The people launch criminal investigation – searching for a lawful government

So here is the deal:

County and municipal governments seem to have been reorganized into a different form of administrative government than the original, lawful form under which we as Americans were familiar.  The problem is very simple to understand, once the details are pointed out to those with a business background, that includes the normal understanding of organization charts and their implications.

The best way I have found to expose this new organization configuration is to review the organization charts in the respective Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) over a period of several years.

The latest development of concern is the removal of a solid line of authority from the elected council members to a relatively newly created position called the “city manager,”  (which is really the CEO of the corporation which was formed with no full disclosure or consent of the governed).

The effect of such a change would seem to reflect a separation between the elected officers, who operate with the delegated authority of the voters and/or residents and the newly exposed corporate organizations, of which there are many.

The significance…?  It appears to me all of the assets and employees normally belonging to the people and held in the public trust of which council members are trustees—fiduciaries—are being transferred with no intentions of giving disclosure or seeking the consent of the residents.

Also, the employees would no longer be employees of the city…they would be under the control of the shadow coronations by which all of these entities operate.

In most cases, the various sub agencies of essential services are now a function of the corporation and not the public institution.  So the police department would no longer be the legitimate city police as one might normally expect.  Rather they might be classified in the same manner of a security detail hired by one of your local malls.

And there is lots more going on…but what is important is those who may be engaged in providing these essential services may not have been apprised of the changes…So public intervention and investigation on a organization by organization must be conducted by residents.  we can not trust any of the organizations to self enforce.

The above is just a summary of what may need to be reviewed and signed off by the public investigators.



in search of a lawful government

Pending Public Investigation-City of Fountain Valley

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