Election 2020 – Week to 27 Oct 2019

Sunday, 27 Oct 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. In combination, the public itemization of major crimes by senior intelligence and justice officials (Sidney Powell for Michael Flynn); the elevation of the FISA inquiry to the criminal level including complicity in murder of Seth Rich; and the potential rescue of Julian Assange from the UK to serve in the US under pardon and protection as an asset against the Deep State and its intelligence agency “dirty jobbers” all spell the death of the Democratic Party. Coming on top of DNC efforts to again “rig” the primaries and DNC admissions that they raise more money if Trump wins re-election, the death of the Democratic Party appears certain.  NOT CERTAIN is whether President Trump will implement #UNRIG to mobilize Independents and Libertarians.

Budget Busters/Economy.  All media hysteria aside, the President appears to be both reducing the costs of Empire, and keeping the economy on a positive slope.  HOWEVER:

Candidates.  Biden collapsing, Warren rising but not beloved, Sanders beloved but being blocked, Gabbard considering an independent run? Bloomberg-Gabbard? Warren-Buttigig?

SourceAnd were they looking at children to pick one for the next go?

Demographics. Students and Jews and labor up, moderates on the left terrified?

Down-Ticket Impact.  All incumbents appear vulnerable.  Senate considered by some to be vulnerable to Democratic win. The big question is whether Trump will implement #UNRIG in time to break the two party tyranny in Congress in 2022 if not 2020.

Election Reform/Electoral College. Everyone speaking ill of the Electoral College lacks either intelligence or integrity.  We are the fifty united STATES of America, not the disunited popular MOB of America.  A Republic.

Fake News/Election Interference.  #GoogleGestapo is feeling the heat — and losing influence. Election interference is still very real, especially within Google’s hidden search manipulation, but on balance both the MSM and social media appear to be losing ground to common sense and truth-telling.

Impeachment/Investigations. The fake impeachment continues. Once the real FISA indictments come out, the Democrats will be bleeding so heavily the impeachment show will end and the criminal indictment show will rule.

Issues. No one is talking about the issues in a serious manner. No one is talking about the budget or true cost economics in a serious manner. 

Technology. Facebook is starting to get it at the same time that it is collapsing (and eventually those 50% fake accounts will impact on its market cap). The others are in denial. The government has been slow to RICO them.  This story may break in the spring.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. No one is being serious about this.

Zionist Influence on USA. President Trump is a genius. When he gave Miriam Adelson the Medal of Freedom he was buying his own freedom to bury Benjamin Netanyahu.


Big Picture.

SPECIAL: Game-Changing Court Filing by Michael Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell…PLUS DoJ Elevates Russia Witchhunt to Criminal Inquiry Plus Seth Rich Murder Now Central

DOJ inquiry into origins of Russia investigation has shifted to criminal probe

Stunning, Potentially Game-Changing, Court Filing by Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell…

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‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ – Establishment Democrats Are Looking For A “Savior” To Enter The Race

The DNC Versus Democracy

Budget Busters/Economy.

Trump Ushers in Financially Responsible Empire

Shiller: Recession’s “Not Right Around The Corner” Thanks To Trump-Inspired Consumption



Biden Donors ‘Furious’ Over ‘Very Alarming’ Money Situation As Most Obama Bundlers Flee

Biden Faces Fundraising Woes as Buttigieg Appears to be Snatching Up Some of His Donors

Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, ‘Is There Anybody Else?’

Warren opens up 7-point lead over Biden nationally: poll

Biden way ahead of the pack in new national poll

The 2020 Election Is Shaping Up To Be An Expensive Run

A top Hillary Clinton adviser went on Fox and talked about how she could run in 2020. Huh?

Clinton 2020? Say It Ain’t So, Hillary!

Hillary 2020? Is The Democratic Party “On Suicide Watch”?

Hillary’s going down—BIG TIME!

Tulsi Gabbard’s Clinton clash sparks speculation about her political future

Third-Party Run? Tulsi Gabbard Says She Won’t Seek Re-election To Congress 

Bernie Sanders says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will work in his administration if he’s president


Warren and Sanders race to out-left each other — and moderates are terrified

The Student Vote Is Surging. So Are Efforts to Suppress It.

Jews Could Swing the 2020 Election: And why that’s not a good thing

Blue Texas? Donald Trump visits Lone Star State as Democrats seek inroads

Down-Ticket Impact.

Democrats now have a real chance at winning the Senate in 2020

Key incumbents are losing the money battle as 2020?s top Senate races heat up

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Reforming the Electoral College

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig Advocates for Changes to the Electoral College

President Trump Talks About Doing Away With the Electoral College

Fake News/Election Interference.

Trump Cancels All Admins’ NYT, WaPo Subs: “Will Save 100s Of 1000s Of Taxpayer Dollars”

Has Pierre Delecto Killed Mitt Romney’s Political Career?

Bernie Blasts Hillary’s “Outrageous” Gabbard “Russian Asset” Smear

Trump campaign to sue CNN over pro-impeachment bias, demands ‘substantial payment’

“Racist Watch” Website Outs Trump Donors; Goes Offline

This MSNBC Clip Is Everything Ugly About Russia Smears

“Russia” Is All They’ve Got – Exposing The Agents Of Empire

Actual Witches Hunt Trump With Pre-Halloween “Binding Spell”

“The Bubble Is Starting To Burst” For Online Social Media Influencers

Is Buttigieg An Agent Of Facebook? New Emails Show Zuck Advised Campaign Of Harvard Buddy

Tulsi Gabbard Is Being Used by the Russians, and to a Former US Double Agent, the Evidence Is Clear | Opinion

Russia’s Troll Farm Is Kind of Sh*tting the Bed on Facebook

National Enquirer Buried 60 Damaging Stories About Donald Trump Before Election, Ronan Farrow Claims


Impeachment isn’t popular in Wisconsin and these 5 other key swing states

Trump accuses Obama of treason for ‘spying’ on his 2016 campaign

Trump dismisses need for impeachment team: ‘I’m the team’

Is the Trump impeachment investigation about crime or politics? | The Bottom Line

Dershowitz: Impeachers Searching For New Crimes

Impeachment Just Became Inevitable

Trump Impeachment Odds Spike Amid Secretive House Hearings

Judge orders State Department to release Ukraine records in 30 days

Only 7(!) Republican senators are ruling out removing Donald Trump

A Majority of Independents Believe Trump Should Be Impeached: Poll

GOP Lawmakers Storm Secretive Impeachment Hearing In Capitol Basement; Demand Transparency

Impeachment Will Fail

“…A Partisan Lynching!”

Joe Biden said in 1998 that Clinton impeachment could be seen as ‘partisan lynching’

Snyder: If Donald Trump Is Impeached, All Hell Will Break Loose In America

Trump Says Republicans Need To ‘Get Tougher And Fight’ On Impeachment

CNN Poll: 50% support impeaching Trump and removing him from office

John Roberts Won’t Let Mitch McConnell Derail a Trump Impeachment Trial

US Ambassador Tells Impeachment Panel Of Trump-Ukraine Quid Pro Quo


Joe Biden blasts Trump for ‘squandering’ a strong economy and forgetting the middle class

William Barr is on the right side of history

Trump Education Official Quits, Says Govt Should Forgive “Fundamentally Broken” Student Loans

Maryland Attorney General Says Jared Kushner’s Company Had ‘Deceptive Practices,’ Rented Rodent-Infested Units

The Stock Market Has a Lot of Money Riding on the 2020 Election

Bi*ch Please: Democrat’s Bill Would Punish Curse Word With Jail

Can Trump Survive Ending ‘Project Syria’?

Ron Paul: Homeschoolers Are Educated, Not Indoctrinated

The Problem With Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth-Tax Plan

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Strike Down a Major Obama-Era Agency


Democrats Are a Clear and Present Danger to Internet Freedom

Backfire? Amazon may have just made this election about itself.

Facebook tries to get its house in order ahead of 2020 election

‘We Have A Big Responsibility’: Facebook Rolls Out New Election Security Measures

New Facebook features fight election lies everywhere but ads

Twitter Loses a Fifth Of Its Market Cap On Huge Guidance Miss

Goldman downgrades Twitter, slashes price target all the way to $34 from $52

Rupert Murdoch wanted Mark Zuckerberg to pay him for news stories — and now Facebook is going to do just that

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

House Dems pass election security bill, ignoring Trump’s veto threat

Here’s where U.S. cyber warriors are working to protect against election threats

Zionist Influence on USA.

Netanyahu can’t form a government. Here’s what’s next for Israeli politics

Forthcoming: Tehran Times Peace in the Middle East by 2024 1.3

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