About Republic of Texas

By Anna Von Reitz

I tried to teach them that the correct name of their State Republic is “The Texas Republic” and pointed out that “The Republic of Texas” only controls navigable surface water and the shoreline, but they continued to plow along and ignore the naming conventions adopted in the 1850’s. 

This also causes them to be confused about “Texas” the State of the Union and “State of Texas” and why both of these entities are important and necessary. 

They think, “Well, we’ve got The Republic of Texas and we don’t need anything else!” 

That’s like thinking you are good to go with only one wheel on your car. 

It’s the same phenomenon we see with people organizing Grand Juries without organizing the Court that the Grand Jury is supposed to be part of. 

Or organizing State Jural Assemblies without organizing the State Assembly that the Jural Assemblies are supposed to be a part of. 

It seems that people have this tendency to latch onto a part of the structure and concentrate on that one part, and get so focused on that, that they can’t see beyond it and integrate what they are doing into the larger framework that is necessary. 

They also tend to get very territorial and defensive about what they are doing and instead of bringing their part to the whole, think that the whole should be subject to them. 

So if Ed and the others think that having control of The Republic of Texas —all the navigable surface water in Texas, that is— is the do-all and be-all and that they can do okay without Texas itself…..well, what can I say? 

If Destry Payne thinks that “a” Jural Assembly made up of US Citizens can do the job of the American State Assembly owed to each State, or John Daresh thinks a Grand Jury can function without a Court System backing it—- again, what can I tell you? 

My favorite Cowboy Poet, Baxter Black once said something to the effect, “He didn’t know what he was doing, but he never doubted that he could do it anyway.”  

At some point people will wake up and see where their part of the puzzle fits in the whole thing and perhaps then all these groups wandering around the wilderness will stop spinning their one wheel and finally get to the Promised Land.

We can only hope. 


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