Robert Steele: #GoogleGestapo — and Zionism — Are Public Enemy #1

Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent

Mnar Muhawesh speaks with journalist Daniel McAdams about being permanently banned from Twitter, social media censorship and more.

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ROBERT STEELE: I was among the first to call out #GoogleGestapo (I coined the term) which consists of no less than Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as lesser others such as Reddit and Wikipedia.  All of them have the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) embedded — Zionists (not to be confused with Jews)  who censor not just conservatives but also progressives who challenge the official narrative that includes covering up the Zionist role in planning and executing 9/11, the Zionist use of pedophilia entrapment across all fifty states, and the Zionist role in bribing and blackmailing Congress to always put Zionist Israel (not Jews) First, instead of America First.  ENOUGH!

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