Public Institutions? By what and/or whose lawful authority?

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By their fruit…you will know them!

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Public Institutions?

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rob chambers pkb US86648187_09262017_1721 hon rob waters pkb US57255967_09262017_1721 northern trust co US50200196_09272017_1348 northern trust corp 2 US14743888_09272017_1349 northern trust corp US70937991_09272017_1349 northern trust corporation US79037964_09272017_1347 northern trust inv US88841678_09272017_1349 northern trustc corp US11755197_09272017_1347 office us attorney cleveland US10175644_10032017_1753 pentagon US75942499_10012017_1719 rep shelly capito US06208856_09302017_1045-1 rep shelly capito US06208856_09302017_1045 rep shelly moore capito US04623423_09302017_1045-1 rep shelly moore capito US04623423_09302017_1045 rep. ron kind US05229568_10142017_1941 sen al franken branch US87261311_09302017_1051-1 sen al franken branch US87261311_09302017_1051 sen al franken head US71060732_09302017_1047 sen kelly ayotte US87257668_09302017_1045-1 sen kelly ayotte US87257668_09302017_1045 sen mandy dawson US87935546_09302017_1046-1 sen mandy dawson US87935546_09302017_1046 sen rich shelby US08062750_09302017_1044-1 sen rich shelby US08062750_09302017_1044 sen rich shelby US87261303_09302017_1043-1 sen rich shelby US87261303_09302017_1043 sen will brady US80558831_09302017_1050-1 sen will brady US80558831_09302017_1050 senator cook US59148190_09302017_1052-1 senator cook US59148190_09302017_1052 senator cruz head US70310990_09302017_1051-1 senator cruz head US70310990_09302017_1051 senator joe wv US04483874_09262017_1737-1 senator joe wv US04483874_09262017_1737 senator ron johnson 2 US87261423_10142017_1943 senator ron johnson US65501856_10142017_1943 sisters of st francis branch US04268774_09302017_1410 sisters of st francis head US80825096_09302017_1410 st of ill sup ct US38973123_10032017_1754 state sen wv US86642716_09262017_1733 sup ct appeals idaho US28818499_10032017_1752 sup ct cali US24537383_10032017_1750 sup ct delaware US04356450_10032017_1749 sup ct georgia US46813333_10032017_1750 sup ct louisianna US16016782_10032017_1750 sup ct louisianna US85829846_10032017_1752 sup ct ohio US57323285_10032017_1751 sup ct virginia US46747153_10032017_1751 (1) supreme ct nc US07532385_10032017_1752 the northern trust comp 2 US76482496_09272017_2306 the northern trust comp US76482496_09272017_2306 (1) treasurer st miss united states of america united states senate 2 US30496487_10142017_1936 united states senate 3 US40114870_10142017_1939 united states senate 4 US40114871_10142017_1937 united states senate 5 US40114873_10142017_1938 united states senate 6 US40137090_10142017_1938 united states senate 7 US40443342_10142017_1939 united states senate 8 US62947087_10142017_1937 united states senate US04242306_10142017_1937 us attorney wheel wv US20220585_09262017_1733 us census bur head 43501998_09302017_1753 us coast guard head US83108611_09302017_1752 us coast guard wv US36968526_09262017_1736 us court of federal claims US68696355_10032017_1754 us courts elkin wv US29017290_09262017_1734 us ct appeal fl US58242105_10032017_1753 us dep of treasury pkb US27311439_09262017_1738 us dept of treas cfpb pkb US79799006_09262017_1736 us distr ct clerk chlst wv US46674594_09262017_1735 us engr and print tex US12385054_09262017_1705 us gov fbi chi US10505137_09302017_1754 us gov fbi US49254549_09262017_0232 us house of representative 2 US87234594_10142017_1942 us house of representative US45770688_10142017_1942 us house of representatives US42754177_10012017_1727-1 us house of representatives US42754177_10012017_1727 us house of representatives US49108197_09282017_0006 us house of reps US45770688_10012017_1726-1 us house of reps US45770688_10012017_1726 us house rep company US40136837_09282017_0006-1 us house rep company US40136837_09282017_0006-2 us house rep company US40136837_09282017_0006 us mint pkb US55108683_09262017_0226 us navy wv US56064784_09262017_1735 us off gov ethics pkb US82894885_09262017_1739 us senate branch US45884702_09302017_1043 us soc sec head US77879253_09302017_1752 us supreme ct dc 2 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div of corrections US20960600_09282017_0202 wv dot US87189936_09282017_0202 wv sos US86639212_09282017_0159 wv supreme ct 2 US71315141_09262017_0225 wv supreme ct US45982739_09262017_0223 wv treasurerUS88444831_09282017_0200