Yoda: Iran Makes Overture to President Trump – Iran Student Leader Regrets 1979 U.S. Embassy Attack

This public admission was assuredly approved by the Supreme Leader of Iran. This is an overture from the Supreme  Leader to President Donald Trump.

Iran student leader says he regrets 1979 U.S. Embassy attack

“Like Jesus Christ, I bear all the sins on my shoulders,” said Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, a student leader who says he now regrets the seizure of the U.S. embassy and the 444-day hostage crisis.

ROBERT STEELE:  I consider Secretary of State Pompeo, a Christian Zionist, to be a totally controlled puppet of the Deep State (in league with the senior liars at CIA committing sedition against our President) and in active betrayal of our President and the public interest. Iran is absolutely correct to demand that Palestine be returned to the Palestinians (meaning that the invented state of Israel must be uninvented).  When Miko Peled — his grandfather signed Israel’s Declaration of Independence — says that Israel must go — the time is right for our President to “make the deal” with Iran. Pastor Chuck Baldwin has it exactly right: the Christian Zionist are in a state of treason; Israel is our enemy, not our friend.

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