Ben Garrison: ORANGE MAN GOOD – Cartoons from President Trump’s First Term – GIFT This!

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President Donald Trump is determined to drain the Deep State Swamp. As expected, the corrupt entities who infest our government and media are determined to insult, impugn, and impeach him. They have Trump Derangement Syndrome and see Trump as “Orange Man bad!” Ben and Tina Garrison are the Dynamic Duo of conservative political cartoonists. They push back against the left with their latest book, “Orange Man Good!” The book covers the first heady moments of Trump’s presidential run and continues with cartoons that illustrate his first term progress. This collection of Trump-centric cartoons will make you laugh—and make you think. It’s a call to action and support for a president who deserves a second term. Beware, however. This book is guaranteed to trigger all lefty friends and relatives within a 20 foot radius! “Orange Man Good” makes a great gift for any fan of President Trump. Order your copy today!


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