Gordon Duff: Russia says Bagdadi killing faked by US

Exlcusive: Russia says Bagdadi killing faked by US, part of new move against the region by Deep State

Russian intelligence inside Syria reported that their S400 radar systems which cover Idlib saw no American aircraft over the area where the Baghdadi raid was claimed. 

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Russia Today: Russian MoD doubts Trump’s announcement of killing ISIS chief al-Baghdadi, rejects claims it assisted US forces in op

ROBERT STEELE: I am reminded of the fake Bin Laden gifted to Barack Obama and Leon  Panetta — US Special Forces were sent to their deaths for political theater, the real Bin Laden having died in 2001 and a series of fakes rolled out by CIA — the last one was a purely Pakistani product. In this instance I believe our President has been lied to and a mix of CIA and Pentagon traitors set the President up.  While there may be DNA kits that work in  real time the normal DNA test takes 24-72 hours; I absolutely do not believe a body was dug out; and I absolutely do not believe Bagdadi was crying and whimpering. This all sounds like bullshit from a juvenile mind in Covert Act Staff lacking in adult supervision. ISIS was created by CIA with the Mossad and Saudi Arabia.  All indications are that the President is being manipulated and his new National Security Advisor is not up to the task for protecting the President from inter-agency lies. I cannot help but emphasize that the CIA and the Pentagon and the FBI have all been covering up 9/11, in which Dick Cheney and Donald  Rumsfeld were the principal US traitors.  I am stunned — just as the President is about to triumph with the FISA indictments, upgraded to criminal and including possibly the murder of Seth Rich, he goes and puts this crap on the table?  This is a very disappointing turn of events.  When the truth comes out, as it inevitably will, the President is going to take a huge credibility hit.

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