State Farm, California’s largest insurer, threatens to leave unless state allows policy price hikes of 50% or more –

State Farm, California’s largest insurer, threatens to leave unless state allows policy price hikes of 50% or more

The insurance industry is waging war on California’s state government over home insurance rates.

State Farm, California’s largest insurer, is threatening to leave the state unless its Department of Insurance allows the company to raise home insurance rates for millions of residents.

Competitors Allstate and Farmers Direct have made similar moves in recent months by limiting coverage in California or leaving the state entirely due to the government’s insurance rate caps.

State Farm and the others claim that climate change is causing more disasters that require rate hikes of 50 percent or more. Many Californians no longer have home insurance coverage at all because insurers are fleeing the state in protest and there are no alternatives.

State Farm General has issued an ultimatum for all of California. The company wants to hike homeowner rates by 30 percent, condominium rates by 36 percent, and renter rates by a whopping 52 percent – and unless this is allowed, State Farm will leave the Golden State.

“This has the potential to affect millions of California consumers and the integrity of our residential property insurance market,” commented insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara, who says he is determined to “get to the bottom” of State Farm’s financial situation.

“State Farm General’s latest rate filings raise serious questions about its financial condition,” Lara added about the number-one insurance firm in the United States.

(Related: Major insurance companies are adding exclusions to policy coverage for riots, insurrection, war.)

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Is State Farm struggling financially to survive?

The next step is to hold a rate hearing to allow Lara’s commission to hear from members of the public about the proposed rate changes. After that, the commission will make a decision that could take months to finalize.

Right now, the average amount of time it takes for the commission to approve or deny requests is 180 days. Some cases are taking even longer than that due to the number of large fires California has seen in recent years.

The Department of Insurance in California has already approved two rate hike increase requests from State Farm, which resulted in some state residents seeing massive policy increases. The first hike was 6.9 percent at the start of the year followed by another 20 percent hike in March.

Now, State Farm is requesting a third rate hike even though the company is supposedly worth around $143.2 billion as of 2021.

“At the time, the firm was generating some $87.6 billion in yearly revenue, and this past February, it issued a statement saying its net income for the previous year was an impressive $1.2 billion,” reported the UK’s Daily Mail Online.

“That was up more than 100 percent from the year before, when the Illinois based insurance provider raked in $588 million in income. Still, such a move usually signals an insurance carrier is struggling.”

In one of its requests, State Farm claimed that the purpose of its request is to restore its financial condition, providing the following statement:

“If the variance is denied, further deterioration of surplus is anticipated.”

State Farm further stated that it is currently “working toward its long-term sustainability in California,” this suggesting that the company is facing financial problems.

Back in March, State Farm dropped 72,000 of its California customers, this just one week after being granted permission to jack up policy rates in the state by 20 percent.

Farmers Direct Insurance fled California in 2023, which followed Allstate’s departure in 2022. Should California roll out new rules to help these carriers mitigate their risks, some could end up returning.

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Creepy supercomputers run by lab-grown human BRAINS unveiled by WEF-funded scientists –

Creepy supercomputers run by lab-grown human BRAINS unveiled by WEF-funded scientists

If you thought some aspects of AI’s capabilities were creepy, brace yourself for FinalSpark’s new “Neuroplatform” that is run by lab-grown human brains.

The Swiss tech startup is selling access to biocomputers that use a series of small lab-grown human brains for power, which means they only need “a fraction of the energy required to power a traditional computer.”

Not surprisingly, the scientists’ work is being funded by the globalists at the World Economic Forum.

The new bioprocessing Neuroplatform is powered by these tiny brains, with as many as 16 of them working together to power it. It has already been adopted by nine institutions and is being lauded for its ability to save energy. The company boasts that 16 of these lab-created brains use a million times less power than the traditional silicon chips that power such systems.

Neuroplatform combines hardware, software and biology, and it is considered “wetware” because it involves a biological component. It relies on a setup of Multi-Electrode Arrays (MEAs) that are used to house the 3D masses of brain tissue, with each MEA holding four lab-grown brains interfaced with eight electrodes that both stimulate them and record their data processing.

Enslaved little brains subjected to punishment before being worked to death

However, the fact that these little human brains have been essentially enslaved to run the platform is being largely glossed over. It can be a difficult concept to grasp because it’s so far outside the realm of traditional computing, but the fact remains that thousands of living neurons make up these brains and are being kept alive using a “microfluidics system that supplies water and nutrients for the cells.”

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They are calling these brain cells “organoids,” and they are trained to perform the desired tasks with a reward and punishment system. When they act as expected, they are given dopamine as a reward, which is the human neurotransmitter behind pleasure and addiction, while the organoids are exposed to more chaotic stimuli, like irregular electrical activity, when those training them want to punish them – essentially torturing these little brains into obedience.

FinalSpark wants their scary technology to serve as the main energy source for AI given the huge energy inputs required to train and run the technology.

Interesting Engineering notes: “According to Final Spark’s estimates, training the popular large language model GPT-3 that powered ChatGPT in its initial days alone consumed 10 GWh of energy. This is a whopping 6,000 times more energy than an average European city consumes in an entire year. Replacing silicon chips with bioprocessors could lead to drastic energy savings.”

Another complication here is the fact these mini brains are constantly dying and need to be replaced. The scientists have been improving their lifespans; while they used to die within hours, they can now survive for 100 days before being essentially worked to death.

Although the platform’s creators maintain that the mini brains are not sentient, this type of endeavor is worrying on so many different levels, and it’s easy to see where all this could be headed.

In fact, FinalSpark openly shares their unsettling vision for overtaking nature on their website, declaring: “We’re growing neurons in cell cultures and making great progress in their use as computing power. Creating large networks is challenging and yet, our bio lab is actively working towards replicating and surpassing nature’s success with limitless potential for enhancing life on earth. The possibilities are very exciting.”

Of course, it’s hard to imagine who could be more excited about these “possibilities” than the World Economic Forum.

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Biden advisors allegedly LEAKED damaging details of president’s mental decline to the New York Times –

Biden advisors allegedly LEAKED damaging details of president’s mental decline to the New York Times

The New York Times claims to have spoken with senior advisors within the camp of President Joe Biden, all of whom have disclosed that his recent mental decline is getting worse. These sources claim they even had to consider letting the president nap during his debate preparation because he was having difficulty moving.

The report, published by the New York Times on July 2, mentioned that insiders said Biden has increasingly appeared “confused or listless or would lose the thread of conversations” over the past few months, and that he repeatedly has an expression of “blank-stared confusion.”

The report further claims that “in interviews, people in the room with him more recently said that the lapses seemed to be growing more frequent, more pronounced and more worrisome.”

“The uncomfortable occurrences were not predictable, but seemed more likely when he was in a large crowd or tired after a particularly bruising schedule,” the article continued.

The piece added that during a Juneteenth event, where Biden appeared particularly out of it, “one person who sat close to the president said that he had a ‘dazed and confused’ expression.” It added that this person said Biden had shown a “sharp decline” since a meeting only weeks before.

Another insider claimed that Biden’s weeklong debate review at Camp David was hindered by him having to sleep in the afternoon.

“The preparations, which took place over six days, never started before 11 a.m. and Mr. Biden was given time for an afternoon nap each day, according to a person familiar with the process,” the report said.

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During a recent fundraiser, Biden blamed his terrible debate performance on international travel and jet lag, in spite of being in the United States for almost two weeks before the debate occurred. (Related: Biden’s DISMAL performance in debate against Trump threatens to undermine his candidacy, causes panic among Dems.)

White House officials insist Biden is in excellent shape

Despite the recent controversy surrounding Biden’s declining mental state, White House officials continue to claim that the president is in excellent shape and that his debate performance is an exception rather than the norm.

Physician to the President Dr. Kevin O’Connor claimed as recently as February that in spite of minor ailments, such as sleep apnea and peripheral neuropathy, Biden was “fit for duty.

O’Connor said tests had turned up “no findings which would be consistent with” Parkinson’s disease.

The White House has refused to make O’Connor available for questions, and White House spokespersons continue to refuse to elaborate on health questions raised by reporters.

Some advisers and present and former administration officials who see Biden constantly also claimed that they were shocked by his debate performance because it was the worst they had ever seen the president.

“You don’t have to be sitting in an Oval Office meeting with Joe Biden to recognize there’s been a slowdown in the past two years. There’s a visible difference,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, who has not seen Biden in person in a year. “I’ve been amazed on one hand. The president can zip around the country like he does. But the White House may only be showing the Biden they want us to see.”

Follow for more news about President Joe Biden’s campaign.

Watch the video below about President Joe Biden saying he’ll stay in the presidential race after his disappointing debate performance.

This video is from the TrendingNews channel on

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More and more voters believe Biden should not be running for a second term after his catastrophic debate performance.

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Silver lining: War with Russia is making Ukraine a world leader in AUTONOMOUS DRONE technology –

Silver lining: War with Russia is making Ukraine a world leader in AUTONOMOUS DRONE technology

In the midst of its ongoing conflict with Russia, Ukraine has become a world leader in the development of autonomous drone technology.

Autonomous drones are unmanned aerial vehicles capable of “autonomous” flight, or flying without the need of a human pilot. These drones instead rely on artificial intelligence and other technologies to carry out their tasks with minimal human supervision. (Related: Ukraine claims to be developing “unstoppable” AI-controlled drones that can attack targets on the battlefield.)

These AI-driven drones, which can identify and pursue targets without human intervention, are being tested and deployed on the battlefield. This has sparked both hopes for military success and concerns over ethical implications.

According to a report by the New York Times, the areas around Kyiv have become a testing ground for this innovative technology.

Vyriy, a Ukrainian startup at the forefront of autonomous drone development, is spearheading this technological race. Their drones are designed to precisely lock onto and follow targets, representing a significant advancement in the weaponization of consumer technology.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov highlighted the importance of these innovations, stating, “We need maximum automation. These technologies are fundamental to our victory.”

The Ukrainian government is investing in companies like Vyriy to speed up production, recognizing the strategic edge these systems could provide against Russian forces.

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This effort extends beyond Vyriy as other companies, such as Saker, are adapting AI technologies originally developed for non-military purposes, such as fruit sorting, to create advanced targeting systems.

Saker’s CEO – who remains anonymous due to fear of retaliation by Russia – emphasized the durability and accuracy of their technology: “It resists wind. It resists jamming. You just have to be precise with what you’re going to hit.”

Autonomous drones could be exploited by terrorists

Two significant features of Ukraine’s advancements in autonomous drones is their cost-effectiveness and accessibility.

Many of these autonomous weapons are built using commercially available components and open-source software. However, this accessibility raises concerns about the potential for misuse, including fears that such technology could be exploited for terrorist activities.

On the global stage, the ethical implications of autonomous weapons are a major concern.

Stuart Russell, an AI scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, has cautioned about the risks of widespread availability of these weapons, suggesting they could lead to a new form of mass destruction that is both inexpensive and scalable.

Human rights groups and United Nations officials are advocating for regulations on autonomous weapons to prevent an uncontrollable global arms race.

For Ukrainian forces, however, ethical considerations are secondary to the urgent need for survival and success in the conflict.

Innovations extend beyond aerial drones; companies like DevDroid are developing autonomous gun turrets capable of tracking and engaging targets from a distance.

Yurii Klontsak, a 23-year-old reservist, underscored the importance of these technologies: “I understood this was the only way, if not to win this war, then to at least hold our positions.”

The rapid advancements in this field have attracted international attention and investment.

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, has founded a firm named D3 to invest in battlefield technologies emerging from Ukraine. This influx of capital and expertise is accelerating innovation, enabling Ukrainian companies to progress faster than many of their global counterparts.

Although current autonomous weapon systems still require human intervention for firing decisions, the technology is advancing quickly. Companies like Swarmer are developing systems that allow a single operator to control multiple drones simultaneously for bombing and reconnaissance missions.

Swarmer’s founder, Serhii Kupriienko, envisions a future where drone pilots can manage “five or 10 drones at the same time.”

As Ukraine continues to advance in autonomous warfare technology, the world watches with a mix of admiration and concern.

These developments not only promise to alter the dynamics of the current conflict but also raise profound questions about the future of warfare and the ethical use of AI in combat.

Watch this episode of the “Health Ranger Report” as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, interviews Zach Vorhies on the rise of AI and its use in the development of drone technology.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on

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U.S. military and contractors are exploiting Ukraine conflict to test AI-powered military technology.

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International Public Notice: Regarding “Gold Revaluation Accounts”

 By Anna Von Reitz

Also called “off ledger accounts” the “gold revaluation accounts” being held by banks are their hedge funds against the day when the delusion of the Federal Reserve Notes and EUROs can no longer be maintained. 
This is the “back end” of the Federal Reserve scheme, the means they intended to ultimately profit from, ever since their first meeting at Jekyll Island.
The idea, part of a “Hundred Year Plan” that included multiple government corporation bankruptcies, is simple.  
Take everyone off the gold standard and the silver standard, hoard the bullion and coinage in “off ledger accounts” that the banks can see as “private holdings” —pretend that these “holdings” belong to unknown depositors, claim them via claims on abandonment benefiting the banks, wait for deflation and inflation to eat away the fiat currencies and run up the “value” of gold, then cash in. 
That is, they used a simple hedge-fund approach on a macro-economic scale, and are counting on the increase in the perceived value of “their” gold and silver hedge fund holdings, to more than compensate for the loss of value of the fiat currencies.  
Only it’s not their gold and not their silver in these “revaluation accounts”. A good portion of it belongs to the actual land and soil jurisdiction governments, and far more belongs to private trusts and mining companies and others who have been bypassed, conveniently side-stepped, and attacked by turns. 
The bankers anticipate being able to sell the gold and silver back to the grandsons and granddaughters of the people they stole it from, at anywhere between $2500 and $10,000 “dollars” per ounce of gold, and eventually anywhere between $1800 and $6500 per ounce of silver, once the gold market plays out. 
We are just now entering the “target range” for the “collapse” of these investments and the beginning sell-offs of profit-taking related to these plans put in place over 100 years ago.  
This early profit-taking is what makes the “prime indicators” like the M1 and M2 go up and down like a yo-yo.  Both the banks and the “undetermined private investors” are darting back and forth into the cash pool and selling gold for cash of various kinds to improve their short term liquidity. 
This is leading to cash crunches of various severity on a temporary but gathering long-term basis, which is exactly what the banks ultimately want — the cash being drained out of the economy and gold stores increasing prior to the Big Crash. 
They will milk this along as long as they reasonably can, luring more gold out of the hidden private investment pools, “ingesting” each spike in the gold supply before each new spike in cash value inflation. 
Remember that they are still operating on non-negotiable I.O.U.s (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES) and getting away with it; so they are selling nothing for something and have no motive to stop. 
Because these gold accounts have been managed and traded on an off-ledger basis, nobody knows for sure how much gold and silver is held outside the banking system worldwide, but extensive efforts have been made by the pirates to identify and cashier over 5,000 private family trusts and their assets which have been cashiered in the banking system for the benefit of the dishonest bankers and their scheming corporations “functioning as” governments. 
The banks, if they are allowed to get away with it, will sing the public a song and dance and avoid the truth about all the precious metals accounts they have been collecting and cashiering and trading upon on an off-ledger basis for all these many years. 
The identities of the actual owners of all this wealth, unincorporated governments, private family trusts, unincorporated mining operations, and so on, will be avoided and ignored if at all possible — because otherwise the banks would have to explain to the world why these nice people with their history and court cases and receipts and deposit tickets are being ignored.   
The bankers will pretend that these and other “global collateral accounts” were just left in their banks by unknown depositors whose heirs never showed up to collect.  
They will lie and pretend that it has been so long that they no longer know who the gold and silver belongs to, or who the heirs and intended beneficiaries of all these precious metals accounts are.  
They will find every excuse in the book to refuse to acknowledge the rightful donors, the rightful heirs, and the rightful trustees/owners so that they and their banks can continue to benefit from vast holdings that don’t belong to them. 
If they really get pressed to the ropes, they will accuse the lawful heirs of these physical assets of being crooks, fraud artists, or “enemies of state” and try to weasel out of paying them back by pretending that the rightful heirs or rightful donors or rightful trustees are criminals or communists or whatever else they can drum up — when, in fact, the bankers who have engineered this mess and obtained possession of the assets under False Pretenses are the crooks. 
They will even have the brass cajones to allege that the heirs owe them storage fees in excess of everything they’ve gained by surreptitiously using these gold and silver asset accounts as collateral to make other Third Party loans and blocking these accounts for periods of time as “sure bets” on casino-like trading platforms.  
These bankers really have no shame; their greed knows no bounds.  The value of life will have no meaning for them until and unless they are hung upside down and given a chance to repent. 
We are watching the markets and indicators being wound up and wound down, wound up and wound down like a mechanical mouse.  The price of gold per ounce will edge upward through this step-step-step dance between hedge fund holders and cash asset “producers” and the only way we can hurry this along is by making arrests.  Lots of them.  
The owners of the gold and silver deposits in all these banks are still here, still know who they are, still have the receipts.  
(They tried to destroy the gold transfer records kept by the U.S. Navy Fiscal Agents during their 9/11 attack, but failed.  They also stole the gold backing the Brady Bonds and just recently unlawfully seized $30 B in Russian assets trapped within the infinitely corrupt and despicable SWIFT transfer monopoly.) 
Instead of the actual heirs and owners being held suspect and disrespected by banks that have acted against the actual law and in breach of public trust, we say it’s time these banks were asked what their purported interest is in all these “legacy trusts”? 
Do they hold signature authority?  No.  Do they have receipts for the deposits?  No.  Do they have any Power of Attorney?  No.  Do they have a contract stipulating service fees that aren’t already paid for via private trading profits?  No.  
So what is to keep us from presuming the obvious? That these banks bilked their depositors and knowingly and willingly set up a constructive fraud scheme to obtain possession of these asset accounts so as to unjustly enrich and empower and protect themselves at the expense of their depositors? 
The Gold Revaluation Account assets don’t belong to these banks nor to these bankers; the assets belong to other parties who are being deprived of Due Process and rightful possession of their own property using the same old tired and dishonest excuses pertaining to a non-existent “war” and amounting to deliberate entrapment and constructive fraud and illegal “military” confiscation of private American civilian assets under color of law. 
We are waiting to hear a new answer and new findings about the operations of all these banks and all these governmental services corporations that have been occupying our country under False Pretenses and which have embezzled us blind for164 years. 
We want to know how it is that your Department of the Federal Reserve sat down with a man and got him to extend you another ten years to use his gold, silver, and other assets in 1995, yet in 2005 when that loan extension was due, you all pretend not to know who he is?  
It’s an astonishing lack of institutional memory, even when we name the names of the agents responsible and show the documents of this loan extension supporting the asset accounts underlying every central bank member of the Bank for International Settlements? 
You all think you are going to get away with this theft and embezzlement and the whole impersonation and identity theft fraud underlying it?  
Like Donald Rumsfeld muttering about trillions of dollars misplaced by the Department of Defense just minutes before the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center?  
Think again. 
Those assets were not misplaced. Those assets were deliberately trafficked offshore to the Philippines and Indonesia and then placed under a trust administered by the Government of the Philippines in 1934. 
We know who we are, too. 
Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 7th 2024


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