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By Their Works By Anna Von Reitz

I have always preferred to think of myself as a “Christian”, a member of the Universal Church, and have always regarded doctrinal and denominational differences as big question marks.

There may indeed be only one correct doctrine in the end, but just as easily there might be no correct doctrine ever created by man. The same goes for denominations. So far as I know, God did not come down to Earth and declare a schism between Catholics and Methodists and Baptists and Mennonites and Baptists and…. men and their differing opinions did all that.

Judging from the number of times the Disciples had to be directly corrected, and even with the help of the Holy Spirit —accounting for our egos, bad hearing, temptations, and other faults— I don’t put my faith in doctrines promulgated by men.

This is why I have an inclusive and broad view of religion. So long as people are trying to live honorable and peaceful lives, taking care of each other and their families and communities, I tend to call that “good”. Live and let live.

We will all get our corrections when the time comes.

But when “Christians” harbor organized crime within their Church and benefit from it….

When they act as Trustees in Gross Breach of Trust with respect to entire countries and billions of people suffer….

When they take crimes and sins like pedophilia and make them into sacraments….

When there is no end to this relativism and wishy-washy spineless lack of basic ethics and honesty….

When they twist any reasonable plausible recognizable definition of “Christianity” into something else….

Then I protest — because they are not just giving themselves a bad name, they are disgracing all those who answer to the name “Christian”.

And they are disgracing Christ.

If a Christian will not stand up for the memory of Yeshuah and his Teaching and his Living Spirit, who will?

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