Video – National Assembly Call By Anna Von Reitz

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National Assembly Call By Anna Von Reitz

Hello Anna,

I just jumped on the National Assembly call and they are claiming you’ve been compromised.

“Mail Service”

I am Not “compromised” — just telling the truth against the wishes of some of those who have been running the MGJA for the US Military as a PsyOp and Disinformation Operation. They have set it up to fool people (once again) into stopping short of freedom and settling for “liberty” instead.

And while they have their own grievances, their Territorial Government and its issues should not be mistaken for our American Government and it’s issues.

Anyone who wants to stay adrift in the international jurisdiction of the sea and not come home to the land and soil of America needs to leave the Jural Assembly and form a Jural Society instead.

This is not negotiable and not my “opinion”. That is the way the law and the jurisdictional issues require it to be.

So– make up your minds.

Land and soil means one Citizenship only, owed to your State and participation in your State Jural Assembly.

Maritime and sea with Dual Citizenship means that we do not consider you a State Citizen even though the Territorial or Municipal Government doesn’t care. It also means that you need to be participating in a State of State Jural Society, not a State Jural Assembly.

They should realize that they are in the wrong on all the matters they are disputing and stop trying to resist the facts I am presenting.

Please post this wherever it needs to be.

They are doing no favors for the people of this country nor are they honorably serving the interests of our military, either.

The lies must end. The truth must be told. The Federal States of States must be reconstructed and our government renewed.

The other choices — violent revolution or dictatorship — are both unacceptable and unnecessary. Foreign governments under contract to our States have acted in breach of trust to defraud us and to undermine the Constitutions and the government we are owed.

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