Berto Jongman: Pentagon Worried About Its Own Collapse in 20 Years…

Berto Jongman

Pentagon Report Predicts Collapse of US Military Within 20 Years

Faced with the challenges of global climate change as well as the refugee crisis and armed conflicts it will create, the U.S. military may very well collapse.

That’s the dire conclusion of a Pentagon-commissioned report about the future of the military, first published online in August with little fanfare and recently surfaced by Motherboard. The takeaway is clear: if humanity continues to destroy the environment, American infrastructure could collapse and the military would be so ill-equipped to respond that it too would fall apart.

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ROBERT STEELE: There are three things that are interesting about this report.

First. the integration of national infrastructure and military power projection is made for the first time.  The Marine Corps has known for a long time that it cannot “mount out” in the dark — it literally cannot pack up and get on ships without shore power, there are not enough flashlights and they are not trained, equipped, and organized to transition from base to ship in the dark. The other services, larger and more complex, are in even worse shape.

Second, there is no mention of the fact that our 1,000 bases overseas, apart from being the foundation for a global Deep State smuggling network using military assets to move drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children, are a terrible drain on our economy and our millitary.

Third, there is no acknowledgement that we are building a military optimized to enrich contractors and their banks, unable to win wars. The lack of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and strategic  thinking within our national military — and the intermediate D3C (diplomacy, development, defense, and commerce) as well as the larger Whole Nation or Whole of Government construction, remains the stake in the heart of US power.

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