Mongoose: Deep State Term Is In, Understanding Is Not


The term is now mainsteam but the real Deep State has succeeded in pinning the blame on bureaucrats rather than bankers.

It’s Trump Vs The Deep State Vs The Rest Of Us

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

One of the best side effects of the Trump presidency has been the hostility of the so-called “deep state” or  “intelligence community” directed at the president.

10 times the intel community violated the trust of US citizens, lawmakers and allies

ROBERT STEELE: As bad as it might be, the US intelligence community is not the “Deep State.” The Deep State is the combination of the Caesar’s descendants, the Satanic Vatican, the Satanic Zionists including Chabad and the extremist Orthodox Jews that lump decent Jews in with the goyim heathen who can be treated as shiksas (whores). It is NOT the unelected bureaucracy nor even the  two-party tyranny that fronts for the Deep State.  The term for that combination is Shadow Government and includes contractors, secret programs including defense programs in space and underground generally not briefed to politicians, and more. But Deep State — the term was introduced into the English language by Peter Dale Scott who abandoned his own term Deep Politics  to embrace the term Deep State as it first appeared in Turkish — is absolute not about bureaucrats or politicians.  It is about the dozen  puppet masters at the very top, among whom Bill Gates and George Soros are actually second string wanna-bees. The Deep States uses banks and secret societies as its managers and fixers, so we have a three-level structure: Deep State Masters, Deep State Fixers, and Deep State Servants — the Shadow Governments in every country are the Deep State Servants, not the Deep State.

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