Pardon my absence….

By American Kabuki

I have been down with a fever and a bit of a recovery period for the past week.  I don’t think it was the flu or some kind of external attack.  I had huge huge surges of frequencies coming through my body and I knew it.  It felt more like a massive frequency upgrade than anything, very similar to something that happened about 6 weeks ago.  In both case there is a noticeable increase in intuition afterwards. It was nothing particularly nefarious.

I did feel a little off after the fever was done, a bit lethargic and I slept a whole bunch.  I found some black mold in the building and rectified that, was not a large spot but I suppose even a little is not so good.  I  noticed huge increase in energy, a lessening of some joint issues and stamina increase after dealing with that. It was in an area easily fixed.  The weather has also warmed up after been below freezing much of December and January and somewhat dryer than it has been.  So back to blogging…

I have some data on Antartica I haven’t been able to release.  Although I did get the map of Antartica upgraded with some notations regarding the coordinates Ben Fulford released.    Antarctica is looking to be a nexus of sort of many events in coming months.  There’s only 3-4 months of good weather in Antarctica for this season so whatever happens has to happen soon.  Anyone down there after the winter sets in is down there for 6 months.