TODAY: Episode: USA #110: Constitutional Government & Jural-Society Organizing & Empowerment.

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Episode: USA #110: Constitutional Government & Jural-Society Organizing & Empowerment.





All honorable people are here-by invited to join in
our growing Community of reputable Law & Justice Scholars & Activists

This Conference’s Scheduled Time & Date is: Today, Friday, 01-September-2017.
Time: 7:00-pm Eastern-Time, 4-pm Pacific-Time.

How to participate:
Call in by Dialing: 1-724-444-7444.
Enter Call-ID: 10929#.

Also; from listeners computers, people may listen & type comments in our conferences,
thru the audio-feed & chat-window, which is
web-linked, here:
Click here to join the call or just listen along.
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You can also join the call through a Facebook/TalkShoe program.

Many subjects discussed in our recent phone-conferences will be re-visited in this evening’s conference.
  Audio-File Recordings & partial Transcripts of our recent conferences are available through web-links, here:

For end-users, our ConstitutionalGov.US web-page is now back up & running properly.

Our Conference/Forum/Court’s Attendees seem to have developed the “Consensus”, that
our American People Must “Organizeto do Rightous & Lawful Battle against
those Powerful International & Spiritual “Criminals” who routinely, habitually, & secretively Conspire
to commit Acts of Murder & Terrorism against our Common American People.
Any-one; please, “Correct Us” if we might “Error” in Our Collective “Judgement”, on this important issue.

After this Friday‘s conference has gained about a half hour of introductory discussion, we will shift focus to
a special but again brief appearance of a Guest-Speaker, going by the alias of “Ghost“,
& who appeared similarly briefly in our last Friday‘s conference,
& who will be focusing his words on his insights in-to the obscured but powerful movers & shakers
who are responsible for the above-described “Evils” on this earth.
“Ghost” has shared with us what seems to be some very powerful law-technology insights; including documents &
a very insightful & recent audio-recording, as described in the web-page that we have set-up for him, here:

The meat of the above last-linked audio-recording starts after 13-minute mark.
Leading up to & following this Friday‘s presentation by “Ghost”, our nicely maturing “Jural-Society” Community

will again focus our discussions on engineering “Lawful Remedy” for those above-described “Evils“.
The “Rules of the Common-Law” will be focused on here, as originally intended in the Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Amendments.
Here-under, we will also generally follow “Roberts Rules of Order”; which includes prioritizing “Old Business”.

Here-under; probably the Main Focal-Point of Our Conference/Forum/Court,
is to facilitate the Meaningful Em-Powermentof our Common American People;
& this all by way of Lawfully Organizing each of us as Certified “Qualified-Electors” & Jural-Society Members“;
all of which will further Em-Power us as we there-after Certify the Election of Our Own Executive “Peace Officers”, & “Judicial Officers“;
& there-under to 3: Issue Many “Jury-Trial Verdicts“, recognizable under the “Seventh Amendment”;
& further there-under, to 4: Breathe Life In-to: our County level “Posse-Comitatus“.

Here-under; our Conferences here are Prioritizing the 
Assembling of our own “Common-Law Juries“,
all so-as to Lawfully Adjudicate the Multitude of Complaints of Rampant Injustice in our modern American Nation.
Here-under; we are inviting all honorably concerned others to “Bring their Own Cases” & Complaints before Our Court.

One specific case which we have been focusing seriously on, is that of Samuel Girod; as web-linked here:

Shorty, from Missouri, & Marvin from Indiana, have both been very concerned about Sam’s case;
& this author has composed a very “Rough-Draft Jury-Verdict” in efforts to empower Our Common People’s Court to help Sam;
& that document includes a Habeas-Corpus Judgement & Order for Sam’s Immediate Release;
all of which can be reviewed under the first of the 4 web-links in the last paragraph above.

Our court is publicly inviting other Qualified-Electors to submit similar Complaints of Injustice before Our Court;
& we expect to bring similar lawful adjudicatory process to the following cases:

David Schied’s work in Michigan State & the Federal Courts, here:

Andrew Ouwenga’s work in Michigan, here:

Hartford Van Dyke’s complaints & files describing his “Commercial Liens”, “Community Currency”, & Activism; as shown here:

We will again be asking other Qualified-Electors in attendance on Our Court to verbally authorize us to
add their names to Our Court’s Jury Verdict adjudicating that one”Keith Livingway” is
“Not a Qualified-Elector”,
with-in our American Body-Politic;as generally described in our Case Files & “Jury Verdict”, here:


As with all Jury Verdicts which Our Court produces; people who have agreed to act as “Jurors” should
review these rough-draft versions of Our Court’s Jury Verdicts, to be sure that there are “No Errors” in the words there-in

  Other Qualified-Electors who submit their complaints to our court
will receive similarly detailed attention to the final documents which evidence our lawful adjudication of their cases.

Our Conference/Forum/Court is also actively “Assembling” an American National Community of “Common-Law Judicial Officers“;
each of whom should be willing to Assume the Duties of the approximate;y 200,000 “Vacant Offices”,
which are referenced in the Sixth-Amendment as “Districts“, but which under common-law jurisdiction are refered to as “Precincts”;
& which contain the fully sovereign
“Judicial Power”, as statutorily recognized for “Magistrates”;
but as wielded by more ancient & localized “Common-Law Monarchs”, & this all with modern lawful authority to “Issue Arrest-Warrants”.

Taking paranoia-level “Cautious Baby-Steps” towards these ultimate “Lawful Remedies”,
we expect an enlightening discussion to happen in our conference, on this Friday evening;
& w
e plan on hosting similar weekly conferences, at the same time & place.

  We hope to gain the ability to regularly compose complete Transcripts of our conferences.
The mp3 audio-file recordings of our past conferences are available
by scrolling-down in this conference’s web-linked talkshoe page.

We all do hope that all good others will be able to attend this up-coming conference,
& assist us in insuring that “Lawful Process” is Responsibly & Vigilantly Followed;
in all of these cases which are being brought before Our Court.

Pro-Tem Presiding-Judge: Charles Stewart; on the land, in “Sandy, Oregon”. / 503-676-8048.