Robert Steele: Why Amazon Could / Should Win JEDI Protest

I have issues with Amazon. I withdrew all my reviews (I was at the time the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction) in protest over Amazon’s censorship of books, reviewers, and reviews. Amazon appears to be violating a lot of customer agreements by harvesting across silos of data in its for-fee cloud. Amazon has failed to implement all of the ideas I gave it in 2007, but on balance Amazon clearly the next big thing with potential for creating a World Brain that enables holistic analytics and true cost economics at the individual level not just the organizational level.

Amazon lost JEDI for three reasons, all actionable.

01 The President used undue influence and on this basis alone a recompete is possible.

02 DoD has no clue — it does not understand Microsoft’s limitations and it does not understand Amazon’s depth and breadth inclusive of innovation in blockchain that is off the charts.

03 Amazon sucks at federal communications — not only does Amazon not know how to make its case at the COTR level, it does not know how to play the game behind closed doors, in dark DC restaurants serving wild game, and on walks next to the reflecting pool — and it appears to not know how to spread the wealth among Senators and Representatives on the Armed Services Committee, among others.

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