Seeking $2,500 to $5,000 in Donations — and Please Subscribe to #UNRIG Channel at YouTube!

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Our outage last night — an eight-hour outage — was NOT enemy action. We just had so much going on that the cache over-flowed and Apache/SQL failed.  We have fixed that and it should not happen again.

HOWEVER, we want to take reliability to the next level. This includes getting several more servers, doing load balancing, and essentially making it impossible to be shut down either by enemy action or internal short-falls.

At the same time, I have hired two part-timers to take #UNRIG channel at YouTube, backed up to BitChute, active.  The first interview with John McAfee will be posted Monday.  I will do three weekly videos: an interview, a week in review, and a live stream “ask me anything.”  Please do subscribe to the channel: Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG

HELP IF YOU CAN.  Seeking $2,500 – $5,000 via PayPal (or check).


Check: send email to robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com for address.

My federal lawsuit goes to trial March 2020 which is too late to leverage whatever award the jury will surely find in our favor.  So now I am thinking about rebooting #UNRIG as a national tour with a twist: it will include a candidate from each party and  two clowns, and will do two things: educate citizens on all issues not being addressed by the two-party tyranny; and pressure the two-party tyranny to embrace #UNRIG or lose to the Libertarian Presidential candidate. I continue to believe in President Donald Trump, but if he does not end the police state at home and endless war abroad, and start fulfilling his neglected promises including 9/11 disclosure and Epstein disclosure, then he is at risk to a Bloomberg-Gabbard ticket and that is on him, not us.  We will need to raise $50K a month for such a tour to be viable.  Am interested in any encouraging or discouraging thoughts all of you might have, email me please.