Video – Clearing the Air By Anna Von Reitz

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The first concept that needs to hit home is that all the actual States are sovereign entities. This is a violent departure from the realm we are used to and the States of States we have grown up with. It’s a whole different world and a whole different government.

The State Jural Assemblies are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government.

Michigan has no special role or right to dictate how other States organize and operate their State Jural Assemblies, much less how they operate their State Assembly, sometimes called “State General Assembly”.

I simply recommended the Michigan General Jural Assembly template because it is basically sound and available. That doesn’t mean that it is perfect or without errors or some kind of mandate from God that all the other States have to follow.

Some members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly seem to think that it is the only State to maintain or start or use a State Assembly process — and that is far from true. They also seem to think that Michigan is the only State with standing, and that isn’t true either.

Some States are just now putting out the call and are resuming activity of their Assemblies after a long pause between meetings. Other States, especially those in the West, are meeting for the first time since they met to sign their Statehood Compacts. The point of being sovereign entities is that they can conduct their business when, where, and as often — or not — as they please.

Many States have continued to Assemble at various times in response to various threats and they have conducted their business properly and taken actions nationally, internationally, and globally ever since the Civil War. Some States, like Vermont, have been especially jealous in guarding their State sovereignty.

So any idea that all the other States have to fall in line and conduct their business just the way Michigan conducts its business is way out of line and I certainly have never knowingly promoted such an idea.

Most of us are familiar with Due Process,including Due Notice provisions, also with conducting proper and secure elections, keeping meeting Minutes, using Rules of Order to conduct meetings. etc., etc., etc.

We are also familiar with basic court functions, juries, the qualification of jurors, the number of persons on juries, the kinds of juries, etc., and if we have questions there are plenty of sources available to us to find out answers.

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