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As much as I am concerned about Amazon’s ethical lapses (common to its predecessor rogue elephants), it does have enormous potential and ethics can be re-asserted — ethics is an operating system.

Here is what they are still missing:

01 Washington Post as an Open Source Intelligence unit implementing the Herring Triangle

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02 All publications on Amazon indexed so as to offer accurate citations (quotes with full academic citation including page number and permanent link) for micro-cash.

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03 Creating of global human expert councils leveraging top authors on each threat, each policy, each cost, each country, state/province, county/district. Identify the gaps and recruit/fund authors. Find better ways to weight truth. Create a globally distributed school of future-oriented hybrid governance.

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04 Creating an online holistic analytic model supported by cross fertilized journals at two levels: peer reviewed and reader reviewed.  Eliminate Thomson-Reuters and Elsevier, cut a deal with Sci-Hub in Russia.

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05 Get serious about true cost economics.

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06 Get serious about public education as a service including seven minute videos on everything, telling the truth, no propaganda, no lies. Fund Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as a new marketplace for the five billion poor.  Create a prosperous world at peace — capture four trillion annual income among the bottom five billion who need and can afford OSEE alternatives.

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07 Get serious about 100% political mobilization and online polling linked to truthful information accessible by the minute or page.

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Ethics, not money, is the final measure.  Creating a prosperous world at peace is the ultimate hack. It can also be profitable while doing no harm.

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