Utsava Psychic Medium 10-20-19… “GW Bush junior; Best Kept secret, Mitt Romney’s ARREST, Impeachment scam, CA fires & PG&E and more!”

Pretty “fascinating” message here from Utsava. See highlight points below.

A few Highlight points:

  • Queen under “house arrest”.
  • Royals have lost power.
  • Andrew has been involved in trafficking. Younger royals will end up living “normal” life.
  • PG&E cut power to 800,000 to assist in roundup of underground child trafficking network. White hat operation. Black hats retaliated with fires.
  • Terms used by DJT like “Creepy Joe”, “Sleepy Joe” (Biden), “Crazy Nancy”, “Nervous Nancy” (Pelosi), he’s referring to different actors. The real Biden and Pelosi have been arrested. New ones are replacements.
  • Obama executed, many others arrested.
  • JFK, Jr. will reveal himself, but order of events is important before this happens.
  • Hunter Biden forced to leave Chinese company, will be exposed (along with Joe) for Ukraine deals.
  • Pence knows he won’t be on Repub. ticket for VP.
  • Romney involved in shady dealings. Romney arrest will coordinate with JFK, Jr. appearance.
  • Bush, Jr., new information… Still alive. 2-year contract to assist White Hats. He has done so much “good” that he has reversed his karma. Helped to save Planet Earth.
  • Bush, Jr., from spiritual perspective, is a hero.
  • Cards at Bush, Sr. funeral: most got cards that Sr. “rolled over”, Sr. was not in casket. Others are in trouble (except Pence; got card with “Attaboy, Good job” message).
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    Published on October 21, 2019

    Learn new insights into George W Bush junior,
    an upcoming arrest for Mitt Romney,
    why the power was turned off by PG&E in CA for 800,000 residents and more!
    Where is Hunter Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Soros and Ruth? Utsava says that they are arrested or have already received judgement.
    Utsava also points out again what really happened at the Bush senior funeral and what was on the cards.
    Psychic Medium Utsava has proven her accuracy for several years and provides amazing prophecies.

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