7 Types Of Marijuana That Are Good For Meditation


By Guest Writer Rebecca Smith,

Meditation is one of the earliest spiritual practices that help individuals to control their minds leading to a happy and healthy life. Some of the benefits of meditation include the elimination of negative thoughts, anxiety, worries and other factors that prevent you from being happy. The benefits you get from practicing meditation are almost similar to those of marijuana. This is why a blend of the two delivers incredible results.

With increased legalization of marijuana, many people are embracing the substance. The good news is that marijuana is now easily available. Apart from the many physical dispensaries, you can buy marijuana online from a reliable seller and have it delivered right at your home.

If you are a fan of Sativa, indica, or any other marijuana strain, these top strains are suitable for your meditation.

1. Game Changer

It belongs to the indica strain and contains THC levels of up to 21%. The Game Changer has a sweet taste and thought to be one of the best-tasting marijuana strains. It can improve mood and doesn’t cause sleepiness. Since it changes a person’s state of mind to improve their quality of life, it is perfect for meditation. If you are seeking to change your view on something like from negative to positive, then this is the kind of weed to use.

2. Big Buddha Cheese

It gives you an energizing and uplifting buzz. Big Buddha Cheese is an excellent strain for managing depression. One of the main objectives of meditation is to release anxiety and depression, which is precisely what Big Buddha Cheese helps you to accomplish. When you take this weed, it helps by allowing a flow of positive thoughts into your brain to form a pleasant sensation and will enable you to appreciate the beauty of the world and find peace in your heart. 

3. White Widow


White Widow is a common strain due to its effects on creativity and energy. When you smoke this strain, you will feel the urge to connect with others as well as with your mind and the world. Meditation is about connecting with yourself and the world and goes well with White Widow. In the health sector, doctors use a white widow to treat patients with depression, bipolar disorder, headaches, and fatigue. Due to its psychological effects, we recommend it for picnics, long walks, and open-minded meditation.

4. Double Dream

Double Dream is another Sativa-dominant variety that tastes like spices and sweet berries. It will leave you dreamy while treating depression, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Double Dream will give you rest when it slowly hits the brain then spreads throughout your body. By stimulating the brain, it makes you creative and hypotonic. It balances the brain and the body, and this makes it a good choice for a lasting and comfortable meditation session. When you are peaceful and calm after taking Double Dream, you can enhance your meditative state.

5. Mars OG

When you feel lost and confused, it can be hard to determine the cause of this feeling and why it is affecting your life. You may have to turn to meditation for answers. Mars OG can provide you with an altered state of mind that allows you to feel safe in your body and surroundings as you release that negative energy. Meditation plus Mars OG will help you to find a better sense of yourself. Once you take Mars OG, you feel an immediate sense of relaxation and calm, and these two things are essential in meditation.

6. Northern Light

Northern Light is one of the purest indica strains that will give you a full-on head minutes after consuming. Furthermore, it will send you into a state of euphoria and relax your muscles. As such, when meditating with this strain, you will be able to hold your pose for long. It also improves sleep and helps with stress-related issues. If you are looking to boost your meditation proactive, Northern Light will give you satisfaction.

7. Lamb’s Bread

As a hybrid, Lamb’s Bread has stimulant properties of Sativa and relaxant properties of indica. The strain can help you to tap your creativity, and this benefit translates to meditation as well. Once consumed, you enter a state of euphoria that will help you to begin your meditation sessions with an open mind. Lamb’s Bread also brings out the positive vibes in a person, and its calming effect on the brain is essential for your medication practice.


Marijuana legalization enables users to enjoy vast health benefits by taking advantage of its medicinal properties. The use of meditation to bring happiness by humans began centuries ago. Meditation is good for the soul, mind, and body. It aims to help you ease your worries and attain a peaceful state of mind. This practice is more effective when combined with marijuana.  Marijuana is vital in meditation because it helps to relieve stress, relax your mind, and give you a euphoric feeling. To enjoy the benefits of this perfect combination, you can purchase marijuana seeds from verified online suppliers and begin your garden.