***GLOBAL NOTICE*** Highest Administrative Authority in America Recognizes “We the People,” are Sovereign!

“We the People,” are Sovereign!

In this one small clip, the undisputed leader of the free world, a man chosen by a mandate of the people, themselves, gave public notice to the world that the true nature and his official recognition of the legitimate and true standing of every American, man, woman and child…

We as the people, have been officially recognized and our “legal,” and “lawful,” standing recognized and authenticated by the only true recognized civil/incorporated, administrative authority in America.  Mr. Trump, by the mandate of the American people, was delegated lawful and legal authority to act and speak for the people.  Mr Trump also acknowledges this recognition is consistent with the will and direction of the Creator of all men and women.


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0000-the people are sovereign
Mr. Trump Addressing the General Assembly of the UN