Election 2020 – Week to 3 Nov 2019

Sunday, 3 Nov 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. The impeachment drama is not working. Most believe President Trump will win re-election, and this is before he rolls out all of his cultural, economic, legal, military, and political initiatives. Peace in the Middle East will join the denuclearization and unification of the Koreas as a Trump winning issue in 2020.  Sidenote: the $10 billion wall is being cut up using $100 power tools.  Seriously?

Budget Busters/Economy.  Warren’s election could hurt economy from a Wall Street perspective.

Candidates.  Hillary will run, says Dick, Morris. Harris is imploding. Harris is officially toast. Weak signals on Trump’s base being dividable — 20% of GOPers do not consider the President honest and 33% of GOPers say Trump does not make them feel proud.   This  Washington Post report is questionable, but worthy of note.Bill Weld beneath contempt? Warren-Buttigieg rise in Iowa, everyone else including Biden drop.  “Beto born to lead” quits with a whimper.  No one gives a shit.

Demographics.  West has lost influence in picking presidential candidates. Latinos in play, neither Biden nor Trump doing well with them.  BUT Arizona could decide the Presidential election according to one account. Middle class – working class — are they being ignored by both parties? The young — 7 million of them — could matter greatly in 2020 vote.

Down-Ticket Impact. Republicans imploding, retiring, no one leading new blood to the fight? Shift to the extreme left is political suicide — Nancy Pelosi gets this.

Election Reform/Electoral College. Pelosi gets that the Electoral College is the law of the land.  The mob running for various offices is not seeing this.

Fake News/Election Interference. More bullshit about foreign interference in US elections.

Impeachment/Investigations. Speaker meets Republicans half-way. Capability of House Republicans called into question. Could the impeachment witchhunt lead to a government shut-down? Senate unlikely to convict at this point but Senators concerned about growing narrative (note: there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking FOR a corruption investigation, the real crime was Joe Biden STOPPING a corruption investigation).  The name of the whistleblower will inevitably be revealed, at which point the whistleblower’s lack of credibility will come into play. Vote for impeachment along party lines, no Republicans broke ranks while two Democrats voted against impeachment. Democrats starting to see the  true cost to them of the impeachment effort that is nothing less than sedition — a felony. Whistleblower now reluctant to testify — criminal indictment looming for Brennan could have something to do with that.

Issues. No one is serious about issues (or integrity) and that includes President Trump. Warren may be doomed by her Medicare for All proposal, but her “big three” issues and proposed solutions are hypocritical crap.

Technology. Twitter banning all political ads while Facebook stops censoring any political ads.  Facebook will make money, Twitter will not. Facebook may have the power to hurt President Trump — President Trump has the power to hurt Facebook but is not using that power.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.


Big Picture.

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Smugglers Are Using $100 Hardware Store Power Tools to Saw Holes in Trump’s $10 Billion Wall

Budget Busters/Economy.

Two more billionaires say the 2020 election could trigger a market plunge


Hillary Will Run In 2020 Because “She Feels She Was Put On Earth To Be President,” Clinton Ally Says

Kamala Harris to slash staff, restructure campaign as she hemorrhages cash

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These 7 Million Young People Can Beat Trump

Down-Ticket Impact.

The GOP’s nightmare scenario

“What Are You Thinking?”: Pelosi Warns 2020 Candidates They’re On The Wrong Track

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Pelosi cautions 2020 Dems over liberal proposals: ‘You must win the Electoral College’

Fake News/Election Interference.

Russia May Not Be the Only Threat to U.S. Elections in 2020


House resolution outlines public phase of impeachment inquiry, gives GOP subpoena powers

House Republicans are blowing Trump’s impeachment defense

With impeachment consuming Congress, lawmakers fear threat of a government shutdown

Senate GOP shifts tone on impeachment

‘Bigger problems’: Republican lawmaker says Schiff should confirm name of whistleblower

‘Pinnacle of irresponsibility’: Attorneys decline to confirm CIA officer Eric Ciaramella is whistleblower

How Democrats and Republicans Voted on Trump Impeachment Rules

Polls show support for impeachment weaker in key battleground states

Nancy Pelosi just identified the biggest risk for Democrats on impeachment

GOP embraces impeachment fight in 2020 ads, betting Trump inquiry will backfire on Democrats

‘No further discussion’: Talks halt between whistleblower lawyers and Schiff staff amid expectation he won’t testify


The issue that Obama alums think could doom Elizabeth Warren


Twitter to ban all political ads amid 2020 election uproar

Facebook Feels Pressure On Political Ad Policy

Zuckerberg’s power to hurt Trump

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

Does Israel Have Something to Fear from Donald Trump?

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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