Berto Jongman: What Is Truth?

Berto Jongman

What Is Truth?

Otfried Weise via Otfried Weise

The question: ”What is truth?” is therefore inseparably connected with our limited perception/ worldview. As long as we are trapped in time and space, i.e. in the 3D matrix, we can confidently forget the subject of truth. Even if we go a little further into 4D and include the emotional realm, the whole thing doesn’t get any better, because feelings are so unreliable and changeable that, as a source of knowledge for truth, they can’t overcome man’s illusion, even if feelings lead to more satisfaction in personal life at times, because a situation has been better assessed emotionally. We are dealing here with procedures, which elude any truthful reasoning.

We live on the learning planet Earth in a situation in which we are deliberately cut off from knowing the truth so that we can have certain experiences.

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