Good Old Joe

By Anna Von Reitz

I keep saying–bluntly– you are all victims of identity theft.  You are Americans but you have been deliberately and with malice aforethought misidentified as US Citizens–as if you were born in Puerto Rico. 

Your credit cards and other assets have been stolen by your federal employees and used as collateral for their debts and investments. Now they are going bankrupt and leaving you on the hook as the “presumed” co-signers of their loans. 

This is after they already embezzled and double-billed and extracted the value and benefit out of all the money and assets of yours that they seized upon and used as collateral. 

This is the same situation, howbeit, on a much larger scale, as some con artist taking out a loan in your name and leaving you to pay for it. Or a credit card hacker going out and buying things on your card and leaving you to pay for it.

This is as plain and simple as I can make it and still, people aren’t quite getting what has gone on here. 

In this situation you are the Priority Creditors in the bankruptcy, but your claims are not being brought forward and your assets are not being protected and these Odious Debts are not being discharged because the people on your payroll who are supposed to be protecting your “Persons and property” have done the exact opposite. 

They have preyed upon and pillaged you instead.  

So, waking up to this nightmare is not pleasant.  You are on a runaway train.  Your employees have run amok and gone rogue.  And what are you going to do about it? 

1. You are going to correct the falsified political status records they foisted off on you, to make it appear that you are a “US Citizen”– that is, Federal Employee. 

2.  You are going to boot up the actual American Government you are owed, assemble your States of the Union, and present yourselves, instead of being “represented” by these crooks. 

3. You are going to bring forward your claims as a victim of these fraud artists and you are going to hold the foreign governments responsible for these wildly mismanaged corporations to account– specifically the Holy See and the British Monarch. 

Your actual Federation of States, the unincorporated version of The United States of America, has been in the field working to protect your interests and expose this criminality — but God helps those who help themselves. 

Imagine waking up one day to find jack-booted UN Troops on your doorstep, waving AK47’s and telling you that you and your family are being evicted from your homes and land for failure to pay debts you never authorized and never knew about?  

Debts accrued “for” you under totally False Pretenses and False Presumptions?  

These same UN Troops tell you that your “share” of this debt is $750,000.00 for each person in your household.  Pay up within 30 days or else they will be back to physically remove you from your home. 

This is what THEY have planned for you and every other American. 

We have a different plan. 

We expose the criminality and double-dog dare them to deny it. 

We demand remedy and restitution– the discharge of all these Odious Debts and the return of our Persons and other assets free and clear of debt or encumbrance. 

As their Employers, we order them to stand down, and we tell the rest of the world the God’s honest truth– we were not aware of and did not authorize any of this fraud. 

Our contracts with these con artists are clearly spelled out in the Constitutions and any presumption of any other “power” is disallowed and not in evidence. 

These fraud artists have sat on our shores since 1913 making “equitable exchanges” of our silver for their paper and because the American Public was fooled into thinking these charlatans were their Lawful government, they trusted these interlopers and didn’t hold them to account. 

But now we are. 

Now we have no other choice, but to wake up and see the situation for what it is. 

We don’t owe the “US Debt”.  We are owed the American National Credit instead.  

All those scheming foreign powers and for-profit corporations are being given the boot by Americans just like you, who know who they are, and who have taken the time to correct their falsified political status records and put together their State Assemblies. 

I have asked this question before– if you knew that you were the victim of identity theft, how long would it take you to take action and report it? 

If some credit card hacker stole your card and charged $3000 of unauthorized charges how long would it take you to object to the charge and report it? 

So if foreign governments abscond with $25 trillion dollars worth of your credit and assets — and leave you on the hook to pay for it all — how long is it going to take you to wake up? And take action? 

As of this morning, 33 States of the Union have Assembled.  The United States of America — your own unincorporated Federation of States — is issuing the proper paperwork to protect you and to redirect the federal Subcontractors. 

This isn’t taking place in a vacuum.

People around the world are waking up to the same nightmare of unaccountable incorporated “government” entities that are merely for-profit corporations in the business of providing “governmental services” –yet posing as their own legitimate government, racking up unauthorized debt against their credit and assets, and parading around as if employees had the right to harass and bilk and intimidate their employers. 

Support the only government that is supporting you– your own. 

For Americans that means the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and your own State Assembly. 

Get busy! Join today!  

Don’t have an Assembly in your State?  There are some States that are lagging behind and so, remain easy targets for the fraud artists. 

Form your Assembly and stand up for your own State of the Union. You know how.  And if you don’t, there is plenty of help already on board to get you started.  

All that Government of, for, and by the People really needs is what? People. 

Your country–the actual factual country– and your countrymen, need you to wake up and lend a hand.


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