Caution – Strong, Expressive Language: On Sep 11, 2017, at 6:21 PM, Richard Koenig wrote: Dear enemy of the people, and officer of the slave makers: I don’t want to “interpret” the statutes. Foreign agents may, but I don’t need to listen to members of the British Accreditation Registry. I have already spoken with more than 200 of them about your scam, they actually have damn little to offer. At least Legislative Counsel Dexter Johnson was willing to say: “that law probably doesn’t exist anywhere..” and Chief Deputy Attorney General Peter D. Shepherd was a little more explicit: “A public body is not required to create a public record [on request]”. He wrote a two page letter to say “the titling and registration laws are “irrelevant to the general public”. But your former Director, David P. Moomaw, really said it all: “Historically we have been issuing documents of title and registration without authority in current law…”. “Without authority” doesn’t really take a lot of “interpretation”, you silly bitch. The statutes are just fine: “Subject to compliance with the motor vehicle laws of this state owners and operators of motor vehicles are granted the privilege to use the highways… AND so are the rules: “Operating motor vehicles in Oregon” means the physical operation of vehicles for business purposes. However, the Oregon Constitution says: “all roads, ways and water ways are… declared for a public use.” and the statutes flesh it out: “Highway means every public way… open to the general public for vehicles… as a matter of right” (most recently amended 2007) and “Roadways are that portion of the highway… ordinarily used for vehicular travel”. NOT for “operating motor vehicles”. The only vehicle that is subject to the titling requirement in all of chapter 803, the titling and registration chapter, is: “a vehicle operated over the highways of this state for compensation or profit”. That goes along with the “single subject” clause of the constitution just fine, doesn’t it? You might want to plead ignorance, but I don’t think you will, because you’re a whore, you like fucking with “the people”, in whom “all power is inherent”. Who the hell has enough power beyond “all power” to grant them the “privilege to drive”. Liz Woods, you will rot in hell for all the good you have done to those who are just trying to live a life, after you and yours have changed them into corporate entities by imposing a “license” by deceit and spelling their names in all caps. Sincerely, Richard L. Koenig, an Oregonian, I have NO “legal presence in the United States”, look up “Any other state” and “United States” under Statutory Construction at ORS 174.100. Never mind, here they are. 174.100 Definitions. As used in the statute laws of this state, unless the context or a specially applicable definition requires otherwise: (1) “Any other state” includes any state and the District of Columbia. (6) “Person” includes individuals (sole proprietors), corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, limited liability companies and joint stock companies. (10) “United States” includes territories, outlying possessions and the District of Columbia. (11) “Violate” includes failure to comply On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 12:35 PM, WOODS Elizabeth A * Liz wrote: Mr. Koenig: DMV doesn’t provide legal advice. You may want to consult Black’s Law Dictionary or an attorney if you need help interpreting statutes. Liz Woods Driver Programs Section

Richard L. Koenig-an Oregonian and the DMV