Robert Steele: Is This How USG Corrupts & Controls Domestic Police?

I keep hearing from people repeating what Governor Jesse Ventura and former LAPD and author Mike Ruppert have been saying: that CIA has every police department across the country penetrated and controlled — and that either CIA or FBI or the Department of Defense can “assume jurisdiction” on any case in any locality across the country. Police chiefs who go along get duffel bags of “clean” cash they can spend without fear of an IRS inquiry, and lots and lots of military equipment and weaponry they can then turn around and sell on the black market.

While I have no direct knowledge, I believe this. I believe the President needs to cancel the 1033 program and end the militarization of the US police, while also ending all Zionist training of US police forces and all Zionist software backdoors into all US communications and computing networks.

There are multiple “mafias” controlling judges and prosecutors across this country. DoD has the cleanest — they just use Reservists and promotions to ensure Staff Judge Advocate bodies are everywhere. The FBI, while having a legitimate foundation for making a claim, has been so compromised as to be worthy of complete dismantling. CIA and the Mossad and the Vatican are the worst. The “deal” between Zionists and the Vatican (Catholics control most judicial systems across the USA, with Wisconsin a case in point) has never been properly investigated because the USA does not have an honest effective counterintelligence system and Freemasons among others have always conspired to ensure that the US Government does not interfere with secret societies or secret intelligence abuses of what are supposed to be open and honest academic, commercial, legal, and media systems.

Apart from taking over cases where the outcome is to be manipulated, the 1033 and clean cash bribery programs also enable the FBI, CIA, Mossad, and subcontractors to order the police to “stand down” while they make an illegal entry, instal illegal surveillance devices, plant evidence to frame people (including honest judges who refuses bribes), and more.

In my view, all secrecy agreements and all jurisdictional control agreements are null and void when they involve breaking domestic US laws and are also being invoked without the knowledge of the agency head, the Attorney General, or the President of the United States.

We are broken, across the board, for lack of integrity.


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