighty percent of the borders unsecured, double the number that are arrested, have absconded. So, if I’m telling you we have arrested 250,000 terrorists, my God, you can take that number and you could double, triple, quadruple it. And that’s what the true number is. That’s a scary thing is. What I know is factually what DHS says, which I know is a lie. But just using their own data is frightening. And then I know just from experience that, yes, these terrorists are coming in. These murders and rapists from Venezuela and Haiti and everywhere else in the world are here. PLA soldiers are here. They’re just waiting for their orders. And listen, the closer we get to the 2024 election, the more probability something bad is gonna happen. Don’t even you don’t like the way I look or the way I speak or whatever. Don’t listen to me. Listen to Christopher Wray. Christopher Wray, who is completely about a CYA, is saying there’s more red flags now than there were before 9-11. He was asked, where are all the terrorists? And he just kind of laughed and said, hell, I don’t know. There’s too many.

Mike Adams: But see, JJ, I don’t know if you agree with this or not, but I would say that our own federal government has essentially declared the American people to be their enemy and that our federal government is working in conjunction with these foreign terrorists in many ways to try to destroy this nation from within. And I know that’s a very serious claim. And I don’t mean every person in the federal government. But when you look at what Alejandro Mayorkas is doing, it is an act of treason. It’s a wartime invasion of this country. And which side is the Biden administration on? They’re not on our side. They’re on the side of the invaders. It’s clear, is it not?

JJ Carrell: I absolutely agree with you one hundred percent. I believe that this is treason against America. How do I know that? Because they had to have had the highest-level meetings prior to Biden taking office on how they’re gonna destroy America. And they came to the conclusion the way to destroy America is using the vehicle of illegal immigration. How do I know that that came that took place? Well, on day one of Biden’s term in office, day one, he signs 94 executive orders destroying the most secure border in the history of America. Now, ask yourself, why would they make this decision to do that unless it was nefarious, malicious and intentional to destroy America? And my question always back to everyone that kind of pushes back, if you don’t agree with my conclusion, all my data is correct. Everything I’m telling you is 100 percent. Then why don’t you tell me what the hell’s going on? And there’s always silence because they have no explanation, why your own government would try to destroy you by bringing in 30 plus million people into America, with a vast majority of them, single adult, military age men from nations that hate us, that despise everything we are. Why would a government do that? Well, the only answer is they want to destroy us.

Mike Adams: Yes.

JJ Carrell: We have become the enemy. And I believe that wholeheartedly. And I know how bad it sounds. I get it. I’m not in a cocoon or a bubble. And I’m just talking to myself. I’m very well aware of what I sound like. I’m very aware. However, I have a track record throughout my career, been writing a book and now doing this documentary that I have been forced to say things that are extremely uncomfortable. Write them in my book. And every single one has come true.

Mike Adams: Yes.

JJ Carrell: Everyone plus more. Look, I’m writing my book. There’s nights where I’m writing and I’m a father and a husband. I’m writing at two o’clock in the morning. I’m exhausted and I pause and I reread what I wrote. And I think, dear God, I actually have to write this. Nobody’s gonna believe me. They’re gonna call me all kinds of crazy, vile names. Sure enough, they did. But everything I wrote came true. Every…

Mike Adams: That’s the thing that they try to deny that this is happening as a way to prevent people from stopping it. I mean, that’s this is a gaslighting strategy from the corporate media and the government to try to continue the invasion so that by the time the American people react, it’s too late and you’ve been overrun. That’s what this is.

JJ Carrell: I agree. I agree. They me and my boss and I would always call we coined this phrase the normalization of chaos. That’s what they did. They brought in three thousand, five thousand, ten thousand. Then we screamed and we’re like, this is crazy. And then it just became normal. Then we became very efficient. The Border Patrol are processing five thousand people a day and turn them over to the NGOs. And now it’s normal to say, well, last month was a good month. We only caught two hundred and thirty thousand people. Oh, that’s great. That’s great. Right. That’s what they’re saying. Right. And then you say you’re from Texas. Texas is the epicenter of the invasion. And I will be honest, sir, I’m I traveled through Texas doing my documentary and I’ve seen the devastation of what they’ve done. But I’ve also seen the impotence and the cowardice of the Republican Party within Texas.

Mike Adams: Yup.

JJ Carrell: And the whole don’t tread on me. I’m a lone star state, blah, blah, blah. Listen, Texans, you have over one hundred and fifty child detention facilities in your property and they’re abusing children and they’re sex trafficking and you’ve done nothing. Your governor put a fence up with some National Guard on forty-seven acres of your one thousand two hundred fifty-mile border. And guess what they did? Those illegal aliens ran over top and destroyed your National Guard, embarrassed them and you did nothing. You did nothing. That’s the first time that I have ever witnessed a U.S. military contingent, or unit get run over and nothing happens to the people that abused our soldiers. Nothing.

Mike Adams: Well, yeah, that’s because a left-wing judge let them go, drop the charges. But I agree with you that even Governor Abbott, he likes to do things for theatrical purposes like, oh, we sent all these soldiers down there. And then you ask, well, what are they doing? Well, they’re filling out paperwork to let more illegals go. It’s like.

JJ Carrell: Yes.

Mike Adams: Well, wait a minute. I thought we’re supposed to be stopping these people. You know.

JJ Carrell: Yeah. But Abbott, Abbott’s a joke. He’s like every other politician. He’s a joke. If you had a strong leader of a state, he would pull back his state’s rights immediately. He’d put his National Guard on the border and seal it. Shut it down. Because here’s the dirty, dirty little secret. We don’t need Mexico in the third world. The third world in Mexico needs us. And if they don’t play by our rules, then we shut them down. Just like Donald Trump did. We are looking at the most vulnerable border and basically the most vulnerability in American history. You have allowed the enemy into our country. I’m gonna quote a young lady in Germany three years ago as the hordes of humanity were raping and pillaging the women in Germany the same way that illegal aliens are raping and murdering our women and our children. And she said something that was so simple and yet it was so jarring. And her question was, where are all the German men?

Mike Adams: Yeah, exactly.

JJ Carrell: And I asked the same question. Now you, I can go through a litany just in Texas alone, a litany of people that have been brutally raped and killed young children to women all the way across America. And my question is very simple, too. Where are all the American men? Are you okay with your women and children being raped and murdered? Are you okay with that? Or have we become this soft? And impotent and cowardice as American men. What the hell has happened to our nation? I don’t know.

Mike Adams: Well. Yeah, exactly.

JJ Carrell: I don’t know.

Mike Adams: The American masses have become fat, lazy and apathetic and they don’t wanna rock the boat, and they’re afraid of being called mean by the corporate left-wing media that’s covering all of this up. Fortunately, look, I do know a lot of law enforcement in Texas. And a couple of months ago, I was actually in a private meeting with one of the top sheriffs in the state who told me that they are ready. They are ready to conduct mass traffic stops, mass arrests of the illegals to take them to the border of Mexico and push them across at gunpoint, if necessary, if there was an administration in Washington, that would not block all those efforts. In other words, there is a willingness in places like Texas, at least among sheriffs and deputies and local law enforcement, to deport these people by the millions. But they currently their hands are tied. They’re not allowed to do it.

JJ Carrell: You know, that’s true. And if they do anything, they’ll be put they’ll be arrested.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: But let’s just be honest. If you went out as a law enforcement officer and you started to enforce the law as the Constitution states and actually you have to follow your oath, the sworn oath that you made to get that badge and that gun on your hip, you’ll go to jail. You absolutely go to jail. Why do you think no Border Patrol agents come out? Why? I just had a very important, interesting conversation with the House subcommittee staffers, and they were talking to me about child sex trafficking. And they say, well, we talked to some Border Patrol agents. I go, yeah. How many of you been able to get to become whistleblowers or talk to you? And she paused and she said, none. I said, yeah.

Mike Adams: Yeah.

JJ Carrell: I said, I can’t even get Border Patrol agents or law enforcement to talk to me on camera. Why? Because they fear their own government. That says it all right there.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: You have you have law enforcement officers that are being forced to break the law and are scared to death to confront their employer, the U.S. government.

Mike Adams: Well, I mean, you must have been told all kinds of things in private. And let me share one thing that I was told in private by another law enforcement member from sort of north the Dallas, Fort Worth area, said that they had stopped and detained a vehicle with human traffickers and the human trafficking victims, and they had to let them all go, let them go in America. And I said, why? Why did you let them go? And they said, because our jails are full. If we book these people, we’ll have to let go some violent offenders. And even if we book them, the feds, if we turn them over to the feds, the feds will let them go anyway.

JJ Carrell: Yes.

Mike Adams: So, all this does, it’s a waste of our resources to even arrest human traffickers in Texas. I was told that. But would that person go on camera? No, of course not. You know, you cannot or you’ll lose your job. Right. But you’ve I’m sure this happened to you a thousand times.

JJ Carrell: Yes. And what that officer told you is one hundred percent true. One hundred percent true. And he’s right. Who’s he gonna call? He’s gonna call ICE officers. Where are they?

Mike Adams: Nope. ICE would let them go.

JJ Carrell: Yeah, they’re gonna let them go. Then. And there’s none. No ICE officers can get you. Why? Because they’re on the border and they’re feeding and feeding illegal aliens, taking the hospital, doing transportation. They have they be in the left in my office. They have systematically destroyed the law enforcement community on the border.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: Just destroyed it. I’m looking at the, we’re having a suicide epidemic in the United States Border Patrol. Why? Because all these men and women swore an oath to protect America and they are doing the opposite. They are harming America. As they tell me, we have become smugglers.

Mike Adams: Yes.

JJ Carrell: The people that you used to deport, we are now traveling and transporting them north and letting them go. We’re actually paying for these illegal aliens to fly across America. We’re spending at the end of Joe Biden’s term. This is his data, not mine. They expect to spend seven hundred billion dollars on illegal aliens. Everyone that’s in the know, knows that number has already eclipsed one trillion dollars, one trillion dollars for illegal aliens. Listen, why I’m so passionate about this is because I’m not one of those myopic guys or these stick in the sand in the head in the sand that we’re just gonna look about the present. You have to look two, three steps down. Two, three steps down means in a year, two years, five years, we’re seeing the total devastation of our population, total devastation of the citizenry of America. You have 45 million illegal aliens on the low end, 45 million in America. It’s one in six Americans are now one in six residents are now an illegal alien in America. They reproduce at a almost six to one ratio of Native Americans. And if you really wanna get deep in the maliciousness and the evil of Mayorkas, you have to understand the only people that can bring in or sponsor a legal immigrant are U.S. citizens and legal residents. So just give me one minute to say why this is so important. So, you the old days, if I’m from Ecuador, I’d work my butt off to be able to go in front of the immigration officer, hand over my I-134, which is a declaration of financial support that I’m gonna bring my brother in. And then if my brother goes, he can never go on welfare. I’ll take care of him. He’ll live with me. It took me five years to save up enough money. But here I am. That’s all gone because Mayorkas, changed temporary protective status, DED, he took DACA, he took everyone that has been paroled in asylum. Basically, they are all illegal aliens. And he deemed them on the term legal resident. So now illegal aliens living in hotels and shelters can now sponsor as many family members as they can. But I know the first question is, wait a minute, they’re not filling out the Declaration of Financial Support. No, they’re not, because they changed that. And now, if you can even fathom this, the financial backer of every legal alien in America that can sponsor family members are the NGOs.

Mike Adams: Wow.

JJ Carrell: So, you are taking your tax money in the billions of dollars, giving it to Catholic charities, Jewish family services, Lutheran family services, and they are backstopping illegal immigrants financially to bring their families in. So, you have 45 million illegal aliens in your country. How many of their family members are they gonna bring in? Two, five, ten?

Mike Adams: Yeah.

JJ Carrell: Just do the math.

Mike Adams: As many as they can.

JJ Carrell: This is now a math problem with bad variables attached.

Mike Adams: Let’s go to the trailer of your film, Treason. We’ll play that trailer and we’ll come right back. So, to my editor, go ahead and play the trailer.

[ Trailer Playing]

Mike Adams: All right, JJ. Very, extremely powerful. Very concerning. This is, you know, we talk about history and how, you know, World War II, as the story goes, you know, America defeated the evil of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich and protected democracy and freedom for the world. And here we are. And now, you know, the threat to America is no longer overseas, over there, over in Europe, far away. It’s already it has infiltrated our cities. It has infiltrated our corporations. How many of these illegals are actually corporate spies or even spying on U.S. military bases and reporting back to China. All the details about military personnel and the hours of operation and the assets. And where are the oil refineries and where are the, you know, strategic supplies all across America? I mean, we are being it’s insane. It’s like our government is surrendering us to the enemy straight out. It’s like the craziest war in the history of the world, I think.

JJ Carrell: No, you’re absolutely right. It is not just the hordes of humanity. It’s what type of the hordes of humanity are coming into America. And when you watch that trailer that I put together or my team put together, I started this journey out with a complete idea of what I was going we were going to make this documentary about. The first day that I was in San Diego was my first day of filming. I knew that I was 100 percent off the wrong mark, that this was going to transform into something that I didn’t even understand at the time. But I instinctively knew, dear God, everything that I thought was happening is happening a thousand times more. As big as I thought this was, it’s even bigger.

Mike Adams: Wow.

JJ Carrell: The entrenchment. Look, I’m rarely shocked. Like I’m I usually rapists, murderers, everything. I rest, you know, on and on. No big deal. I can eat a sandwich and go to bed. I’m telling you; I was shocked and I have been shocked. Every single journey that I’ve gone to Texas, California, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Colorado. Every single time I come back, I’m on the plane flying home and I literally sit there and I think, what in the hell did I just see? How in the hell am I going to articulate this to the masses without them thinking I am absolutely out of my mind? Everything that you and I are discussing is actually factually true. But you have to magnify it at least hundred times to understand the depth and the width of this problem. I am going to tell you, Alejandro Mayorkas, is one of the most the smartest, most intelligent, strategic man you’re ever gonna meet. I know you’re gonna laugh. You see him on TV. He looks like a little mousy guy. He is the creator of everything that we are witnessing and they are winning. You are looking at let me just put it this way. My last year in the Border Patrol, I watched the caravans come up under Biden with the T-shirts. I watched NGOs bring them up. I watched Border Patrol because I was there. We could not handle it. We didn’t have anything in place to handle it. It was all clunky. Then I saw how we turned them over to the NGOs and it was so haphazard, so sophomoric. Now, you take all of that chaos and I’m telling you it is the most finely tuned machine you could even fathom what’s happening. You have transported 12 million people from other nations into America and shot them across America. The NGOs are funded completely. The Border Patrol is running like a well-oiled machine. They’re processing people at lightning speed with no vetting. They’re just catching them, releasing them. This is frightening. The more I talk about it, the more I go and I take, I do videos and I interview people and talk about child sex trafficking, the drug cartels and how much fentanyl is pouring across and then talking about PLA soldiers and terrorists. I swear to you, it takes me five to six days to just decompress before I go on to another journey because I am shocked. I don’t really know if I’m able to articulate fully the enormity of this. I don’t know what the right words are to tell you unless you’ve been there and seen it.

Mike Adams: We should be shocked though.

JJ Carrell: It’s shocking.

Mike Adams: Yes. And sadly, what you’ve talked about here with me today so far isn’t even the full story.

JJ Carrell: No.

Mike Adams: Because we need to talk about the camps that are being built across all 50 states and the strong suspicion among many analysts that the American people, the native-born Americans, white, black, Asian, all ethnicities, Hispanic even, Hispanic Americans are about to be rounded up and put into these camps and replaced by the illegals that are invading our country. That’s the fear that’s out there. What do you know from your interviews for your film about these camps?

JJ Carrell: Okay. That’s a great question. This has been blowing up on the internet and all-over social media. I did an interview about a month ago in Michigan with a lady named Christie Hutcherson who is a DOD defense contractor. And she is now the founder and president of Women Fighting for America. She’s tenacious. She is highly intelligent, well-funded, has a team together. And they go down the border and they document everything. They turn all the data over to law enforcement. They’re also into anti-corruption. And she told me in my interview, she says, JJ do you know, she has access to all of the federal bids. Do you know that there’s bids out for over 50 detention facilities across America? And I was like, no, I did not know that. And then she proceeded to ask me the follow-up question. JJ, who do you think they’re built for? And my response real quick was, you know, Christie, that there’s 40,000 ice beds and there’s no one in them. Meaning ice beds up and down the border. No one’s in them. They’re not for illegal aliens because we don’t put them in any detention. We release them. And she answered me very quickly. She said, they are for us, the dissenters, the dissidents. And I was like, yeah, that makes complete sense. Now, that video went viral. Between those videos, Christie and I have a very good relationship and we’re talking to each other. And I said to her, look, I’m about to go on a big TV show and they’re gonna ask me about these detention facilities. I want to walk through this with you, okay? And she goes, I can’t send you the bids because that’s classified, but I can show you what is unclassified. And I’m sitting there and she, if you can imagine, okay, 50 different bids. Why are they all separate? Well, because if you bring them all together, they’re on a congressional inquiry. They get congressional oversight. Mayorkas, has gone repeatedly in front of Congress demanding more money for more beds. And Congress, I can’t believe it, actually says, no, I’m not giving you more money because you already have 40,000 beds with no one in them. So, he has circumvented that and it’s come straight out of DHS budget. It’s already been budgeted. He’s funding it through FEMA. So, it looks like FEMA is building these camps, but DHS is gonna build them. But DHS was smart and didn’t make them all one giant bid. He bid them out one by one. Now, here’s where it gets even crazier. Because the bids are under the classification or category of, wait for it, housekeeping.

Mike Adams: Housekeeping?

JJ Carrell: Housekeeping. Well, let’s look at housekeeping. Each contract, this is one facility, not 50. For one facility under housekeeping, it costs $29 million for five years. And it’s renewable. And guess what housekeeping does now? Housekeeping is under, they have to be responsible for crowd control, visitor processing, access and egress, guard shacks, traffic control, population control. Where’s the last time that we ever had maids doing crowd control? Do you see how malicious this is?

Mike Adams: No.

JJ Carrell: Now, I’m gonna be honest. When she was telling me this and it went viral and everybody was going crazy, I honestly was like, I don’t understand why everyone’s going crazy about this. We have child sex trafficking. We have terrorists. And it was, I have to pull back and go, okay. They don’t understand that this is all part of a plan. And I ask people when they push back on me, I say to them. Okay, right now, as you and I are speaking, there are over 400 child detention facilities across America, meaning the federal government has already created the mechanism, the machinery to transport children across all 50 states in America. Why would you be thinking that? Okay, they did that. Yes, that’s true. Then why would you be a step too far to say they’re gonna build detention facilities for us? Why would you? And Christie said this great point. She said, let’s do deductive reasoning, JJ. You already have prisons. You have places that are detention facilities and they’re called prisons. You have ICE facilities that are for illegal aliens. And we have enough of them. So why would they build detention facilities out in the middle of nowhere in cities and states across our nation? The only the only reason is for us.

Mike Adams: Under what scenario leads to these detention facilities being populated with native born Americans? I mean, there has to be some scenario where the government is out rounding up the American people and putting them in these camps.

JJ Carrell: Well, let’s look at what happened. And it just came out today in New York again. Christie, I mean, Miss Governor Hochul, that crazy lady has won a court case where when there’s a state of emergency and there’s another pandemic and she feels like those people are dangerous. She can put them in camps. She can quarantine them. Yeah.

Mike Adams: The New York Supreme Court reaffirmed that quite a while ago, actually.

JJ Carrell: Absolutely. Yeah. And they came back today with some other ruling that she has access. So, Kathy Hochul, who is certifiably crazy and Mayor Adams, who is an imbecile in New York, those two people now have access to take you and put you in detention facilities. Now, the very first thing everyone says, well, that’s crazy. And I say, oh, really? I wonder if you went and talked to those tens of thousands of Japanese Americans.

Mike Adams: Yup.

JJ Carrell: That got rousted from their homes and lost everything and were put in internment camps. So, this isn’t theoretical. This isn’t I wonder what will happen. It’s already happened in America, people. It’s happened across the globe. Look what happened in New Zealand and Australia and on and on and on and on. You’re telling me and I always fall back on this. Okay, here’s a very simple test. Name me one institution across every segment of society, education, health care, politicians, law enforcement, religion, on and on, education, on and on. Do you trust anybody? Do you trust you trust any head of organization? And ultimately, do you trust your government, the same government that said you have to get this vile shot? That’s a vaccine. That’s not a vaccine. And now people are dying and being injured. You have to stand six feet apart. But that’s been that’s a lie. You have to wear a mask. They don’t work. You have you, we’re gonna go to war in the Middle East, for 20 years and cost us four trillion dollars on weapons of mass destruction that didn’t even exist. The same government that took black Americans and put them in syphilis treatment facilities and just lied to them, allowed them to die of syphilis.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: That’s the government you trust.

Mike Adams: Those are all true. Yeah, well, and also the same government that arranged for the controlled demolition of Building 7, the same FBI that ran the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I mean, we could go on. I mean, our audience is very sophisticated. They know all of these things are true. And you’re pointing them out. Our government has been weaponized against us in so many ways. But even going back, you remember the organization called I think it was the weather underground.

JJ Carrell: Yes.

Mike Adams: And what did their leaders say on video? This was back in the 80s or 90s, said that when in their meetings, when they were gonna have their communist revolution to take over America, they knew that there was gonna be a segment of the population that they could not reform. And I think they cited 25 or 30 million Americans that they were gonna round up and exterminate.

JJ Carrell: Yup.

Mike Adams: And this is the same group of people out of which Barack Obama came.

JJ Carrell: Yes.

Mike Adams: The training, the CIA families and so on. Barack Obama. And so, there is a communist revolution plan underway, kind of like the Cultural Revolution in China to literally pull Americans out of their homes to exterminate them or throw them into camps and to mass murder them in an American Holocaust. You, sir, are one of the few brave individuals who’s willing to tell the truth about this and put it in a documentary.

JJ Carrell: And also, well, thank you. But also, I don’t think it’s a great intellectual feat for me to come up with this. Like I tell people all the time, I’m not telling you what I feel. I’m telling you what I know. I mean, I’m listening to these people. Look, let’s take two people. I just wrote a subset article about this just yesterday. You take the woman that was running against Stefanik in New York. She said, once we win the elections, we need to round up and reeducate all these MAGA people. And you say, well, that’s a one off. Okay, let’s go to Hillary Clinton, who is a leader of a Democratic Party, one of them. And she says, these MAGA, this is just last week. These MAGA Republicans, they’re the death of us. We are gonna have to reeducate them and put them in camps. I’m almost quoting these people I’m not making this up.

Mike Adams: But those are fun camps. Don’t forget, Hillary said they’re fun camps.

JJ Carrell: They’re fun camps. Yeah, we’ll have a great time. I mean…

Mike Adams: Yeah.

JJ Carrell: I mean, you know, we laugh about it, right? And we have to or we’ll lose our minds. But understand that these people in the government that run the government, the leftists, Marxists, they hate us. It’s not like they don’t like us. They hate us. They despise us. We are everything. Why do you think they hate Trump so much? Because Trump represents the vast majority of us. They hate him because they hate us more.

Mike Adams: Yeah, exactly.

JJ Carrell: And we have to. And I’m glad that you’re allowing me to speak like this because I’m maybe the most important thing that has to happen, I believe. The number one thing is men like us and women, we have to talk and speak in these terms. No more half-truths or trying to make, try not to offend anybody. The people that you are trying not to offend want to kill you.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I’m just saying the truth. You have to speak like I’m speaking. You have to say you are evil. You look, we’re talking about people that are mutilating children, telling them that they’re not the same sex, they can be anything they want. We’re having gay pride parades in the Pride Month of adult men naked in front of children. We are child sex trafficking over half a million children into America. I’m speaking to the anti-child trafficking organizations that are telling me, JJ, everything changed when Joe Biden came in. Our cases have exploded. It is now all about exotic pedophiles, pedophiles going after every race, ethnicity, and color across the spectrum. This is a pedophile’s dream, a wet dream in America, and we are allowing it because why? Why are we allowing it? Because we have been vilified and we have been beaten down, and the average American man is impotent and weak, and they’re mentally and they’re spiritually weak. And that’s why we’re in this cesspool, this moral cesspool that we now find in America.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: And I’m not afraid to say it, and I’m gonna say it over and over again, and I don’t care because at the end of the day, when I go home and my son, who’s 12 years old, is going to look at me. And when he’s 40, 45, and I’m in my 70s, and he’s a father and has kids, he’s never gonna look at me and think my dad was weak.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: He’s gonna say, Dad, you stood up and you said what had to be said, even though they called you horrible names, Dad. You did it. And that is my driving force because I’m not going to have my son, who I’m responsible to grow up to be a strong Christian man. I’m not gonna give him an example of weakness and cowardice that rules, that has become the norm in America. With that said, though, but with that said, I will say without a shadow of a doubt, there are millions of men like me and you.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: Millions of us. And guess what? When you go through history, it is a small percentage of men that take over a country and drive it back to the moral compass that it’s supposed to be. A small percent, 3 to 5 to 7 percent, tops, tops.

Mike Adams: Well, JJ…

JJ Carrell: And that’s what we have to hope for.

Mike Adams: Every single thing that you’ve said here today is true, verified. These are facts that you’re sharing. As unpopular as they may be in the minds of some people who are living in a denial, delusional, fairytale land where men can get pregnant and children can change their gender through surgical mutilations. And I just want you to know your voice and your message is always welcome here on We have been attacked and censored. We are suing Alejandro Mayorkas. We filed a lawsuit on Memorial Day suing Homeland Security, the DOD, naming Mayorkas, and others for their censorship against us, by the way, and also naming big tech. That’s another subject. But I just want you to know we’re fighting back through multiple means as well. Now, last question for you, because we’re almost out of time. If Trump gets into the White House, and Trump has talked about mass deportation programs, which now I think every rational American has to support, do you think that Trump can be effective? In other words, is there an opportunity to deport 10, 20 million illegals if there’s a willingness at the federal level?

JJ Carrell: I believe he can because we’re America. And again, this has already happened in America. I don’t have to come up with a solution. It’s already been done. You back in the 1950s under Eisenhower, they had Operation Wetback over a million illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America self-deported because there were conditions. Meaning if you were arrested after this moratorium of your chance to go back, you are forever being able to allow to come back to America. Now, I’m gonna tell you, I’m gonna tell you straight out. 70 percent of everyone across that border, single adult military age men from continent, from places that are six, seven thousand miles away. They have been directed to come here. They have been given orders. They’re not going. They’re not gonna self-deport. We’re gonna have to go find them and extract them from our society. Now, what’s that gonna look like? I’m gonna tell you, it’s gonna be bloody. There will be blood on the street, American blood and illegal alien’s blood. And we’re going to be fighting Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic left where it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be ugly. But we have no other option. And the other thing that has to be done is the first thing is the border shut down immediately. Immediately.

Mike Adams: Right.

JJ Carrell: Military on the border, shut it down. And at the same time, I put this in my book, Invaded, under my chapters of solutions. Everything works together. The next thing is you create E-Verify. You can’t get a job. You can’t get an apartment. You can’t get medical. You can’t go to school. You can’t do anything without being E-Verified. And I don’t wanna hear about government tracking us and all that. That’s something we deal with later because they already track us 8,000 different ways. But if we wanna get rid of the illegal aliens, they get nothing. Once they get hungry, starving, they need stuff, guess what? They don’t care about America. They will leave. And the ones that entrench themselves, then we go find them. But they are going to do bad things to America before we find them. I’ll guarantee you that. Trump is the only thing. If Biden somehow wins or whoever the anti-American Marxists they put in there, we are looking at a point of no return. Because we are so far down the hill right now. The way to get back up is gonna take determination, perseverance, and it’s gonna take a lot, a lot of guts and a lot of strength to say, I don’t care. I’m doing the right thing, and I’m going, and I’m gonna deport everyone I can. That’s the only way it’s gonna happen, where America is lost. It’s really that simple. We’re at a reproduction. We don’t even reproduce at the replacement rate right now as Americans, and we’re bringing in people from nations that reproduce six times what we do. Just do the math.

Mike Adams: Yeah.

JJ Carrell: Just do the math.

Mike Adams: Yeah.

JJ Carrell: America is over.

Mike Adams: All right. The film is called Treason. The website is if you want to check it out, folks. What’s the release date on this, JJ?

JJ Carrell: We’re gonna release it in September, first week in September. I have three more weeks of filming, and then it’s gone straight to editing. And you can support us. You can do pre-sales. We’re already doing thousands of pre-sales, which I’m totally stoked about, because this is not going to be your average, I’m gonna fall asleep documentary. Our goal, and I believe we’re gonna reach it, is after the 90 minutes is over, you’re gonna feel as if you have not even exhaled once. And then you’re gonna be absolutely shocked at what you’re gonna see because I know after 24 years, and I’m rarely shocked, every single day that I’m filming. I am shocked at what I’m seeing. So, my editor and my business partner, Ryan Matta, who is insane good, what I’ve already seen him create, and I’m like, I can’t wait to September for this release because it will go viral.

Mike Adams: Oh, yeah.

JJ Carrell: I have no doubt in my mind.

Mike Adams: Hurry, hurry, man, because this is a game changer. This could really also strongly affect the outcome of the election as well. Not that the Democrats have a chance at this point with their current candidate. I mean, they’re imploding rapidly. It’s really quite fascinating to watch. But as you know, the Democrats always have a plan. They always have a false flag. They always have a faked insurrection, or something else.

JJ Carrell: Yeah.

Mike Adams: And they’ve got something up their sleeve. I don’t know if it’s gonna be like a nuclear false flag attack on a U.S. city that they blame on Russia, or Trump, or who knows what. But they have a plan, you can count that.

JJ Carrell: Don’t ever underestimate them.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

JJ Carrell: Don’t ever underestimate evil. And I will say plainly that the Democrats are evil.

Mike Adams: They are.

JJ Carrell: They are evil.

Mike Adams: They are evil. The D stands for demonic, of course. All right, JJ, thank you for joining me today. And kick ass on the film and keep in touch. Let us know. We’ll have you back.

JJ Carrell: Thank you.

Mike Adams: Especially before film launch day, and we’ll help you get the word out.

JJ Carrell: That sounds great. I really appreciate the time you gave me today. Thank you.

Mike Adams: You too, JJ. All right. Take care, sir. All right, folks. There’s a Red Alert interview for you right there. Feel free to share this interview on other channels and other platforms as well. I’m Mike Adams of here in Texas fighting for the future of our constitutional republic. And JJ Carrell, is one of those amazing patriots that’s also trying to sound the alarm so that perhaps our elected officials might get off their asses and do something that matters to defend this nation before it’s too late. And we’re very close to that threshold right now. So, join us in spreading the word and calling for the rule of law and to protect our borders against foreign invaders. Thank you for watching today. Mike Adams here of Take care.

Watch the full interview at the following link or play window:

Meet the UK’s New Home Secretary

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Eighth-grade math performance has dropped eight points since 2019, and about a third of students in both grades can’t read at the minimum required level, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report.

NAEP, also known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” is the only national and continuing assessment program administered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the Department of Education. The Nation’s Report Card is the gold standard for measuring student academic achievements. The results released on Oct. 24 were based on tests administered in the spring.

The Fit Generation

  • “The Fit Generation” is an award-winning documentary that explores the lives of active older adults in Canada, particularly those in their 70s and 80s

  • Despite facing significant health challenges and loss of loved ones, those featured in the film continue to engage in physically challenging activities and lead vibrant lives

  • “The Fit Generation” emphasizes that age is not a barrier to fitness and may inspire you to pursue an active lifestyle and find joy in your life

  • From an 82-year-old ski instructor to a sports-car driving yoga teacher in her 70s, each participant in the film displays optimism, joy and a genuine excitement for life

  • Joy and health share a deep and intricate connection, and those in the film enjoy both; they don’t dwell on hardships or loss, instead choosing to focus on the good around them

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“The Fit Generation” is an award-winning documentary that explores the lives of active older adults in Canada, particularly those in their 70s and 80s. Directed by Elton Hubner and produced by Eyes Multimedia, the film challenges conventional views on aging and highlights the advantages of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle well into your later years.

In the video above, you’ll hear inspiring stories of seniors who, despite facing significant health challenges such as cancer, arthritis and heart conditions, continue to engage in physically challenging activities and lead vibrant lives.1

“The Fit Generation” emphasizes that age is not a barrier to fitness and may inspire you to pursue an active lifestyle and find joy in your life. Further, the documentary demonstrates how making bold choices that bring you joy significantly enhances both your mental well-being and physical health.

Imagine being a full-time ski instructor at 82 years old. This is just a day in the life of George Tjelios-Nicholas, one of the active people featured in the film. When it’s not winter, you can find Tjelios-Nicholas biking around Whistler or paddleboarding.2

“George Tjelios-Nicholas is one of the main characters of the documentary and, well, such a character! He used to smoke, has undergone several surgeries and still suffers from constant back pain — all good reasons to stay home and wait for time to pass,” according to Eyes Multimedia.3 Yet, this doesn’t cross Tjelios-Nicholas’ mind:4

“Teaching skiing is so rewarding! That’s why I like the ski school. I like people, and my job is to get them comfortable. It’s a great motivation to keep going … I find it hard to believe, but technically my skiing is still getting better. I’ve had people say to me, ‘Oh, you’re too old to do that.’ I’m not crazy, I don’t go off big jumps and stuff like that, but I ski pretty fast.

I’ve had stitches in my head from skis hitting me on the head, I’ve dislocated a shoulder and I’ve had two tibial osteotomies because my knees were worn out from skiing … And then I’ve had two knee replacements. I had prostate cancer too and I overcame that. I have a lot of back pain, I have arthritis and I’m still functioning, but I believe that the more active I stay, the less effect it’s going to have on me.”

Others featured in the film include Lawrence Huzar, who, at 79 years old, played hockey three times a week and keeps busy the rest of the time by building and repairing things in his backyard — a perfect pastime for this retired mechanical engineer. “I’ve never been sick in my life. I don’t even have a doctor,” he says.5 While Huzar lives alone since his wife passed away, he’s not lonely.

He says he’s content being alone and also enjoys spending time with other hockey players on his team — several of whom are similar ages. Gwen McFarlan is another inspirational athlete featured in the film. At 81 years old, the world record marathon runner, retired teacher and cancer survivor continued to compete in races, despite injuries:6

“There’s lots of people out there who will help you and there are certainly lots of running groups that you can join, so if you want to get out there and do something, you can, but you have to want to, because no one can push you into doing anything … My breast cancer made me very, very positive.

Every day I wake up now I’m thankful because when you have something like that happen to you and you don’t know if you’re going to come out of it, you’re just so glad to be alive and just face whatever today is and forget it and start a new day tomorrow. I’m looking at 100, at least 100, and I want to run as much as I can until then. I know I will slow down, I know that, but I’m not going to stop.”

While each of the people featured in the film have different interests and life stories, you’ll notice several common threads, including optimism, joy and a genuine excitement for life. They each have strong social connections in their communities and engage in each day with a sense of purpose, while living fully in the present moment.

Despite facing health challenges, loss of loved ones and other setbacks, each person in the film leads a vibrant life filled with joy and passion. This joy is deeply connected to their physical activities and the strong sense of community they build through shared experiences and social interactions.

Ava Stone, a yoga instructor in her 70s, says, “To me, it’s the biggest pleasure to put myself in a place where I can give something to others.” She uses class time to teach not only breathing and stretching techniques but also meditate, share stories and tell jokes. Outside of class, she loves to drive her black sports car around town and encourages others to have fun and create their own joy:7

“Now stress comes from not appreciating what is, not appreciating life, your life that you created. We blame stress outside ourselves as if it’s caused by some mysterious others. In a nutshell, do you know what stress is? This present moment that you’re having, you don’t like it. You want to get rid of something you don’t want or you want something you don’t have.

Then you tell your friends, listen, I had such a stress, you cannot believe it, what the husband and the kids did. Oh, at work … And yet, you keep creating it … Resisting life as it shows up to you is your stress. This awareness has bought me so much joy and it came from yoga, and if you have any smartness you know that the mind will help keep you healthy. Open your eyes, become aware of the world.

This world here is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? The other joy is that these people that have been coming to see me all these years, they get it, and they keep coming back and they want me to talk and want to have fun and crazy stuff. So, these people are alert, enjoying life and socializing.

… Only the people who have goals, who have plans, who have joy, they want their body well to take them around. Keeping the body lubricated and moving to build the strength, to keep the muscles going and the digestion and sleeping well, that’s just to keep you healthy so your communication with life can go on. You have the peacefulness, you have joyfulness.

From this joy and peacefulness, you’ve come to pure knowledge to say if I’m unhappy, I’m creating it, totally. The ego is something you create from day one, needing to be important and being right. When you let that go, it doesn’t matter. And then you become peaceful, but you have to practice, feel it, pass it on, and you can only have fun if you don’t think seriously. If people think everything is so serious, where is the fun?”

At a foundational level, joy comes from curiosity and the ability to make choices in your life. But if you don’t have enough cellular energy, you can’t think properly, let alone have enough energy left over to navigate positive life choices. This is why improving your mitochondrial energy production can bring you joy.

Your brain, being the most energy-dependent organ, makes up only about 2% of your bodyweight yet consumes 20% of the energy used by your entire body.8 Therefore, a surplus of cellular energy creation is necessary to have the ability to allow your brain to work optimally.

Avoiding dietary pitfalls like excess linoleic acid, in the form of vegetable and seed oils, is instrumental in optimizing mitochondrial function and realizing your full capacity to experience joy. Factors like estrogen and endotoxins can also deplete your cellular energy.

However, engaging in regular physical activity is also a powerful way to enhance mitochondrial health, contributing to improved energy metabolism. Exercise encourages the creation of new mitochondria and helps the existing ones work better, producing more energy more efficiently.

Keep in mind that once you get into your mid-40s and 50s — and certainly into your 70s and 80s — exercise should be fun and stress-reducing, not competitive. In his analysis, Dr. James O’Keefe, a cardiologist with the Mid-America Heart Institute at St. Louis Hospital in Kansas City, stresses the importance of “social exercise” over solo exercise: playing a game of hockey with friends, for example.

O’Keefe and colleagues published a study in 2018 that looked at long-term granular data on physical activity and longevity.9 It turned out playing tennis added 9.5 years of extra life expectancy, badminton 6.2 and soccer 4.7, compared to 3.2 years for jogging and 1.5 years for health club activities like weight lifting and running on a treadmill.

At first, O’Keefe thought the analysis had somehow gone wrong. But then he realized it was the social aspects of the sports that conferred the added benefits.

“Exercising and making social connections at the same time, that is an absolute goldmine of a longevity activity. That means that even walking with your dog or your friend or [playing] pickleball is huge … The whole thing is to move your body in a fun, playful manner and make it social.”

This combination of fun, social physical activity is clearly evident in “The Fit Generation.” Further, the concept of “vorfreude,” or anticipatory joy, also significantly improves happiness and well-being by allowing you to savor the anticipation of future pleasures. This is a concept those featured in the film also seem to fully embrace, by engaging in daily activities they enjoy and look forward to each day.

Joy and health share a deep and intricate connection, and those in the film enjoy both. They don’t dwell on hardships or loss, instead choosing to focus on the good around them. This ability to recognize and alter negative thought patterns is another key to foster a more joyful mindset.

Instead of catastrophizing and focusing on the negative, shift your perspective to appreciate small joys and social opportunities. Ultimately, as Stone put it, you can build the life you want, and it’s never too late to turn a new leaf:10

“If people are older and lonely, there’s lots of things for old people. They have to talk to a friend, a neighbor, and say what do you do, where do you go, where’s the next community center, what’s on the program? It has to be a habit like brushing your teeth or certain things you do, and then you start enjoying it. There is no joy out in the world, only what you put there.”

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How to Dress in Hot Weather

how to dress in hot weather

  • The best fabrics to stay cool when it’s hot outside are cotton and linen

  • Cotton is a natural fiber known for its breathability and ability to absorb moisture, which helps keep your skin cool and dry

  • Linen is breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties; it’s also commonly used in flowy, loose-fitting garments that won’t keep sweat trapped on your skin

  • While synthetic sweat-wicking or moisture-wicking fabrics are commonly recommended, these technical fabrics are often made from polyester and other manmade materials, which pose health and environmental risks

  • After you’ve gotten your daily dose of sun exposure, if you plan to spend more time outdoors, wearing long sleeves and pants can help you avoid sunburn and are a better option than toxic sunscreen

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When temperatures soar, it’s essential to choose the right clothing to stay cool and avoid heat-related issues. Dressing for hot weather can be a challenge, but with the right approach — taking into account fabrics, colors and more — you can stay comfortable all day long.

Whether you’re heading to the beach, running errands or going for a hike, here’s how to dress appropriately to safely beat the heat.

The best fabrics to stay cool when it’s hot outside are cotton and linen. Cotton is a natural fiber known for its breathability and ability to absorb moisture, which helps keep your skin cool and dry. Its lightweight and soft texture makes it comfortable to wear and allows air to circulate freely, enhancing its cooling effect.

Linen is also breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. It’s also commonly used in flowy, loose-fitting garments that won’t keep sweat trapped on your skin. “If the sweat’s just sitting on you, then it’s not evaporating, and therefore it’s never actually leaving the surface of your body and it’s harder for your body to stay cool,” Kimberly McMahon of the National Weather Service’s Public Weather Services Program told TIME.1

While synthetic sweat-wicking or moisture-wicking fabrics are commonly recommended, these technical fabrics are often made from polyester, which poses health and environmental risks. Further, research suggests natural fabrics work just as well to keep you cool. One review, published in Sports Medicine, stated:2

“Clothing construction, fit, and fabric are all critical influences on the amount of sweat absorbed from the skin and transported throughout the clothing. The majority of the research analyzing advertised synthetic fabrics has shown no difference in thermoregulation or clothing comfort while exercising in those fabrics in the heat compared to natural fabrics.”

Other studies have also compared cotton with synthetic fabrics made from polyester or nylon, finding cotton works well for exercising in the heat. Researchers with Deakin University in Geelong, Australia wrote in Sports Medicine Open that some “studies have observed no comfort or thermoregulatory benefit from wearing polyester during exercise when compared to cotton.”3

Further, other research “identified no significant reductions in core temperature, skin temperature, sweat rate, sweat loss or skin/clothing wettedness when comparing nylon and cotton sports clothing despite using similar testing protocols.”4 They further noted:5

“Cotton is a natural fiber with better moisture absorption capabilities than most synthetic fibers … thermal sensation was significantly improved when wearing a cotton t-shirt during exercise in hot and dry conditions compared to an upper body compression garment composed of nylon.

Indeed, some studies have reported significant reductions in core temperature, skin temperature, sweat loss, and heart rate when wearing cotton clothing during exercise compared to synthetic fabrics.”

Technical fabrics used in athleisure are popular for their moisture-wicking, quick-drying claims. But they may not offer the best option, in part due to a lack of moisture-absorbing qualities. According to the Sports Medicine Open study:6

“Polyester is the most commonly used synthetic material in sports apparel due to its dimensional stability, smooth feel, and low cost. However, its low moisture absorption may be a limitation during situations of immense sweating as the increased moisture on the skin’s surface may lead to sensations of skin wettedness and discomfort.”

Further, synthetic materials often contain problematic chemicals. Polyester and spandex, for example, contain high levels of estrogen-mimicking bisphenol A (BPA).7 Synthetic fabrics are also likely to shed copious amounts of microscopic plastic fibers each time they’re washed. In a comparison of acrylic, polyester and a polyester-cotton blend, acrylic was the worst, shedding microfibers up to four times faster than the polyester-cotton blend.8

Due to their tiny size, these microfibers9 flow straight through the wastewater treatment plant without being caught, allowing them to enter rivers, lakes and oceans. Microfibers are ingested by aquatic organisms, from small plankton to larger fish and marine mammals, which can cause blockages in the digestive system and potential exposure to harmful chemicals attached to the fibers, which can affect growth, reproduction and survival rates.

The microfibers also move up the food chain, reaching people who consume seafood and other contaminated foods. And because microfibers are made from durable synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and acrylic, they do not biodegrade easily. This means they can persist in the environment for decades or longer, continually impacting ecosystems and human health.

While you may be tempted to wear as little clothing as possible when it’s hot outside, there are times when long sleeves and pants make sense, even when temperatures are high. After you’ve gotten your daily dose of sun exposure, if you plan to spend more time outdoors, wearing long sleeves and pants can help you avoid sunburn and are a better option than toxic sunscreen.

The health risks of sun exposure come from getting burned, i.e., overexposure. But sunscreens typically contain toxic chemicals like oxybenzone, a known endocrine disruptor linked to reduced sperm count10 in men and endometriosis11 in women.

Sunscreen chemicals are absorbed systemically into your bloodstream after just one application, posing significant health risks. “Studies in the literature have raised questions about the potential for oxybenzone and homosalate [another sunscreen chemical] to affect endocrine activity,” researchers wrote in JAMA.12

“In addition, multiple active ingredients lack nonclinical safety assessment data, including systemic carcinogenicity, developmental, and reproductive studies to determine the clinical significance of systemic exposure of sunscreen active ingredients,” they continued.13

In addition to the risks posed by harmful chemicals, many sunscreens aren’t as effective as claimed. As a result, you may end up getting sunburned anyway. Covering your skin with long sleeves and pants made from natural fabrics is a safe and effective alternative to avoid overexposure to the sun.

Remember, daily sun exposure on your bare skin offers multiple health benefits; it’s only after you’ve had enough exposure for the day that you should cover up.

When choosing clothing to protect against excessive sun exposure, dark clothes work better than light. However, if sun exposure isn’t a factor, dark colors may end up making you hotter. Researchers from the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan investigated how the color of polo shirts affects their surface temperatures in sunny outdoor conditions.14

They found that dark colors like black and dark green can get more than 15 degrees C (59 degrees F) hotter than white shirts on sunny days. This temperature difference is most noticeable when the sun is very strong.

They discovered that about 24% of the temperature difference is due to how much solar radiation each shirt color absorbs. When considering how the shirts let through solar radiation, they found the absorption difference explains 34% of the temperature difference.

They also looked at the brightness and reflectivity of the colors. It turned out that red and green shirts had different surface temperatures because of how much visible and near-infrared (NIR) light they reflected, and NIR reflection played a big role in how hot the shirt got.

However, there is some controversy over whether wearing dark colors actually makes you hotter. The Bedouins, for instance, are a group of people who traditionally live in desert regions. They often wear black robes, which may seem counterintuitive in hot desert climates. However, while dark fabrics absorb more heat from the sun, the loose-fitting nature of the robes allows for air circulation, helping to dissipate heat before it reaches the skin.

Researchers with Tel Aviv University in Israel even investigated whether wearing black robes helps the Bedouins stay cool in the desert heat, noting:15

“We report here that the amount of heat gained by a Bedouin exposed to the hot desert is the same whether he wears a black or a white robe. The additional heat absorbed by the black robe was lost before it reached the skin.”

Margaret Frey, a professor of fiber science and apparel design at Cornell University, told TIME, “We can look for inspiration from traditional dress from very warm climates. In a lot of them, they are wearing things that actually cover most of the body but are not tight-fitting.”16

As mentioned, when it’s hot outside it’s typically better to wear loose-fitting clothing rather than fitted options. Loose clothing allows air to circulate more freely around your body. This helps sweat evaporate more efficiently, which cools you down. With more space between your skin and the fabric, loose clothing helps to dissipate body heat, whereas tight clothing can trap heat close to your body, making you feel hotter.

Loose clothing is also less likely to cling to your skin, reducing the accumulation of sweat. This helps keep your skin dry and prevents discomfort and irritation. Accessories are also useful to stay cool. Wide-brimmed hats provide excellent shade for your face, neck and shoulders, reducing direct sun exposure after you’ve had your daily dose. Choose hats made from breathable natural materials, such as cotton or straw.

You can also wet a lightweight scarf or bandana made from cotton or linen and wrap it around your neck for a cooling effect. Another important “accessory” is a glass water bottle filled with pure water. Carrying a reusable glass water bottle and sipping water throughout the day can help maintain your hydration levels and keep you cool in hot weather.17

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