Video – For All The Jural Assemblies Part 24 – The American Government By Anna Von Reitz

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Our American Government created the Federal Government.

That may be big news for some people reading this, because generations of Americans have been purposefully left in the dark and conditioned to glaze over when any topic of history is discussed — much to their detriment.

Our American Government precedes the existence of the Federal Government by over ten years and in part, by more than thirty years, and it far exceeds the Federal Government in authority, power, and standing. Even now.

By Maxim of Law, the creation is never greater than the creator.

Our American Government is meant to control and use the Federal Government as an “instrumentality” and that instrumentality was never meant to serve the interests of any foreign government— though thanks to disloyal politicians and corrupt generals, it has served the interests of both the British Empire and the Holy Roman Empire to the detriment of our States and People.

The Constitutions were used to create all three branches of the Federal Government: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal. When you understand that fact you are prepared to hear, perhaps for the first time in your lives, that there are three (3) Constitutions, not one:

The actual Federal Constitution is The Constitution for the united States of America.

The Territorial Constitution is The Constitution of the United States of America.

The Municipal Constitution is The Constitution of the United States.

These entities were specifically created to exercise nineteen (19) of our own enumerated powers for us. That is to say, all branches of the Federal Government were created to act as subcontractors to do work for us in foreign jurisdictions, and to provide us and our States with stipulated services on a mutual basis.

The work to be done by the three branches of the Federal Government falls into three categories — (1) the General Business of this country in the realm of International Commerce, (2) the Military and Territorial Property Management Business which was farmed out to the British Territorial United States, and (3) the Municipal Business which was left in the care of the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire.

Very little mention of our actual American Government is made in any of the Constitutions, for the simple reason that we and our American Government are not the subject of these venerable documents. The Constitutions each concern themselves with structurally setting up and delineating the rights and duties of a specific branch of the new Federal Government and say little or nothing about our pre-existing American Government which is doing the set up.

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