Mongoose: Seattle Attack Alarm Round Two – Russia Will Be Blamed — False Flag — Predictive Programming in Full Motion

Phi Beta Iota: This reeks of a FakeVideo with a mockery of stereotypical German voice BUT we are publishing it for three reasons:

  1. It is a weak signal that others might be able to connect to other dots.
  2. Sometimes posting stuff like this helps make it NOT happen if true.
  3. If a California-like DEW/fire event does happen, this source is validated.

We also find the substance worthy of reflection.

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Mongoose: Weak Signal on Massive False Flag Atrocity in Seattle 3 November 2019 Centered on Tampa Bay (Skull & Bones) versus Seattle Football Game

ROBERT STEELE: I give my various editors enormous latitude, and have no issues with Mongoose (our counterintelligence snake-eater) posting these two weak signals.  Having run a false flag for the CIA myself, and having recently lectured on how my 2000+ non-fiction reviews have persuaded me that most of what we are told or  taught is a lie, I believe we are in a great transition period, emerging from a cocoon of lies and into an ecology of truth. Only the public — the educated mobilized public in conversation — can arrive at the truth.

At its worst, the above video is far-fetched speculation by someone who has nothing better to do than find connections where none exist. At its best, this is a work of genius and it merits careful consideration, particularly since we know that US counterintelligence and intelligence stink.

Synchronicity — and numbers — do matter. David Wilcock’s book is quite impressive on this topic. I have no idea what is going on, but there is something about these two videos that causes me to pay attention.

It bears mention that Zionist Israel is DESPERATE right now, as is the larger  Deep State (and its extremists embedded in the USG), and executing some kind of fake Russian attack is exactly what they want.  When Hillary Clinton becomes so stupid as to suggest that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset, we know two things: 01 they are losing their mind and 02 the Democrats are now the lead for the Deep State and Russia is still the preferred “main enemy.”

The relationship between Zionist Israel and Hollywood (all of the movies in the above video have Zionist fingerprints on them) cannot be dismissed.  The Zionist Samson Option documented by Seymour Hersh is a matter of record.

I am placing my faith in President Donald Trump and the White Hats that I  believe are helping him address these persistent and deep threats. I will continue to do what I can to help advance the concepts of #UNRIG, an Open Source Agency, and the need to reform and integrate education, intelligence, and research.

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