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Many Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are being heavily psychically attacked since November of 2017 as stated in this article by Cobra.

Rozlyn and I make a compound called Orgonite which is made using equal parts of various metals and fiberglass epoxy resin. We add various crystals to each piece and this metal, resin, crystal combination works to help shield you, your property and loved ones from the brunt force of these attacks. We have a page here that explains how we place Orgonite (with images) on a property, around a house or apartment. Click here for more information about the Orgonite we make.


I’ve recently been guided to make Golden Section Pyramid frames using all wood pieces in their construction. The prototypes we have now work very well (almost instantly) to align and re-balance our energy (aura) grid and serve to bring us into a relaxed meditative state quickly.

I’m in process of finalizing the design to closely match the Alexander Golod Pyramids in Russia. When the design templates are available, I will update this post.

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