Kp Update 10-31-19… “Improvements”

When I use the word “improvements”, that means on many levels. First level is that Mother has gone through several phases of “hospital illuminations”, including first, the slight brain hemorrhaging, second the recovery from that, leading to, third, the discovery of a major colon problem, requiring an emergency colonectomy. Fourth, being in ICU for a few days in (apparently) immense pain at times. I visited once, and when they moved her, I was in immense pain as I heard her cry out in pain. Fifth, her second visit and recovery, in a “regular” hospital room.

There was a time yesterday when I was told she had supposedly said she “wanted to die”, and I was ready for that, and to help her (and my Dad) through that. But today, we (my aunt and I) visited her at the hospital (she’s out of ICU, and now in a “regular room”), and as we talked and spent some time with her, it appeared that that was not on her mind at all. She even said, at one point, “I want to go back to my bed”. Which implied a desire to return to the parents’ house.

Right now, I am communicating with her (and my father) telepathically, and keeping that communication pathway open. And I communicated with her verbally (and telepathically) that if she chooses to come back to the house and be there to recover (and live the remainder of her life, perhaps), she will NOT be “required” to do any cooking, or housework, or full-time taking care of Dad.

We’ll see what happens.

We are living this process one day at a time. And she knows she is supported in whatever decision she wants to make.

Once again, many, many thanks to each and every BEing who has sent their Light, Love, and Support, to my Mother, my Father, and myself.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Note: The image here is from a few years ago, but I liked the Solar Light radiating.