Edward Snowden Explains How Your Cellphone Has Become an Undercover Surveillance Device

By now, it should be crystal clear to anyone paying attention that individual autonomy and freedom is under attack by powerful forces with the capability to shape and mold society according to their own whims.

Tech monopolies like Google and Facebook have accumulated the power to erase your civil liberties, often without you even noticing it happening, even though it’s occurring right in front of your face, or in this case, right on your computer or cellphone screen.

Over the years, Google became the biggest “library” in the history of the world. While it began as an inconceivable blessing, giving people access to information they might never have had access to before, it has since morphed into a massive, and just as inconceivable, control device.

As of June 2019, Google has changed the game, and you are no longer able to access this vast treasure-trove of information in the same way you were able to in the past.

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