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Recently, David Wilcock wrote:

First of all, I have never heard a genuine insider refer to any ET group as “Galactics.” That sounds more like the kind of thing channelers would say. The ET world is so complex, with so many different civilizations involved, that it is also not specific enough to mean anything significant.

There’s a bit of condescension in this paragraph, over the use of the term “GALACTICS” by Ben Fulford.  Its been my observation that when people start objecting to newly minted words that fit the facts better, they are trying to police perceptions and old storylines.   I mean really “genuine insider” verses “channelers”?  Sounds like someone feels like their insider scoop territory is being invaded doesn’t it?   Btw I checked out the coordinates Ben Fulford gave in Antarctica, one of them 66 South 99 East is very near the frozen city and the two American and Russian Federation bases.  I have no data on the other coordinate and cannot corroborate any ancient sites there.

David claims to be very intuitive and even logs his dreams as being “prophetic”. So I don’t quite know why he’s dismissive of channelers.  His beloved scripture Ra’s “LAW OF ONE” is channeled by humans on LSD!   Crikey!

Every ILLUSION is first created by ALLUSION that relies on PRESUMPTION of the facts by the recipient to create the ILLUSION of it being true.  The banking systems, government systems, religious systems and magic systems are built upon this principle artifice.  Banks have a vault therefore there must be money in them. Diamonds are expensive therefore rare. That kind of thing… and there are many!

David has alluded on several occasions to being a reincarnation of the late Edgar Cayce. Cayce has made many predictions regarding Atlantis. But I do not think David is Edgar Cayce.  But there is a resemblance in the youthful photos.

Photos of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock

The record of channelers from the 1990s though 2013 is not one of accuracy, because many have tuned into beings who had storylines  to propagate in the ears of humanity.   Prior to 2000, some data was simply hard to get any other way! And bits of truth came through here and there and people were gradually able to fit puzzle pieces together about this planet. Seth’s channeling “Creating Personal Reality” is quite an exceptional book.  It was very helpful to me.

There are two types of channelers, a “wet channeler” where a being overlights a willing human temporally and uses their body to speak (Kyron, Bashar, Abraham Hicks, etc) and those who use telepathy like Sophia Love, Nancy Tate, Mike Quinsey, who simply connect via telepathy and automatic writing.

Most of the classic channeled storylines have not happened and will not , because its designed to enslave humanity for another 1000 years and keep going a “spiritual hierarchy” that was past it “smell by date” a quarter million years ago.  Those storylines are going away and most of it is ALREADY GONE. Some just haven’t got the memo yet.

In any case I rarely publish channelings anymore unless they particularly resonate with data I know to be true.  I once published a lot of them as I was looking for answers to questions I had and thought that if I went through every channeler there was I could find one who had the facts.  But it turns out the real data is not external its within each of us.  You find it in your heart, and you access that by pure love.

Any communication with any being should be felt for how it feels as Do they display genuine love for humanity?  I once would use binary logic on such things, or the process of elimination based on which ones panned out, and that helps some but it won’t really tell you what is going on.  What needs to be felt is are they communicating to reassert or install a new storyline in humanity’s belief systems?  How does it make you FEEL after reading it?  Like a lessor being?  Like a virus in the galaxy? If so, chuck it in the bucket!  FEEL THE DATA!   Everyone is SOURCE.  Its all one… so where is the hierarchy in what is ONE? Unless they see themselves as separate!  

I will state very clearly here the data we get on American Kabuki blog from the Andromedan, Pleiadian and Orian galactics aboard the Neptune, Radiance, Reliant and related spheres DOES NOT come via channeling.  

Denice, by pre-birth agreement, is one of 9 people in place who came to work as an inter-realm communications officer.   Denice has a bio-compatible technology in her ear that is connected to her auditory nerve.   Denice is extremely intuitive, and can also communicate via telepathy and heart comms. Heart comms  is a form of telepathy via the heart that we often refer to as ICOMMS. This form of communication goes via the heart link to Source to each being and is not subject to eavesdropping by beings who can read pineal based telepathy.  It is the original telepathy long forgotten by most races of beings. Pineal communication was encouraged because it could be read by some beings in the former “spiritual hierarchy” who were not the intended recipient.

All the detailed data we get from the sphere data collectors and various officers comes via this auditory biotechnology connection Denice has with the Sphere Alliance data collectors.  It is NOT channeled.  This tech seems to have been invented during the galactic wars to coordinate warriors in complex operations.   It works very well with highly detailed data.  Not even the late Ingo Swann could get the detail Denice gets in my opinion.  She’s that good at it.  And the really odd part is she often does it so fast, she sometimes doesn’t even remember the details of the message until she reads it on my blog, it goes in her comms device and out her fingers on the keyboard pretty much directly.

Denice does get additional emotional content via her other abilities which makes for a richer and more fuller expression of their nature, which is why the work we do shows the humor of the Galactics have when no other “insider” or channeler presents them as full beings with their own unique sense of humor and personalties!

I also have the ear tech but it has yet to be fully operational.  I do not know when it was installed, best guess I have is in the early 2000s.  There seems to be a coupling with telepathy in using it.

I have only had my activate once, and that was some test music in the parking lot of Fry’s Electronics in Austin which startled me because I thought a car with a very loud stereo was about to hit me! There was no car.  

Denice in her idle moments often has the Sphere Alliance play her Earth music they like on Youtube videos.  She jokingly calls it her “I-Radio” and sometimes the chosen selections are very funny given their timing to Earth related political events.

I am not that great a telepathy.  I can do telepathy once a conversation is underway through Denice, and I have have received images, fragrances and even music this way via telepathy.  But I am no where near as good at it as Bev, Denice, Ollie or others.

This activity with the Sphere Alliance began in June 2015 and has continued every since.  This is why Denice can give very extremely detailed scientific explanations in subject she has no knowledge about.  I do not believe its possible to channel the data Denice gets in such detail.   The data collectors do generally reply in a summary format and depend on us to tell them what details we desire to drill down into.  Which we do as the need and interest arises.

The conversations I have with Loie and Nabrac do come via telepathy and heart comms via Denice and not through her ear device.   My work with Loie is mainly frequency energy work that boosts my own abilty to pull data from the source flow via my own heart.  I am pulling it directing from the flow.  Loie does not send me the data, she provides frequency support for me to pull it quickly until such time I no longer need her support.  Bit like training wheels I suppose, as I learn to navigate the information stream that we all have access to within the flow from Source.  I don’t know of ANY channelers who blog that access data this way, although I do now of several who do it privately.

The reason we use the word “GALACTICS” when referring to them is that it is a term that lacks the pejorative conation of “extra-terrestial” meaning “NOT FROM EARTH”, (y’all ain’t from around here are ya?) or even worse “ALIEN” (which brings to mind black eyed greys abducting people).  

The Andromedans originated in Atlantis 1 civilization on Earth and are one of the races that co-founded the Pleiadian civilization.    We have enough talk about borders and fences without generating that kind of attitude when it comes to the Galactics!!! This planet has been fenced off for eons by those who formerly ran  it. Separation is their M.O.!

The “galactics” come from Andromeda and the Milky Way (in the case of the Pleiadians and the pre-Draco invasion Orian) they are cousin civilizations and completely genetically compatible with humans are earth.  “Galactics” is a neutral term.  I will continue to use it. I hope Benjamin Fulford does so as well. Its accurate and pejorative.

As hard as it may be to believe… Earth is the prime point of creation.  Which is what all this activity in Antarctica is about to reveal.