Yoda: Dr. Pippa Malmgren on Global Civil Unrest

Alert Reader writes in:

What causes the civil unrest we see everywhere worldwide? The breakdown of the social contract.

Each government has a social contract with its constituents and it is not one single contract all across the board: it depends on circumstances (Bush and Carter had different contracts with us, so does Trump), countries and constituents specific needs at any given moment and how well one party fulfills its duties compared to the other one.

The worldwide civil unrest results from a global failure of governments due to the enormous debts they all have piled up over decades, which deprive populations of the promises they had been given: education, healthcare, retirement, infrastructures, whatever was needed when the contract was entered-into and was not delivered.

Civilians worldwide feel that they keep holding their end of the deal while seeing their duties increased by government after government.  All the while, worldwide, governments consistently fail to fulfill their duties until masses wake up and start asking: “Wait a minute! Where is what you promised and… WHO ARE YOU? On what grounds do I owe you anything whatsoever if you will not acknowledge your breach, let alone account for it? You breached the contract first and therefore we no longer owe you any duty.”

The tipping point is when people realize that… they never truly needed government, they can do everything themselves par consensus and they may be much, much better at managing the community’s money while getting things accomplished without trade off.

Pippa Malgrem goes into how government crackdowns exacerbate the problems until governments have gone too far into controlling the means of production and the currency.  Digitization will make or break what our future looks like.

All-Stars #75 Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Decoding the global explosion of civil unrest

Pippa Malgrem gives the pros and cons of technology and how the key is… balance and understanding that we are looking at symptoms from which we need to truly analyze the problem and find the solutions.  Technology’s power is in the media.  Hence the concentration of media while, at the same time, alternative is exploding everywhere despite censorship.: it is all a question of finding the most significant platform must susceptible to convey information that either party to the contract needs to see conveyed in order to regain control of the situation.  It sounds adversarial but it is a process and it is always ongoing, no matter the period, the times, the circumstances.  A constant attempt at rebalancing.