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View First Hand, Real Evidence and ET Artifacts.
Witness Scientific Proof of Never Before Shared Information!

Bringing You One Step Closer To Full Disclosure!

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Keynote Speakers

Mary RODWELL RN is the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. (ACERN). Mary is a former nurse, midwife, and health educator and was employed as a professional counsellor for the National Health Service UK and Australian counselling agencies, Silver Chain and Centrecare.

Since 1994 Mary has worked in private practice as a professional counselor, hypnotherapist, metaphysical teacher, researcher, author, Reiki Master, and international speaker. Read more…

The Facts Presented!

Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez, My presentation will be a summary of the FREE EXPERIENCER RESEARCH STUDY.  The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE). FREE is researching “What is Consciousness”, what is the nature of our multi-dimensional reality, by undertaking the WORLD’S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE MULTILINGUAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH STUDY on individuals having UFO related Contact with Non Human Intelligence (NHI). Read more…

Barbara Jean Lindsey is a Contactee and experiencer. She is an internationally acclaimed intuitive consultant, holistic life coach, author, spiritual teacher, healer and inspirational speaker.

In 1989, Barbara Jean had an extraordinary Near-Death-Experience; after full-body channeling an ancient Egyptian being, her lungs collapsed, killing her in front of a live audience. Over the next few days she fought for her life (on the physical plane, spiritual plane and beyond). Read more…

The TRUTH Exposed!

John DeSouza was an FBI Special Agent working Counter-Terrorism and Violent Crimes for over 25 years.

He was also an attorney and maintained a Top Secret security clearance during his time in the U.S. government.

Known as the X-man, he collected the true life X-FILES that he shares now in his books…THE PARA-INVESTIGATORS and THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS. Read more…

Shekina Rose, Angelic Messenger Vocalist for the language of light, Peace Emissary and Channel of the Blue Ray, ET Contactee and NDE experiencer, Executive Producer and creator of Supernatural Sedona Video series.

She is the creator of the Ancient sacred technologies “StarGate Pendants and Disc the Pleiadian Line” from her regular physical and telepathic visitations by the Pleiadians / Inner Earth peoples, the Pleiadians Peace ship and other Ascended Master’s beings. Read more…

Brad Olsen “The creation of reality … Manufacturing Consent is how the media distort the news and employ propaganda, in order to bring about consent in the population.”~Jon Rappoport.

I’m constantly amazed by the ability of those in power to create a narrative trusted by a gullible non-critical thinking populace.
The amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, half-truths, propaganda and brainwashing in American society is staggering. Read more…

The Timing REVEALED!

Suzanne Ross is an inspirational author, speaker and television producer of conscious media. She has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to inspiring, empowering and enlightening humanity through books, videos, services and events.

I will be presenting about my upcoming television series “Supernatural Adventures – Around the Globe and Into the Cosmos” and offering a brief montage from my television series Lighten Up T.V. featuring interviews with thought leaders from around the world. Read more…

FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY – Victor Camacho made an expedition to a cave inside the Veracruz jungle where the locals mentioned that something crashed hundreds of years ago.

There have been found stone artifacts and glyphs with extraterrestrial characteristics as well as gold leaflets. we will show stone artifacts with alien features. Read more…

Sherry Wilde – For the 90 minute talk on Saturday I will do a powerpoint presentation entitled “Alien Abduction or Volunteer.  Why We Have Contact”

This talk delves into the reason why so many of us have lifelong contact with beings from other worlds. I discuss why there is so much fear around these events and explore the true purpose for the so called “abduction” experience. Read more…

1st Time Ever DISCLOSED!

Len Kasten has a B.A. degree from Cornell University in Liberal Arts, and an M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing from National University.

He has been involved in UFO and ET related research for over thirty years, and is a former member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  Read more…

Illumina Rose is an Australian woman that is deeply committed to serving soul ascension through her private practice for over 23 years, working as a High Priestess, Channel, Shamanic Healer, Teacher and Spiritual Counsellor.

She is an Alchemical High Priestess of Isis and Lineage Keeper of the Order of the Magdalena Kundalini and the Order of Melchizedek. As a spiritual channel and medium she has direct access to Akashic Records.  Read more…

Offered to you LIVE!

The Reverend John Marcus Polk was born in 1969 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona.

This university granted john the title of International Metaphysical Minister after his studies were complete. Rev. Polk is also a Reiki Master, and an instructor in Usui Reiki.  Read more…

Clifford Mahooty will present his Zuni Tribal teachings including oral history, religion, rituals, kachinas, and spiritual practices and how they relate to UFOs, star people, and spiritual beings.

Mahooty will compare ancient oral teachings to modern scientific theories, discoveries, and cosmic concepts based on his research and analysis, to Zuni sacred knowledge still in practice today. Read more…

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