Edison – Edison – Edison – New tool added to arsenal…

Edison – Edison – Edison — Committing Utility Fraud?

The introduction of a new tool to even out the battle for justice?  Eliminate using the fraudulent courts… File liens in commerce.

Achieve remedy without criminal judicial compromise.

PG&E: Notice of Commercial Lien

The Right To Keep And Bear Liens – by Hartford VanDyke

Utility fraud

 04-30-17-SCE and CPUC colluding to overcharge and defraud consumers?

Edison – Pit Neighbor against Neighbor- Divide and Conquer 

Accurate billing for the rate payers…

Ping-pong billing approved by CPUC.  Incurs fraudulent penalties disguised as

  • ·  $120.10 conservation incentive

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Compensation packages explain a lot

“The malfeasance of California’s government is illustrated by the corruption at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which operates under the
Governor of the State of California.”   Storm-Warning-CPUC-1-7-14


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05-17 scebill

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Announcement of further criminal abuse…

Edison Notice new tiers 2017_04_29_23_35_01

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Enough is enough…

Attn Attorney General – Edison – acting with the deliberately premeditated intent to defraud?

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New Shocking details of the fraud!


Reference:  If it is the law then it is the law…

14th Amendment – All debts are prepaid.

Edison – Edison – Edison

By their fruit….

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