Ed Jewett: #GoogleGestapo Twitter Bans Dissent — Deep State Marches On, Zionist Foreign Agent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as Shock Troops for Digital Assassination — Drone “By Name” Assassination Next?

Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent

“… The deep state is working hand in hand with Silicon Valley social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to control the flow of information. That includes suppressing, censoring and sometimes outright purging dissenting voices…. that one of the world’s most influential social networks is controlled in part by an active psychological warfare officer was not covered at all in the New York Times, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC or Fox News, who appear to have found the news unremarkable…..”


Jewish Privilege

For those who don’t know, the ADL was created in the wake of the Leo Frank lynching in 1915 to engage in domestic spying and blackmail, if necessary, to protect Jewish interests in the United States. The ADL was also a money laundering operation.

With the collaboration of Hollywood, which cranked out films glorifying “G-men,” Hoover made a name for himself by going after bank robbers like John Dillinger. In directing the Bureau’s attention to individual bank robbers, Hoover turned a blind eye toward organized crime in general and Jewish crime in particular, perhaps because Hoover was an inveterate gambler.

Omniviolence Is Coming and the World Isn’t Ready

Technology is, in other words, enabling criminals to target anyone anywhere and, due to democratization, increasingly at scale. Emerging bio-, nano-, and cyber-technologies are becoming more and more accessible. The political scientist Daniel Deudney has a word for what can result: “omniviolence.” The ratio of killers to killed, or “K/K ratio,” is falling.

The terrorist or psychopath of the future, however, will have not just the Internet or drones—called “slaughterbots” in this video from the Future of Life Institute—but also synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and advanced AI systems at their disposal.