Houston Mayoral Candidate Says Government & Media Are Run By “Organized Crime”

Derrick Broze, an activist and journalist who is running for Mayor in Houston, is going an unorthodox route in his political campaign. He is trying to appeal to an awakening citizenry by calling out both the local government and the local media in Houston as corrupt, biased, and even controlled by organized crime.

Two weeks ago, at the FT Bend Super Neighborhood Forum, held at the Fondren Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Houston, Broze spoke with other mayoral candidates about their platforms and addressed individual concerns of local residents.

Broze spoke on numerous issues relating to his campaign, including the controversial 5G rollout, police surveillance and militarization, as well as drug legalization and other measures. In one portion of the discussion below, Broze gives an erudite assessment of the subversive way that politics really works in Houston, and by extension virtually all cities in the United States, in terms of how only the candidates that are already invested in criminality, and are willing to continue policies of non-transparency of taxpayer dollars, are then supported both financially and by the media:

You know, I can understand a politician, an elected official saying look, it’s going to take too much time to tell you, you know, where all the budgets are going, how many contracts we’re signing, but, I mean, think about it: this is your money. It seems like politicians always say well, it’s too hard, it’s too difficult, it’s going to take too long, let us just filter down information, right?

And also the other thing, as far as transparency, we’re living in a digital age where it is so easy to put this information online, it really, it takes moments to get the information from the budget, the contracts and immediately have a place that Houstonians that want to keep up with this can go and check and keep up with and that includes budgets under $50,000 because as others have pointed out, this is just going to allow a situation that gives government officials a creative way to hide money, and to shuffle it around so that you don’t see the bigger picture. And that’s what they always do.

And also to Mr. Taylor’s point, you know, at the end of the day I think when we really look at this race, and we look at how the city’s being run and you look at how local media is controlling this race, as well, and giving you a perception there’s only 4 candidates running and you have corrupted officials, at the end of the day we have to recognize that the local government all the way from the bottom to the top and the media from the bottom to the top is run by organized crime.

Why It Matters: Derrick Broze’s comments are emblematic of a sea change that is starting to happen in politics. Whereas in the past, politicians all had to ‘play the game’ and not speak out against the system they were trying to get elected into, today more and more people are going into politics with a mandate to call out the system. Similar to the way Tulsi Gabbard is going against convention in calling out the corruption in her own party and the bias complicity in this corruption from mainstream media, Derrick Broze is both bucking the system itself and trying to help transform it from within, articulating on how easy it would be from a technological point of view to maintain transparency in government spending.

The Conscious Takeaway: The first step of the CE Protocol is ‘Breaking The Illusion’. What Broze is doing is taking the opportunity to lift the veil of deception that is occurring in politics and in media and showing us the truth about how our world functions. A growing number of people are ready for these truths, but sometimes it takes a brave individual operating within the system to sound the alarm bell that finally wakes us up for good. When we come to realize that the real fight is not between the Left and the Right, but rather between Truth and Deception, then there will be a groundswell of support for leaders who earnestly want the truth to be revealed and for the current system to be transformed accordingly. Armed with the truth, we can more accurately see the world we live in and thus know where we are so we can make decisions to move forward. This does not only involve our outer participation in the world, we can looking inward with a greater hunger for truth leading to a more fulfilling life. Check out the free 4-step CE protocol to see if it might work for you.

Looking Deeper: We have long written about people in politics who have called out the system for its outright corruption and criminality. Earlier whistleblowers are especially to be commended because they were subject to tremendous backlash and retribution by the powerful forces they were outing. They have now paved the way for a growing number of new renegades like Derrick Broze to be speaking to audiences that are more and more ready to hear and heed the message.

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