Once More, Slowly.

By Anna Von Reitz

What are these “Arbitration Awards” being paid out with?
With Federal Reserve Notes, or checks, which transfer digits in a bank ledger, which are merely “representations” of Federal Reserve Notes called “Money of Account”.
And what are Federal Reserve Notes?
Federal I.O.U.’s
So you’ve got an I.O.U. —- or a “representation” of an I.O.U., issued by the British Territorial United States….
What are these I.O.U.’s based on?
Your own assets.
You are taxing yourself and putting yourself deeper in debt by accepting the “benefit” of your own credit.
Well, it is your own credit, and you should be able to access it when need arises — but wait…. these guys are forcing you to identify yourself as a United States Citizen before they let you dig yourself and your country deeper into debt.
And what does that do, in addition to digging yourself and your country deeper into debt?
It gives away your actual underlying assets — your land, your soil, your labor, your Good Name, everything — to the British Queen, and then, she sells your assets to the Pope.
Oh, lovely.
Now you have gone from being a free American and the lawful owner of great actual material wealth, to being a landless, penniless, deeply-in-debt Pauper, a subject of the Queen and a slave for the Pope.
In exchange for some paper casino chips, whose only value is based on your own assets… you are being robbed of your inheritance…
And all by your own hand.
All “voluntarily”.
You just ran to that trough as fast as you could go, and drank your own blood, and you still think you got a free lunch.
You are mistaking your own credit as a “remedy” for their debt to you.
They are laughing at you.
They are thinking, “Geez, these Americans are stupid! Come on, Fiona, keep those printing presses rolling….”
Truly, my people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge. And the whole world is being bilked.
Let’s take another instance, for all the Gold Bugs out there, the True Believers who think that gold is “the answer”.
Remember Jekyll Island?
Remember the Hundred Year Plan that was discussed there, back in the early 1900’s?
What did that Hundred Year Plan call for?
The substitution of fiat currency for actual money.
The collection and consolidation of all the gold supplies on Earth, to the extent possible.
Gradual but continuous devaluation of the fiat currency, so that it becomes worthless.
Return to the gold standard under emergency conditions, thus solving the problem you created by going to fiat currency in the first place.
Classic Hegelian Dialectic — or, as I prefer to call it, Tricky Bullshit.
Oh, and, by the way, charge the great-grandsons and great-granddaughters of all the man and women you stole the gold from in the first place, up the wazoo to buy back what should have been their inheritance—except for criminal confiscations of private property and an enforced side trip through the Land of Oz in 1907 and again in 1933…. and 2015….
Nobody will be alive long enough to remember the details after a hundred years.
Or so the bankers think.
Gold is only nominally better than paper.
Used as money, both are just “symbols” of value.
Both are subject to manipulation.
Both are held captive by the commodity-rigging bankers.
It’s all just a shell game and sleight of hand.
A game of sticky-fingers.
Neither paper nor gold have any great intrinsic value.
That was true when the Incas ruled. It’s still true now.
And the difference between gold and paper is akin to the difference between Republican and Democrat—-chocolate feces or raspberry, Ma’am?
Put no faith in the vanities and idols of men.
Turn your faces away and use your brains. Think.
“Money” is a commodity like green grapes (stocks, bonds, notes) or red grapes (gold, silver, jewels).
Is it any Big Change, when both kinds of grapes are for sale, and the supply is still controlled by the same vendors?
Think. If there’s not enough “money” or enough “credit” —whose fault is it?
It has to be either the vendors or the producers of the commodity—possibly both.
If you need more wheat, you need more wheat farmers, right?
Or, you need to shake loose wheat hoarders who are holding back supplies that already exist, in order to spike prices.
It’s one way or the other, because guess what? Money in all forms is just another commodity, like pork bellies and peas.
It’s manufactured, produced, moved around, delivered, transferred, bought, sold, manipulated, speculated on…..like rice and soybeans, GM and GE.
So if you need more money, you need more and better bankers.
Can you build a better casino token? Produce bitcoins or buffalo chips? (Plastic ones, of course.)
Or find something better to found your “values” on.
That’s how stupid all this really is. That’s how brainless we have all been.
Taken in. And to the cleaners. Time and time again.
Generation after generation.
And because the bankers function on a long calendar of a hundred years or more, nobody recognizes it when the same-old-same-old rolls around again.
Well, almost nobody.
Until now.


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