Session with Loie January 25th 2017

Note the sessions with Loie, her words could be construed as “channeled” through Denice. She does not however send me the images, or describe them, she only sends me frequencies, I see the images as I pull it from Source via my heart. Loie’s role is more a role of frequency amplification. – Terran.
Session with Loie January 25th, 2017

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Hello, Bill! I am with you, dear!

Terran: I feel that!
Loie: Here is a frequency, love!

Denice: You got it the energy before the text, lol.

Terran: Strong energy!

Loie:Ready for some fun? No expectations? Just fun?

Terran: Yes!

Loie: Let’s go!

Loie: Boosting and amplifying, dear! Feel me?

Terran: Walking up a snowy ramp there’s like two visible stone monoliths and a saucer parked on it

Terran: Kind of a ravine

Denice: (I am seeing silvery, shiny stars and streamers)

Terran: There’s a kind of one man elevator small railing to keep from falling off a ledge as it goes up. Kind of a right angle piece of metal really open to the air

Loie: Boosting, love. Loie.

Terran: Maybe 10 people with snow Parkas on inside the disk finding a jump seat

Loie: Boosting dear.

Terran: Ship goes up into space into a portal seeing the portal a bit like a membrane being stretched (reminds me of a dry cleaning bag)

Terran: I think it’s the new earth

Loie: I am with you, love.

Terran: Massive sloped tent like hangar or meeting place. We land there many many people

Terran: Saw spheres innergrated

Terran: The scale of this building is amazing! Open on one end… A down sloping inverted V

Terran: I see bagpipes  and men with hats with bright cherry red fuzzy plume like things

Terran: Walking thru some corridors I think Loie is here

Loie: Yes, love!

Terran: We are going onto a temporary stage platform

Terran: Climbing steps
There must be 10,000 people in here

Terran: I see it I have no audio only visuals.

Loie: Boosting, love. Feel it. Breathe deeply, now.

Terran: I see me I think… but not this current body… Thick shoulder length brown hair slightly less wild than my hair now. I have a Carmel color jacket almost looks like leather.

Terran: Feels like a preparatory talk to prepare for humanity’s arrival on the Complete earth. Audience is galactic.

Terran: The sky is blue out that opening. [Bluest blue I have ever seen]

Terran: Loie gets up and addresses the crowd. Same blonde female form I saw before…

Terran: The crowd watches her intently they feel her. There’s a huge amount of love in this building my eyes are watering

Terran: They rise and clap!

Terran: They give Loie a bouquet that looks like the largest ixora flowers I’ve ever seen peach orange color. Ixora is usually a small flower

Terran: Feeling for who else is on stage

Terran: It feels like Heather is doing something similar on the old earth in preparation

Terran: Seeing some scenes walking around the horizon Sphere

Terran: Lot of joking around and smiles a blonde guy with short thick hair shakes my hand looks in his 20s. Reminds me of Conan O’Brien. I guess that’s why his face looked familiar.

Terran: That is the end of that flow

Loie: Perfect, love! How do you feel?

Terran: Like I wish that was this moment now

Loie: Ready for another frequency?

Terran: Sure!

Loie: Yes, dear. It is Now, yet not what you are familiar with. Sending!!!! (Giggling, and giddy)

Terran: Can I fast forward to then? lol

Terran: Looks like a small banquet hall wood chairs with almost pewter like ornamentation on them almost baroque

Loie: I am with you, love.

Terran: How tall is your new form Loie?

Loie: Shorter than yours love. My blonde one, that is, dear.

Terran: Lol first I’ve seen you up close you are funny… such faces!
The way you laugh reminds me of Heather !

Loie: We have great fun, Bill! Boosting. Beautiful, dear!

Terran: I see a top view at a dance you have a cape like coat that appears to be rubies with what appears to be a design in diamonds on the back. Stunning visually but tasteful and elegant.  [crystals are quite common among the galactics]

Terran: Seems to a formal ball kind diplomats go to… Flow ended

Loie: Perfect, dear!

Loie: Now how about a soothing frequency. Calming and restorative?

Terran: It felt like your head was about at my chest height in my new form

Terran: Okay

Loie: Sending, dear! Feel me?

Terran: Yes I feel you!

Terran to Denice: I wish I could convey the bubbliness of Loie in that crowd she has this beautiful blonde form but makes the funniest faces then bursts out laughing!  You know how people make their eyes go funny directions when making a face? Just cracked me up!!!

Denice: (I feel her. Can nearly see her, but not the facial features, yet.)

Denice: (So cool!)

Terran: Got a very good look at the face including makeup, something’s continue it seems 😉

Loie: Bill, you are perfect! I send you this frequency. Fill yourself and share it with all. I love you, dear!

Terran: Love you Loie

Loie: Rest well, Bill, dear! Lots more fun ahead!

Terran to Denice:

Terran: Sending to all!

Denice: ?

Terran: Goodnite Loie!

Terran: Goodnite Denice!

Denice: Goodnight!