Kp Update 11-7-19… “Mom Update”

Mother has been improving in her overall health the last few days. For example:

She is now eating solid foods (like pureed turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, yogurt, ice cream), which she had much trouble with before and she has been able to eliminate those solids.

Her speech is clearer, although still some difficulty speaking quickly, but it is always understandable. When I saw her on 11-5-19, she was quite alert, and her communication with me and the nurses and doctors was very clear.

She is gradually learning to take necessary medications in solid form (pills, whole or crushed up, rather than intravenously). The doctors are confident that once she is able to do that, she’ll be returning to rehab.

My father and I continue to be very grateful for everyone’s support.

Aloha, Kp