By American Kabuki

Some interesting videos from Clif High, on possible pending financial liquidity issues by what Clif High appropriately calls the “occupying banks”.   The fuel for the banking systems was cut off in December 2012, by the law filing of the One People’s Public Trust.  Its taken a bit for what was in the pipeline to run out, longer than anyone knew. 
For the past 2 years the banking system was kept alive by quantitative easing and injection of money by the banking families in the hope the Chinese would later bail them out (even while the same Dragons was busy calling them “the dark cabal”).  China (the PRC corporate entity) borrowed money from all over the world, promising investors there would be a massive payout.  To the bankers it was a “win win” scenario as they shipped millions of American and European jobs to China where the wage differential was so great, generating huge profit margins on the products returning to those countries that lost their job base and core manufacturing competency.
China is the most indebted nation in the world, and its currency is fleeing the country for safer havens.  Bitcoin’s price waistline expanding and contracting like Python with a pig in its belly with these massive currency flows through its tiny networked base of customers.   
The Chinese Dragons cannot and will not be able to deliver on the promises they made.  From one perspective China (PRC) is in a big pack of trouble financially.  From the broader picture its been set free from slavery.  Really depends what end of the control you happen to be looking at it…

The various “screens” show funds, and everyone has been waving screen shots to each other as proof of the funds existence as they negotiate with each other, rent office space for their “humanitarian projects” but when they they push the button that computer sees that current, (currency) has  been returned to I AM, and nothing flows.  The filings have been enforced, on many levels and meanings.  

The enforcement started first with the Celestial, divines/ascended masters, and the various Galactics that were involved in commerce with Earth (not all Galactics were involved).  The Galactic commerce systems were actually first to collapse in the summer of 2015.  The UCC system is part of a larger universal commerce systems and they knew what those law filings meant.  

Now the enforcement has come down to the level below the dragons, and there are still possibilities of a smooth transition as the mid tier of the banking system now makes it choices.  So bear that in mind when listening to the data from Clif High, its not data he would get from his combing of the language found on the web.  Much is still in flux in this now moment.

It is interesting what he is getting, as the “ALL” speaks what it knows through the collective that is the ALL.   Its likely to be a very chaotic time for a bit… nothing is as it seems!