Natalia Romashkina: When Intelligence Suck, Nuclear War Is More Possible…

Strategic Instability in the Era of Information and Communication Technologies: Crisis or the New Norm?

Ph.D. in Political Science, Head of the Informational Security Problems Department of the Center for International Security at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Science of the Russian Federation

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ROBERT STEELE:  This is brilliant stuff.  When intelligence and IT suck, the chances of catastrophic nuclear-level mistakes escalate. I was the first to sound the alarm on cyber-shit, and was ignored.  I was also the first to call for intelligence to rise to the standard of promoting peaceful preventive measures.  Intelligence sucks.  It is our Achilles heel.

1994 Sounding the Alarm on Cyber-Security

1989 General Al Gray on Global Intelligence Challenges