Time we deport the BAR and its members…

As sovereign Americans this is our country.  We are the ultimate and only lawful authority.  Those who are engaged in providing services as specified by the enumerated powers, ultimately are employed by private corporations.  Neither the private corporations, even though they are misrepresenting themselves as a lawful government agency,  are acting in fraud.  Their agents have no authority and are also acting in fraud.

They are in my words…common criminals, misrepresenting themselves as legitimate public officers.  And based upon the founding documents, it is the responsibility of the executive level to ensure all agents know their duties and responsibilities.  So there is no excuse or reason for any misunderstanding.

Eight years of research has convinced me, the members of the BAR and the BAR itself are solely responsible for the complete distortion, deception and the fraud upon the American people by fake officials introducing fake rules and misrepresenting them as laws.

For my money, it is time we decide who we permit to live in our country.  As the living sovereigns, these are decisions only we have a right to make.  The management and employees of the service companies have no say.

Time we disinvite the members of the BAR