Video – For All The State Jural Assemblies Part 26 – The National Jurisdiction: Soil By Anna Von Reitz

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For All The State Jural Assemblies – 26 The National Jurisdiction: Soil By Anna Von Reitz

In our discussion of the American Government that we are heir to, we identified three “unions” of various kinds of “states” that existed long prior to the creation of the Federal Government.

They were and are:

The United States — a union of soil jurisdiction “landed (e)states” formed by the former colonies via Unanimous Declaration issued July 1, 1776, published July 4, 1776. This is our “national jurisdiction”. Each state has defined geographical boundaries.

The United States of America – a federation of Land Jurisdiction States formed September 9, 1776 for the purpose of joint operations in international jurisdiction, including the international land and sea jurisdictions. This is our international jurisdiction. Each State has defined geographical boundaries.

The States of America — a confederation of inchoate “States of States” formed under The Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781, for the purpose of conducting the business of the States in global commercial jurisdiction. These “Federal States of States” have no defined geographical boundaries and exist only on paper. (These are the “Missing” Federal States of States.)

Please note — all this is our American Government, which existed prior to and which created the Federal Government as an “instrumentality” to provide services to the States and People of this country.

Let’s look briefly at our “national jurisdiction” — the soil jurisdiction of each state in The United States.

Imagine the familiar outline of your State of the Union. Got it?

Now pretend you are slicing it like a layer cake horizontally, taking the top six inches of the soil off. It has the same outline and shape, but not much depth.
This is your state’s national soil jurisdiction.

We call all the rest underneath the soil “the land”. The land is also shaped exactly like the outline of your State of the Union, but it is a much thicker layer, miles deep, and it forms your State’s international land jurisdiction.

Together we call this “the land and soil” of your State of the Union. The two jurisdictions — the national soil jurisdiction state and the international Land Jurisdiction State — are both geographically defined and both work together hand in glove.

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